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Now what shall I wear today.....?

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Lucca Sat 28-Mar-20 07:51:39

Interested to hear of anyone else’s quirks at this time. I’m wearing tracksuit type things pretty much all day BUT my top half is respectable with earrings and lipstick on in case of FaceTime !
I’m getting excited about little things, my first fruit and veg delivery for example, my afternoon walk.

GabriellaG54 Sat 28-Mar-20 20:50:42

Hmm, not where I live. You can't possibly be stylish in a tracksuit, earrings and lipstick, much less 'styled' hair, most certainly not if you're an 'older' woman.
They're at variance with each other.
My ma and her mother (an extremely chic Spanish woman) knew that you are either 'dressed' or you're not, not a mix of both.

GabriellaG54 Sat 28-Mar-20 20:51:36

Each to her own.

SirChenjin Sat 28-Mar-20 20:56:28

That went right over your head, didn’t it..grin

GabriellaG54 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:29:34

Nah...I'm not as daft as you like to think. Two can play the game.

SirChenjin Sun 29-Mar-20 16:47:25

I don’t play games.

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 29-Mar-20 16:56:22

I think the posters said tracksuit bottoms, have you seen modern tracksuit trousers ? Not gathered at the ankles anymore, most are a jersey knit and are fine and comfortable to wear.
I think that you can be dressy in jeans and a smart top along with earrings and make up, i certainly am and I’m not seeing anybody all day (apart from DH and he’s usually wearing his gardening clothes which I threw out last Autumn and he found and put back into his cupboard)

paddyanne Sun 29-Mar-20 19:23:34

Ilike to be dressed ,I dont own a tracksuit or pyjamas .Only wear jeans when picking up GC from school and wear dresses most of the time .Today its a maxi dress and high heeled sandals .We've always worked with people at their best ,groomed and well dressed and my OH would be shocked if he came home to me in a onesie or joggy bottoms .I need to own up to putting my "face" on before OH gets up in the morning too

Lucca Sun 29-Mar-20 19:30:12

Garbriella. You are so right I should be ashamed. People who know me would attest to the fact that I am a stylish individual so I must not let things slip. Mea culpa blush

GagaJo Sun 29-Mar-20 20:01:07

We're in the middle of the plague. FFS, wear what is comfortable!

SirChenjin Sun 29-Mar-20 20:04:22

If my DH was shocked to see me in a pair of trackies he’d be given a stern talking to (and likewise)! We both dress for the occasion and make no judgments about each other’s choice of clothes - power washing the drive, as I did today for example, calls for old clothes and work calls for smart attire.

Curlywhirly Sun 29-Mar-20 20:18:08

In the week just jeans and a jumper mostly. Never wear track suit bottoms (do wear leggings though). Was discussing this very subject today with my husband - my clothes are what I usually wear if I am staying in; but I have stopped wearing makeup and not really paying as much attention to my hair as I normally would. I think I shall start making more of an effort as it does make me feel better.

M0nica Sun 29-Mar-20 23:40:44

I never wear clothes that are not comfortable.

maddyone Mon 30-Mar-20 00:11:57

Firstly I’ve only just joined this thread, so happy birthday SirChenin sorry it’s belated, but better late than never 🎂🍷🍸I hope it was a good one.
Whilst I’m at home all the time I’m wearing either joggers or jeggings with a comfortable jumper on top. I’m wearing a small pair of gold earrings, but not putting any makeup on as I had a trapeziectomy on my dominant hand (right hand) in January and it’s not progressing as well as I would like. I’m doing the physiotherapy as recommended but am only having telephone consultations now. So it’s too difficult for me to put makeup on, although I usually wear it. I was going regularly for a wash and blow dry at my hairdressers but now that has stopped. Anyway I got my husband to wash my hair and using the travel hairdryer as it’s lightweight I managed to blow dry my hair. I’m rather proud of myself and now feel I can do that whenever I want to.

Alexa Mon 30-Mar-20 18:03:47

Warm cotton jersey leggings and a long old cashmere jumper, socks and trainers , topped with a long thick coatigan sort of cardigan. Long warm scarf.

annodomini Mon 30-Mar-20 19:02:32

Warm fleece trousers and a purple jumper that has seen better days.

overthehill Mon 30-Mar-20 19:55:34

I wear makeup every day bar being ill. Still do it now. Clothes would only wear comfortable ones and leave going out clothes for when we can do that again.