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An update on me, the seaweed and the Queen

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fatgran57 Fri 27-Mar-20 06:34:11

If you were reading my post on my right to gather seaweed taking precedence over that of Her Majesty then you might like to look at these pics of me back at it grin

I just hope that The Queen doesn't have a drone up looking at me!!!

MawB Fri 27-Mar-20 06:43:07

What a wonderful beach - not hard to practise social distancing in such beautiful surroundings too.
Enjoy your seaweed, I’m sure Madge has other things to occupy her and would not begrudge you as much as you like.

BBbevan Fri 27-Mar-20 06:44:21


fatgran57 Fri 27-Mar-20 07:41:45

It is a lovely beach MawB and just a few minutes away.

Here is another view looking the other way with Table Cape/Fossil Bluff in the distance.

Marydoll Fri 27-Mar-20 08:30:13

Fatgran, I'm so envious, what beautiful scenery.

vampirequeen Fri 27-Mar-20 08:33:44

You live in a beautiful place.

Gaunt47 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:03:53

Fatgran can I ask what are you doing with all this seaweed? Or do you just like the place to look tidy smile

fatgran57 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:06:16

It is a lovely town. Tasmania is only a small island with a population of about 500.000 . We are about the same size as Ireland.

Lots of different types of scenery including very rugged places such as Cradle Mountain.

Lots of Georgian buildings thanks to the early white settlers.

People think it is a bit like Great Britain in places but with a lot less people and a lot less towns etc.

Nice climate too most of the time not very hot but pleasant.

Even in town we see a lot of different birds including Kookaburras, Galahs, Black Cockatoos - very noisy and messy when they get into my Banksia Tree, Blue Wrens, even a hawk occasionally - I love birds so really like to see them in the backyard.

We get bandicoots in the yard, they dig a lot of holes in the lawn, plus brushtail possums, very noisy when they get on the roof, for a while we had a wallaby in the yard, how he got there beats me, but he was there for a few months just coming out at night. The bandicoots are supposed to be nocturnal but they don't follow the rules and appear any time of the day.

When out little cat was alive we would see her sitting on the lawn with the bandicoot. They can be quite unafraid and used to stroll past the back door.

My daughter had one come in through the cat flap and it used to wander through the house! They had to shut it out as they have a lot of fleas!

lemongrove Fri 27-Mar-20 09:10:40

Why fatgran’re not a fat gran at all! 😁 A misleading name, and I for one am very disappointed.
Take as much seaweed as you like, theres’s plenty of it around.The Queen has more pressing concerns than what happens on a beach on the other side of the world.wink

lemongrove Fri 27-Mar-20 09:11:57

Post a pic of a bandicoot?

fatgran57 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:27:53

Gaunt47 I use it as mulch on the garden.

It is very popular around here - there are often lots of people collecting it in trailers, utes and so on. Some drive onto the beach and collect it.

Years ago we had a big old truck and that was great I could get a real load.

Wouldn't be able to do that now though - too much worksmile. I have been using small collapsible garden rubbish bags lately.

fatgran57 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:42:27

lemongrove I used to be Tassiegran but one day I was shut out for some reason and had to register again (no I hadn't been suspendedsmile) and as I had been gorging myself at that time and had gained a lot of weight in a fit of petulance I registered as fatgran.

Have to live with it now - serves me right grin

On a sad note, this afternoon I was spreading seaweed(!) and found my bandicoot lying dead in the garden sad. Not a mark on it just looked like it was sleeping and not long been there as fur was dry and sleek still.OH gave it a decent burial but I was very upset.

We are sure to get another one soon as they are always about the yard but this was a shame. I will try to find a pic of the cat and the bandicoot for you.

Carillion01 Fri 27-Mar-20 09:50:58

I love the names of the places, flora and fauna where you live fatgran. You transport me to your side of the globe and it's lovely. Thank you xx

MawB Fri 27-Mar-20 09:58:53

Your 7.41 post picture could be the shore at Girvan, Fatgran , below MIL’s family farm at Dowhill.
I wonder if any Ayrshire Grans agree with me?

Blinko Fri 27-Mar-20 10:25:15

I'm loving this thread. Keep going, everyone xx

MerylStreep Fri 27-Mar-20 10:27:23

I collect my seaweed surreptitiously wink between the beach huts.
I also dig in banana peal ( label removed 😀) it's a good souce of phosphorus and potassium.

GabriellaG54 Fri 27-Mar-20 10:38:46

You're not fat at all...😩 and I pictured you as being one of that comfortable motherly number resembling my paternal granny.
She was suitably fleshy and had a marvellouslly accomodating lap which could house any number of GC plus the added attraction of being able to bake delicious cakes and pies without actually weighing ingredients.
How could you disappoint me...👎😩😂

Marydoll Fri 27-Mar-20 11:05:47

Maw, your picture didn't post, so I found this one of Girvan beach, right beside DH's favourite golf haunt. You can see Ailsa Craig in the background.

annodomini Fri 27-Mar-20 11:06:07

See what you mean Maw. I could even imagine the Antrim coast in the distance! But no Ailsa Craig.

Carillion01 Fri 27-Mar-20 11:11:31

Is it Ailsa Craig where the fabulous curling stones are hewn?

annodomini Fri 27-Mar-20 11:12:58

Thanks for your view Marydoll Very familiar, though my origin is North Ayrshire with a magnificent view of Arran from the top windows of our house in Ardrossan.

annodomini Fri 27-Mar-20 11:14:30

Yes, Carillion. It's sometimes known as 'Paddy's Milestone' being between the Scottish and Irish coasts!

SueDonim Fri 27-Mar-20 13:06:03

Lovely photos, Fatgran. I grew up by the sea and it still hypnotises me to this day. It’s never the same twice, the sea is just beautiful.

We were lucky enough to visit Australia last year and did the Great Southern Road. ❤️

Marydoll Fri 27-Mar-20 13:15:57

annodomino we spend a lot of time down at Ardrossan and Saltcoats in the summer with our wee granddaughter.
So many happy memories of there as child.

fatgran57 Sat 28-Mar-20 07:08:24

GabriellaG54 ha - sorry to disappoint you! I am certainly not a comfortable motherly persongrin.

I am more of a reclusive happy to be on my own sort of person. I do like to cook though but mostly weigh the ingredients.

The photos of me (taken at a flattering distance) must have done me some favours. I am not slim, I am short and a size 14-16 .

It's quite funny the mind's eye picture we have other other gransnetters - I picture you as a Margot Ledbetter looking lady or a Harriet Walter. Certainly not an Ann Widdecombe looking person, but you say what you think just like she does!!!

SueDonim one of my daughters did The Great Southern Road trip last year, they took their caravan over on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry. I guess you didn't get to Tasmania?

Blinko a few more pics taken at the far end of my street including galahs and seagulls all together.
Just over the river from the wharf is one of the local golf links, beautiful outlook, I went to take more photos today but it was a bit misty down at the river and the sea.