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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 25-Apr-20 06:09:22

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but its grey and misty this morning in Brackley.
Another day in, one thing that I have noticed when we have had clear blue skies is the lack of aircraft and vapour trails.
As where I am seems to see some incoming Heathrow ,and maybe Luton or ones which have taken off from Brum.
Quiet day, had some news yesterday ,they are opening the only bank in the town as of next week for 2 days and 4 hours on those days.

Beechnut Sat 25-Apr-20 06:54:57

Good Morning everyone. It’s a bright start on Severnside and I’m looking forward to another sunny day which helps a lot whether in these times or not.

Had a really long FaceTime chat with DD yesterday and even the dog got up and looked at the camera. Not sure he knew what he was doing but it was lovely to see him and so I said a few things to him that I always do 🐶 In real life.

I also went out and bought a cycle helmet so will get my bike out now.

I think I’ll potter in the garden.

I’ll enjoy the day the best I can and I hope that you all can do the same and your worries will be eased.
Stay safe 🦩

ninathenana Sat 25-Apr-20 07:01:20

Good morning from sunny Kent.
Highlight of the day will be going to pick up himself from the supermarket with the weeks shop. I may then sit and watch him transplanting my beautiful rhodi that is too large for it's pot. Hope it survives.
Have a good day everyone.

grandMattie Sat 25-Apr-20 07:08:30

Good morning all. nina , my end of E Kent is grey and morose. Isn’t it strange that now the highlight of our lives id the couple of hours at the supermarket?
Bad night, been awake since 3 and dozed for several hours. Not restful.
Doing some sewing today.
Asparagus for dinner. Yum yum.
Stay well and safe.

dragonfly46 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:16:28

Good morning from cloudy Leicestershire.

No plans for today.
Hope Mary is feeling better and gilly got som replies from her phone calls.
Stay safe everyone.

Puzzler61 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:22:32

Good morning Mick and all early risers. Tossed and turned last night, was too hot, but maybe that was due to the late g&t I had (made by DH so a generous measure of gin) while I watched TV late. A rerun of Piers Morgan Life Stories with Michael Parkinson. Didn’t Parky host some memorable shows with old Celebrities, when to be a Celebrity you had to possess talent?
It’s a cloudier start in Worcs. Big day of the week as we get a drive to Sainsbury’s to pick up our Click&Collect groceries. Hope I ordered more tonic water!
Have a good start to your weekend all and keep safe.

Sark Sat 25-Apr-20 07:29:59

Good morning everyone from a fairly grey Oxfordshire
I haven't been on here for a little while as I have had lots going on and even GN became stressful. Silly really as this is a lovely thread.
Anyway I hope that everyone is coping with lockdown etc
Best wishes to all flowers

Puzzler61 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:34:28

Welcome back Sark, I hope better days are ahead for you. Speaking for myself, ‘a wobble a week’ is fairly normal especially in lockdown. At those times I don’t like to post on GN either. 💓

Sark Sat 25-Apr-20 07:36:38

Thank you Puzzler61
Much appreciatedsmile

GrannyGravy13 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:37:39

Goodmorning Mick and all x

It's a grey start here in S E Essex.

I am another one who had a very broken nights sleep and when I did doze off I had the most vivid dreams!

No plans for today other than cleaning inside of the windows as the window cleaner came yesterday and cleaned the outsides which has highlighted all the little people's finger prints 🖐

We enjoyed our Chinese takeaway last night, but I am back in the kitchen this evening Steak, English Asparsgus and Jersey Royals.

Keep well and safe folks 🙋

GrannyGravy13 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:38:59

Welcome back Sark, I think we have all had a wobble or two only to be expected in these strange times.

Curlywhirly Sat 25-Apr-20 07:40:09

Good morning from another sunny day here in Cheshire. Yesterday was glorious - really hot and sunny all day, spent all afternoon in the garden. Finally got around to dying my grey roots yesterday with the help of himself. Thankfully it turned out really well and I feel so much better; just hope by the time it needs re-doing, we can visit our hairdressers, but don't really hold out much hope of that happening soon.

Not got anything planned today, just the usual lunchtime dog walk, then more pottering about the house and garden. Hope you all have a good day. Take care.

NanKate Sat 25-Apr-20 07:40:30

Good Morning Mick and All, and welcome back to Sark.

Grey and overcast in South Bucks but the sun should break through soon. I will make sure to enjoy this weekend’s weather as I believe the grotty old rain returns this week.

Wish I could tell you about exciting things I have planned, but like the rest of you I just have to get on with it.

Gingster Sat 25-Apr-20 07:41:49

A dreary start to the day here on the Suffolk coast. Thankyou all so much for your kind thoughts re DH and his hospital visit. We still haven’t had the results of the tests but he’s Going In in Monday to see the consultant. He’s much the same with slurry speech but seems ok otherwise. Im Off to do his ‘paper round’ as he usually gets papers for us and the neighbours on a Saturday. Hope your stress levels are waining SARK. It’s good to post on here with such lovely people to share our worries, and give comfort. Good wishes and kind thoughts to all 🌺

Nannytopsy Sat 25-Apr-20 07:44:59

Good morning Mick and all his followers. We get planes low over the house for Mildenhall or Lakenheath and evening they are scarce at the moment Mick.
It’s grey here today which should make the gardening a bit cooler. The bindweed is starting to show itself 😱 so that needs attention.
Family pub quiz tonight and we haven’t set our round yet. We are thinking that a round on drinks would be appropriate for our lot!
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:46:04

Morning all. Indeed, the highlight of the week at the moment is the weekly shop which I hope isn't too stressful with all the queues, etc. This will be in store for me tomorrow as it's generally quieter. Each shop seems to have its own system. I try to stick to just the one if at all possible.

I hope I get my usual paper at the first attempt and can then relax with the crossword puzzle. Must mow the lawn as I've been neglecting it. Such excitement!

Hope all is well especially for those with wobbles and worries.

brook2704 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:46:11

Good morning everyone, it’s turned cloudy here Inverness but I think the forecast is for the sun to come out again later 😀

Hi again Sark and welcome back to this friendly thread

I eventually got a lovely FaceTime call with DD1 and DGSs yesterday - I think she’s finding it quite challenging looking after 2 very energetic boys, homeschooling and trying to work from home - like many other mums I bet !

Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care especially if you need to go out 💐

Gelisajams Sat 25-Apr-20 07:47:35

Good morning from another sunny day on Morecambe Bay. It got quite warm yesterday and I suspect today will be similar. It makes quite a difference here when the wind drops. Apologies to Gingster for spelling her name incorrectly yesterday.
No early morning walk today as I always phone an old friend early on a Saturday morning. DH is out running. Will do one of our indoor exercise routines when he gets back.
The crochet blanket I started yesterday didn’t go well, I ended up unravelling it before I went to bed. I hate getting started with chevron stitch! I think I’ll get the sewing machine out instead and make my 3 year old GD a couple of pairs of shorts which I can pop in the post. Take care everyone and stay safe! 🌼

Pantglas2 Sat 25-Apr-20 07:50:48

Morning all from another sunny north Wales- looking at the forecast it’ll be the last one for a week!

Nice to have you back Sark and I Hope matters are resolved - I had the collywobbles at the beginning of lockdown and I think it’s normal to be having restless nights as well. - some of my dreams have been very vivid and quite scary! I suspect it’s the way my mind deals with the challenges we’re all having at the moment.

Made so many cards yesterday that there’s a mess in the spare room so that’s my job for the day- gently pootling after a sausage bap for brunch!

Stay safe everyone x

Marydoll Sat 25-Apr-20 07:52:20

Good morning all from a very cloudy Glasgow, it had better be sunny later or else!
That's good news about the bank Mick.
I'm running out of coins to pay my neighbour ( disinfected, of course). for the bread and milk deliveries she brings. We have started a bartering system, I put the the odd item on my online delivery for her, so it's working well.

Good to see you back, Sark, at least you know this thread won't be stressful.

I had my first online delivery from Tesco yesterday and my large chicken, which was for Sunday dinner was missing.😡
The driver told me that they were sold out, as everyone was having barbecues.
He also told me that they were starting five new drivers this week, which means a job for five people, which is good news.

I had a lovely hour yesterday, chatting to my neighbours across the road, from what seemed miles away.
It really lifted my spirits. They had gossip for me, but had to text it later, I couldn't hear a word they were saying.
Later on, I couldn't understand why my neck was all red, it was sunburned.

Dragonfly, I'm feeling a bit better, thanks, I hope you are too and Dexter is on the mend*.

DD is coming to picked up her shopping, which I lumped in with mine, I'm looking forward to that. Her asthma, like many of us, is not good just now.
She has become very nervous about shopping and I don't think she is copying very well, at the moment.
Between the cancelled wedding, being furloughed and being stuck in a flat, she is quite low.☹️

I hope the sun shines on you all today, Gingster, I hope you and your DH had a better day yesterday. Gilly, stay strong, we are all standing with you.💐

harrigran Sat 25-Apr-20 07:56:07

Good morning from an overcast NE.
Took a walk around the estate yesterday but there were too many people about for my comfort, I was pleased to return home and sit and read in the garden.
DIL and GD contacted us by video and I got to hear GD play the piano and see how much the sunflowers had grown since last week.
Spoke to DS who is working from home, he is putting in about 11 hours a day writing software for a very much altered education system.
Teenage GD declined the offer of leaving her cave to talk to us so I sent her hugs and kisses on WhatsApp, split second later she replied so she must have been on her phone anyway hmm
Take care everyone.

Pame Sat 25-Apr-20 07:59:54

Good morning everyone. I'm new on here so finding my way around the site. Looking forward to browsing today.

Brunette10 Sat 25-Apr-20 08:02:04

Good Morning from a rather cloudy Fife, it just won't do wink hoping to clear later on. It fairly determines your spirits first thing though. Lots done in the garden yesterday. Not sure what's on for today but I know we shall find something. Didn't sleep too well last night, didn't get out for our walk yesterday as DH was busy in garden so I think I missed the fresh air. Will do double today. Enjoy the day as best you can everyone and keep your chin up.

Urmstongran Sat 25-Apr-20 08:08:28

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it’s another day of white cloud and mist over the mountains. Rain is forecast from midday and I don’t doubt it!

I’ve slept in and I’ve just put the kettle on for my cuppa. I shall enjoy reading all your posts whilst I drink it.

Himself has arranged for a mate to come up from the third floor to sit outside our front door, on the landing, socially distanced of course. (When will we ever be able to stop saying that bluddy phrase?). They will have a couple of San Miguel’s and doubtless put the world to rights in the process. It’s a nice thing for him once a week to have some male company. He misses the banter of a male group I’m sure.

Hope Saturday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

BlueSapphire Sat 25-Apr-20 08:08:33

Good morning everyone from a grey Northampton, which is certainly a surprise after yesterday's lovely sunshine. I managed to change over winter and summer wardrobes, and washed a few things to freshen them up. Then in the afternoon trimmed half the back grass edges, then sat in the sun and read. Watered the garden, as it really needed it.

Did not sleep well at all last night; having a wobble because I inadvertently licked my fingers, touched my nose without thinking, all the things that we used to do automatically, and now worrying that I might have touched something with the virus on just before. Which is stupid, I know, as I have been self-isolating for 6 weeks now, and it's only me here, and no-one has been in the house or near me. Feeling sick with worry. I need a very stern talking to.

Nothing planned for today. Hope the weather cheers up.