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For all who are stuck at home

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paddyanne Fri 27-Mar-20 14:25:15

If its your birthday Have a great day and a wonderful year filled with all you'd wish for yourself.

Just saw my GD on FB ,she became a teenager today and she'll miss her party .I thought there might be many on here who wont see another person face to face today so I'm wishing you all well .Stay safe

Septimia Fri 27-Mar-20 14:45:30

My GD's birthday today, too.

DS sent me the information for the messaging app she uses so I was able to set that up and message her directly.

It was like a birthday present for me.

ninathenana Fri 27-Mar-20 15:09:34

It was my GS birthday yesterday. DD brought me some supplies. She and GSx2 then stayed in our large garden whilst DH and I were indoors. I watched the boys play with the birthday boys new rugby ball and DD and I managed a chat through a slightly open window.
They later video called as he blew out the candles on his undecorated Victoria sponge cake. He didn't seem to mind.
🎶Happy Birthday🎶 to anyone celebtating

GabriellaG54 Fri 27-Mar-20 18:09:21

A nice thoughtful thread paddyanne 💐

Namsnanny Fri 27-Mar-20 18:13:16

Have a nice evening yourself paddyanne flowers

Grammaretto Fri 27-Mar-20 18:22:26

A lovely thread Paddyanne We have a batch of birthdays approaching too.
I swither between desperately wanting to post something and then thinking "why clog up the postal system with more stuff" especially as one DS works for the royal mail and they are seriously overstretched and delivering medical supplies

I hope we can watch them blow out candles too. smile
Happy Birthday to those celebrating in these strange times, and if you are by yourself, I hope you have chocolate.

SirChenjin Fri 27-Mar-20 18:25:40

What a lovely thread paddyanne smile I’m so sorry that your GD isn’t able to have a party right now but hope she has a great time when she’s finally able to get together with her pals!

My birthday is tomorrow and I’m getting a couple of frocks from the Boden sale and a carrot cake made by the DCs and DH -I feel very lucky to have them home from uni and from school, and touch wood, we’re all well.

Sending you all good wishes and good health smile

Newquay Fri 27-Mar-20 18:41:11

We have to say “safe” at home not “stuck” at home btw!

annsixty Fri 27-Mar-20 19:05:47

My GS will be 21 on Sunday so of course he will just be at home with his mum and younger sister, not usually how becoming 21 is celebrated.
He is very pragmatic though, accepting as we all are.
He hasn’t missed out on presents though, as his parents are separated, he does quite well.

BradfordLass73 Fri 27-Mar-20 19:20:52

I suppose these remote celebrations show us what other Grans who live far away from their grandchildren, have to suffer all the time.

Won't there be such a wonderful rush of parties, weddings and other celebrations when this is all over? grin