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Did you have a childhood fantasy?

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MamaCaz Sat 11-Apr-20 18:42:56

I did.
I used to fantisize that I had been adopted and my real parents were trapeze artists in a circus.
One day, they would 'find' me and I too would be a trapeze artist, and when not performing in the circus, I would ride bare-back through the countryside on a magnificent horse, only ever been seen from a distance and surrounded by an air of mystery!

Anyone else here who was an imaginative child? grin

lemongrove Sat 11-Apr-20 18:58:23

Haha MamaCaz you were a sort of Billy Liar.😁
My fantasy was more mundane.....I wished our family would win the pools ( that would really have been a miracle, since they didn’t ever do them.)
I was generous in this fantasy, and even the neighbours that I liked benefited.A lot of long bus rides were spent on this pleasant topic.

Eglantine21 Sat 11-Apr-20 19:00:39

Well, I was adopted so that knocked that one on the head.

My fantasy was to have fourteen children, including three sets of twins. I named them all and mapped out their personalities 😬

Greymar Sat 11-Apr-20 19:03:31

Yes, I had a very rich inner life which served me well.

NfkDumpling Sat 11-Apr-20 19:05:09

I never expected to get married. I imaged myself living in a thatched cottage with a meadow in the country with a pony and goats and chickens and ducks. And I would grow things. I would earn money by making jam and know a lot about medicinal herbs and plants. (I think I’d have to grow very ‘special’ medicinal plants to make enough for the thatched cottage I had in mind.)

ArtySue Sat 11-Apr-20 19:25:32

I was an only child. I imagined I had 5 sisters called Sharon, Sarah, Samantha, Sheila and Sylvia. I suppose that would have made us sextuplets but I was too young to work that out. I actually enjoyed their company!! Ha ha.

Chewbacca Sat 11-Apr-20 19:31:27

I was 100% convinced that I was adopted and I spent a lot of time day dreaming about who my "real family" were and what it would be like when I found them. Events that followed in later years make me wish I had been.

GagaJo Sat 11-Apr-20 19:38:35

This is really pathetic.

I fantasised that I lived on my own.

I also fantasised about being a teacher.

I've only b***dy managed one of them.

Pantglas2 Sat 11-Apr-20 19:43:07

I thought I was a twin and t’other died. She was the naughty one who still had influence over me and when I misbehaved and explained it to my mother she slapped me twice.... one for me and one for her! That learnt me!

Missfoodlove Sat 11-Apr-20 19:47:13

I fantasised that I was adopted, my real parents were fabulous in every way.
I had brothers and sisters that loved me and we spoke lots of languages.

MerylStreep Sat 11-Apr-20 20:03:37

I spent a lot of my childhood on the woolwich ferries.
I loved them so much that in my imagination I fitted them out to live on.
I was lucky enough at 34 to start living on my first boat ( that was for 5 years. Then we bought an empty Thames lighter and fitted it out exactly as we wanted it. We lived on that one for 15 years. We took that boat down to the Mediterranean.

MissAdventure Sat 11-Apr-20 20:53:18

I wanted to be a farmer's wife, with baby animals frolicking around me.

I never thought much further than that. I was going to leave all that to the farmer to worry about.

Curlywhirly Sat 11-Apr-20 22:43:40

I so wanted to be one of the Famous Five. I was brought up on a council estate and their lives were so comfortable and middle class; they had a stay at home Mother (my Mum was a single Mum and worked) and a father who had a professional job. Also, they had the most amazing adventures and never got bored during the school holidays!

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 22:54:15

I wanted to be a teacher because I wanted to be called 'Miss M' or 'Mrs Whatever my married name might be'. No other reason.

Oh, and I wanted a car and a telephone.

lemongrove Sat 11-Apr-20 23:01:11

Why, Call you were as materialistic as me ( shame on you)🤣

Callistemon Sat 11-Apr-20 23:08:48

😁😁😁 I have a car and several telephones!!

I did have very well-educated soft toys. They were lined up and not allowed to move until they learned their times tables.

lemongrove Sat 11-Apr-20 23:11:53

A teacher is born! 🤣

gillybob Sat 11-Apr-20 23:25:29

My childhood fantasy was that my parents were not really mine and that my real parents would find me and whisk me off to their snow covered palace ...... I also wished that my dad would go on nightshift and never some home .......

Scentia Sat 11-Apr-20 23:58:14

My childhood fantasy was to marry a rich man and have loads of children. I used to have loads of dolls and prams, I would play with them ALL the time, I always wanted to be a mum. I did marry, he wasn’t rich and I only had two children but I am satisfied at that. Not many people get to live their childhood dreams💕

SirChenjin Sun 12-Apr-20 00:02:50

I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse on the flying doctor service in Australia. I had a whole life mapped out - I’d marry an Aussie sheep farmer, we’d have one son who would do his lessons by radio and I’d drive to work in a jeep in a remote town and we’d fly from the airstrip to the outback. I was absolutely obsessed with the idea - still wish I’d done it actually.

Callistemon Sun 12-Apr-20 00:11:49

You'd be bored SirChenjin

Not the Flying Doctor part but living on a outback station (all those men) and the drive to work could be a few hundred miles!
Although you'd probably have your own airstrip and fly.

Txquiltz Sun 12-Apr-20 00:19:00

I would witness a crime being committed, but no one else would know. Then I would begin writing a series of books where a teenage heroine (who was also a nurse) would expose the crime then solve it. I would then be the world's most amazing sleuth. I guess this explains a youth wasted on pipe dreams. 🔍 👁

SirChenjin Sun 12-Apr-20 00:28:24

Callistemon I will thank you not to rain on my Aussie parade - in my head the geography and boredom levels worked out just fine, thank you grin

Evie64 Sun 12-Apr-20 01:24:31

All I ever fantasised about was owning my own Black Beauty along with a covered wagon like the cowboy films. I was born and brought up on the top (4th) floor of a council block in London SE1. I remember pleading with my dad to buy me a horse (poor sod!). He said "how we would get it up the stairs?" I said "Well, we wouldn't have to would we, we have a bike shed downstairs in the entrance to the flats, I'll saw the door in half and that can be it's stable". Don't know what the problem was, I mean really.........

Beechnut Sun 12-Apr-20 08:48:57

Oh Evie64 my morning giggle 🤣🤣