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TrendyNannie6 Sun 03-May-20 12:27:16

Does anyone have net curtains anymore, spending the lockdown at home 24/7 you tend to notice things that you have never really thought about before, (I’m not bored Honestly! ) but gardening at the front of my house,and looking at the houses around me, not one pair of net curtains in any of the windows! I personally haven’t had any since the eighties

GagaJo Mon 04-May-20 21:45:18

Hahaha, Gabriella, I thought you were being reported for the dogging comment, not the snobbery. Fancy being offended by a snob.

Dinahmo Mon 04-May-20 21:47:19

Voile is fine cotton (or synthetic I guess), definitely not nets which are lose weave I think.

Dinahmo Mon 04-May-20 21:53:29

G54 My DH used to say that I'd make a good Tory politician, despite my political leanings, because i was very quick with a response to whatever was said to me (ie excuses) Brain's far too slow now.

You have to keep gloss paint looking smart whereas matt paint always looks a bit dull.

CanadianGran Mon 04-May-20 22:29:56

Well I had to take another language lesson and find out what net curtains were. Over here we call them sheer, no matter what material they are, or whether they have patterns or are plain.

I realize you don't often see them in decor magazines or shows; they have tended to go out of fashion. But fashion be damned... I think they are useful in places, and can look lovely when done in a plain material. I'm not sure if you would consider my front windows to have net curtains. I have vertical blinds with sheer material woven around them in a dark chocolate brown. They keep out the bright sun while still allowing in light.

Some here could lighten up... smile

Hetty58 Tue 05-May-20 09:03:20

CanadianGran, fashions come and go - therefore net curtains are due to have retro appeal very shortly. Only in the UK are people judged by their window dressings (by some, not all of us) - hilarious stuff!

lemongrove Tue 05-May-20 09:59:12

I didn’t realise that you could still buy net curtains, thought they had ‘fallen by the wayside’ in fashion terms.They do have privacy appeal for some windows though.If kept very clean and white looked nice, although I remember many looking as if they could do with a dip in Daz.😁
Easily controllable blinds do the job well, where you need to control either privacy or heat/sunshine.

ArtySue Tue 05-May-20 10:06:04

Ha TrendyNannie6... 'even better when used to sit on the top of double decker bus could see into their bedrooms'. Moved into my town centre flat above a shop, not overlooked at all (I thought), was standing at my bedroom window putting my bra on when a double decker bus went by, level with my window, full of uni students. They all fainted ha ha ha. Now have a rail halfway down the window with pashminas hanging on it.

Witzend Wed 06-May-20 10:42:23

We’ve never had them - my mother was very sniffy about them, but then she never lived in a house where passers-by could easily peer in.
If I lived in a house with no front garden, or a very tiny one, on a busy-ish road, I’m sure I’d want some sort of protector of our privacy.

I’ve noticed that some very expensive period houses in an expensive part of SW London, with small front gardens and on a street with a lot of foot traffic (since near the Tube) often have indoor wooden shutters on the lower half of their downstairs front windows. Presumably that’s the acceptable alternative for anyone who’s 😱 about nets.