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A small inconsequential thing.

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NanKate Wed 18-Mar-20 11:06:52

In these difficult confined times what are you up to ?

I’ve shaved my legs.

BlueSky Wed 18-Mar-20 11:16:25

I ought to tidy up those cupboards and wardrobes but I haven't got the inclination! Probably will enjoy it after a few weeks (months?) of this! confused

Missfoodlove Wed 18-Mar-20 11:20:17

I’ve started spring cleaning.... 😩
However I alternate my days (nice jobs, [email protected]@p jobs)

Yesterday I started making new cushion covers for our garden furniture..,...nice job.

Sorting kitchen dresser today👎

chicken Wed 18-Mar-20 11:22:59

I cleaned the patio windows,---been putting it off for ages.

GagaJo Wed 18-Mar-20 11:23:06

Nothing. Well, online teaching, but nothing else.

tanith Wed 18-Mar-20 11:24:37

I located a swans nest on my walk this morning I’ll have a reason to walk that way every day just to keep an eye on them.

grandMattie Wed 18-Mar-20 11:24:59

I've put my washing out for the first time this year. And the blooming line went and fell over! grin

travelsafar Wed 18-Mar-20 11:28:11

tanith how wonderful, please keep us up updated with photos if possible. New life in a trying time. smile

NanKate Wed 18-Mar-20 11:42:30

A bullfinch is making a nest in our bird box, hurray babies on the way 🐦

dahlia Wed 18-Mar-20 12:25:10

I now have no excuse to stop me finalising my village hall accounts!

SueDonim Wed 18-Mar-20 13:15:56

Glorious sunshine here in NE Scotland. My weather app shows unbroken sun and mild temperatures all day. The windows are open and a breeze blowing through. The psychological thought of all that fresh air is uplifting.

Also, there are some long-tailed-tits flying up to the windows and fossicking around. I think the sun has brought out little insects from the wood frames. Not that my house has any cobwebs, oh no, never! grin

mrswoo Wed 18-Mar-20 13:22:02

I’ve just walked a mile - in my kitchen. Watched a YouTube video with a slightly screechy woman “teacher”. I enjoyed it though and it cheered me up as I was feeling a bit fed up.

grannysue05 Wed 18-Mar-20 13:26:12

Spent two hours trying to fathom out how to put Skype on my tablet so that DH and I can see the DGC's.

DH is technosavvy so I dare not mention that I am struggling. confused

Nanabanana1 Wed 18-Mar-20 14:01:15

I took my dog for a walk in the woods earlier today it was lovely and quiet. Only saw couple of other dog walkers at a distance. Waiting for grocery delivery, looks like I’m only getting half of what I ordered, oh well, grateful for small mercies 😳

Brunette10 Wed 18-Mar-20 14:04:11

Been doing a bit of Spring Cleaning, beds all changed, sheets, duvet covers washed and dried outside and now ironed. Looking good smile

Iam64 Wed 18-Mar-20 14:07:55

I am in the can't draw/won't draw' terrified of drawing group. I sat at the kitchen table and started a drawing from a photograph of my lovely young dog, who died at six last year. I'm in discussion with myself about continuing this new thing.

Auntieflo Wed 18-Mar-20 14:13:36

I've got two loads of washing on the line.
As it was so nice outside, I stayed and did some weeding. But had to laugh, as I was kneeling and moved away from my kneeler, then realised I couldn't get up. So there I was crawling across the grass to my kneeler, where I finally managed to stand up.
Glad I was in the back garden, and not a sight for sore eyes in the front.

SalsaQueen Wed 18-Mar-20 14:19:12

Confined? If only - I've been to my 2 part-time jobs today, got a few bits of shopping, collected a parcel from the sorting office, picked up something I ordered from Marks and Spencer, and now I'm going to do the vacuuming, mopping and ironing at home.........

MiniMoon Wed 18-Mar-20 15:37:09

I rarely bake, but as there is no knit & natter group today or for the foreseeable future, I made a rolled gingerbread. Its cooling in the kitchen, smells good.

AGAA4 Wed 18-Mar-20 16:05:14

Spent much of the day texting or on the phone. Have changed my bed though.

GabriellaG54 Wed 18-Mar-20 16:13:23

I walked into Waitrose Godalming at noon. looked as if it had been visited by a plague of locusts. People buying literally anything whether they normally eat it or not.
Saw one woman with, among other things, 20 large peppers, I was next in the queue and counted.
I bought a pack of Garibaldi biscuits, ditto Nice biscuits and 3 large potted plants of which there were plenty on the outside display.
Yesterday, M&S was ravaged.
Today, no eggs. How long do people think fresh goods last? It's worse than Brexit.

BlueSapphire Wed 18-Mar-20 16:32:05

Gave the bedroom and en-suite a good clean this morning.
Replied to emails, read the paper, had a go at the crosswords and sudokus
Can't do much st the moment - one very comfortable cat on my lap!
Must put the bin out soon.
Been raining all afternoon so no gardening.

Missfoodlove Wed 18-Mar-20 18:18:16

Kitchen dresser sorted

GabriellaG54 Wed 18-Mar-20 18:29:59

Which is the before and which the after?

Ninarosa Wed 18-Mar-20 18:40:22

Regarding the shortage of loo rolls I am dragging my bidet, screaming and shouting no doubt, out of retirement.