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Which song represents how you're feeling atm.

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vampirequeen Fri 10-Apr-20 19:15:15

Lockdown is getting to me.*h77ra7BKBzlY4l3ca*ruc*BMN%25213g*r1uv2tZqEa%26plvar%3d0%26PC%3dHCTS

Grannmarie Fri 10-Apr-20 19:19:28

Living on a prayer🙏

I've never been so worried or prayed so much in my life.

Grannybags Fri 10-Apr-20 21:05:58

Living in a box

Can't remember who sang it

Calendargirl Fri 10-Apr-20 21:08:19

Out in the garden with my husband today,

‘Happy Together’.

Barberdice Fri 10-Apr-20 21:11:39

Grannybags it was the band Living in a Box that sang Living in a box.

Barberdice Fri 10-Apr-20 21:13:06

When will I see you again by the Three Degrees

Evie64 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:15:26

Comfortably numb, Pink Floyd

EllanVannin Fri 10-Apr-20 21:17:56

Dark side of the Moon----Pink Floyd.

" Where the night goes on forever
Feels like I won't be coming back "

Lucca Fri 10-Apr-20 21:28:11

Please release me

Grannybags Fri 10-Apr-20 21:28:15

Ah yes, thanks Barberdice!

merlotgran Fri 10-Apr-20 21:31:27

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, de dum, de dum de dum de dum.

mrswoo Fri 10-Apr-20 21:39:50

Stuck in the Middle With You

(With apologies to my DH 😬)

Yiayia4 Fri 10-Apr-20 21:45:52

Another day in paradise😃

GabriellaG54 Fri 10-Apr-20 22:02:04

Thinking Out Loud

Grandmashe43 Fri 10-Apr-20 22:04:11

Nobody told me there’d be days like these,
Strange days indeed ma ma.
John Lennon.

Pikachu Fri 10-Apr-20 22:10:04

Over the Rainbow

Maggiemaybe Fri 10-Apr-20 22:52:35

Busy doing nothing. smile

Oopsminty Fri 10-Apr-20 23:02:19

Scream & Shout," featuring Britney Spears

gillybob Fri 10-Apr-20 23:31:45

Friends in Low Places ....Garth Brooks

Oopsminty Fri 10-Apr-20 23:33:38

Scream & Shout," featuring Britney Spears

Oh I love Garth!

The Thunder Rolls is my favourite

GrannieIggle Fri 10-Apr-20 23:41:01

Eagles - Hotel California

I was thinking to myself this could be heaven, this could be hell...
You can check out but you can never leave...

(We shielded ones could adopt this as our anthem!!)

BBbevan Sat 11-Apr-20 06:10:56

Kay Sera Sera

NotAGran55 Sat 11-Apr-20 06:42:05

Eric Clapton

Got to get better in a little while

Anniebach Sat 11-Apr-20 08:27:03

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

lemongrove Sat 11-Apr-20 08:44:39

Nutbush City Limits !! ( Can’t go anywhere) sad