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soop Sat 28-Mar-20 14:48:39

Hello my lovelies. At last I can open up and prepare for a wee buffet to celebrate our new refuge. cupcake brew cafe wine smile flowers

CherryCezzy Sat 28-Mar-20 15:06:05

My goodness what a beautiful new kitchen! I thought I'd just drop these salmon sandwiches in. I can't stop now 😭 but hope to join in the buffet later, if there's any food left.

soop Sat 28-Mar-20 15:13:08

Thank you, CherryC.

Did I, or did I not say that I need to empty the washing machine? Truth of the matter is - I haven't. shock

tanith Sat 28-Mar-20 15:24:54

Oh a new kitchen, I’ve left a fruit cake with crunchy topping on the side, only thin slices mind.
A good walk at 7 this morning more and more folks out there early every day even though it was ccccold this morning.
I’ve been playing my 45s on the record player DH bought just before he died, he only used it a couple of times so sad, I’ve had some of these records since my teens a lot of Beatles played, hope my neighbour likes the Beatles 🤣

Enjoy the cake stay home everyone.

cornergran Sat 28-Mar-20 15:24:57

Sausage rolls from me. Creature of habit that I am smile. Thank you soop,

Charleygirl5 Sat 28-Mar-20 15:36:39

All of this yummy food- you are so right corner it is now later and I would hate to disturb my neighbours and who is going to see me living like a total slob?

I must rescue my washing because it looks as though it might rain.

soop Sat 28-Mar-20 16:47:27

A happy gathering is gathering. Something for everyone plus plenty of love.

I shall rewrite the poem before I log off. It is inspirational. We all deserve something to inspire us. sunshine

Smileless2012 Sat 28-Mar-20 16:55:44

Yes you did soop but having gone to such trouble to prepare a buffet to celebrate the opening of the new kitchen, I shouldn't worry about any washing there may be in the machinegrin.

I'm glad you're putting the poem in the new kitchensmile.

Two bottles of champagne to share and celebrate with; they'll go down well with your salmon sandwiches Cherry; I'll make sure I save you a glasssmile.

I'm so pleased we kept all of our vinyls when we moved 3.5 years ago tanith. We bought ourselves a new turn table as a house warming present. You can't beat the 45's can yousmile.

So glad I got the ironing finished in time to join in the celebrations.


Grandmafrench Sat 28-Mar-20 17:07:31

Another new kitchen? How spoiled are we. I’m not going to spoil the mood, I’ve been really ill for 24 hours but sending you some food to share : a tray of little cheesy onion 🥧 pies and a nice chilled Rosé to add to the buffet. Back to sleep now but cheers and a happy gathering to you all. x

Smileless2012 Sat 28-Mar-20 17:09:13

Have a good sleep Grandmafrench and hopefully you'll feel better in the morningflowers.

soop Sat 28-Mar-20 17:20:16

Here is our thought for today and all those to come...until normal service can be resumed.

Poem written by the late John O'Donohue...

^This is the time to be slow,
Lie close to the wall
Until the bitter weather passes.
Try as best you can, not to let
The wire brush of doubt
Scrape from your heart
All sense of yourself
And your hesitant light.
If you remain generous,
Time will come good;
And you will find your feet
Again on fresh pastures of promise,
Where the air will be kind
And blushed with beginning.^

With this in mind, I shall wish you all a peaceful evening. Tomorrow, we shall continue to look after each other all over again. TOYA smile moon and a huge (((group hug)))

Susan56 Sat 28-Mar-20 17:24:46

Thank you Soop.For the new kitchen and also for the poem.
We ordered a meal from the local hotel which has just been delivered.The pie is huge so have put it on the side to share🥧

Lins1066 Sat 28-Mar-20 18:49:30

I thank you too soop I've been very low today, so thank you xx

A new kitchen and so many offerings, Susan you are spoiling us with Hotel fare, mmm 😉
We are having a leek, pasta and cheese bake which I gladly share with you all. I have made my own garlic bread with some precious sourdough. Put it this way, there won't be any vampires in the kitchen or Chez Lins tonight 😂🍽🍷

MawB Sat 28-Mar-20 19:19:01

Another new kitchen already?
Some St Clements hot cross buns on the side to share
I have just been reading Flynn a bedtime story on Face Time.
Is anybody else finding their landline/tablet/mobile seem to be going non-stop?
I shouldn’t complain, the opposite would be very lonely, but I still haven’t made myself any supper!

Carillion01 Sat 28-Mar-20 19:34:28

Dear soop, a lovely, comforting poem and thank goodness for this kitchen, very much needed even moreso at this time.

NannyandGrampy's words from the last kitchen keep me going; she said 'this too will pass'. Thanks NandG xxx💐💐

kittylester Sat 28-Mar-20 19:38:14

We find that some mor ings take till about 11.00 to calm down, maw which is ok if we e managed to get dressed first. 😂 And, this afternoon, we have spoken to each lot of dgc I turn. We sent them all, via the internet, a box of sweets each so they rang to thank us and, it was Persie's 7th birthday so we had a excited phone call with her as well. I wouldn't do without them but they are excited to talk to us and totally exhausting.

Doodle Sat 28-Mar-20 19:45:13

Well what a lot of lovely goodies in the new kitchen. I have a bottle of wine open if anyone wants to join me. That poem is lovely soop. Glad you brought it with you from the last kitchen.
Nice to see everyone. TOYA 💕

Nannytopsy Sat 28-Mar-20 20:34:56

There are some Cornish fairing biscuits on the side. Lovely new kitchen Soop.

Urmstongran Sat 28-Mar-20 20:39:51

That poem is beautiful soop. Thank you for sharing it.

I agree Maw. Everyone has more time, isn’t going out etc so these days the silver lining to all this is less texting and more conversations by phone. Anxieties are shared and hopes for the future. It’s a comfort right now to connect with people in this scary time.

Izabella Sat 28-Mar-20 20:41:33

Some chilled NZ white together with home made biscuits plus some cheese on the side. Enjoy.

CherryCezzy Sat 28-Mar-20 21:04:06

I think I'll have that glass of champagne that Smileless put aside for me please. As my late DB would say "that glass has got my name on it". Thanks 😊 Smileless.

Maw that's where the day is going too. I am thankful for it, I don't think any of us has needed these things so much as we do now.
I hope your DGC had a lovely birthday kittylester, so lovely to hear a child excited even if we are not with them, it's precious ❤️.
That's a beautiful poem hanging on this kitchen wall soop
There's nothing else quite like the sound of music played on a record player tanith. It's no wonder vinyl has made a comeback, although I don't ever remember calling it that, it was always called a 'single' or a 'LP' smile

The buffet here today has been scrummy, food, drink and friendly company (albeit virtual) what more does a girl want?
TOYA moon

Galen Sat 28-Mar-20 21:44:46

Crate of Prosecco to welcome the new kitchen

mbmb Sat 28-Mar-20 22:31:11

Glad I've found you all in new kitchen. soop that's a wonderful poem for troubled times.

I second all that's been said about phones and tablets. Just had a four way book group discussion including a member who moved to Canada. I am another one facetiming bedtime stories.

I was very glad to see telecomms engineers on the key workers list as we would all be lost without these wonderful ways to keep in touch with friends and family.

callgirl1 Sat 28-Mar-20 22:36:56

What a beautiful new kitchen. That`s not a buffet , it`s a banquet!
Morethan, it has all been said, but I do so feel for you and your lovely family, being separated at this particular time. All my good wishes to you all, trite as it may sound.
Greyduster, lovely photos of a beautiful area. All I can look out on is a ghost town of a road, deserted. I heard that one man in our town got himself a £1,000 fine off the police yesterday. He was spotted sitting on a bench in the town centre, doing a newspaper crossword, told that he shouldn`t be there and to go home. A little later they found him still sitting there, told him again to go home, but he said that he was allowed to exercise, which he was doing by walking into town for his paper, sitting and reading it, then going home. After being told yet again to leave, he got stroppy and mouthy with the police and landed himself the hefty fine, silly man.
My daughter 2 has now had the NHS letter to say she has to stay home, she`s been working because she`s classed as a key worker, but obviously she will have to stop now. She`s been told to distance herself from others in the house, but there`s only her husband, he`s still working as well, she wants to know if they`re allowed to sleep together, as they only have one bed!

GrannyGravy13 Sat 28-Mar-20 22:55:47

Loving the new kitchen.

Life sometimes throws us a curved ball ........ one of our AC who is the most laid back parent/child/husband one could ever meet, is having a really bad wobbly moment, I just want to jump into my car and go and hug them. Obviously that is not an option at the moment, but nevertheless it is heartbreaking.

We have to stay in at home to protect the vulnerable, it flipping hurts, but we knew it is the correct thing to do.

Nightie Night x

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