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TrendyNannie6 Sun 03-May-20 12:27:16

Does anyone have net curtains anymore, spending the lockdown at home 24/7 you tend to notice things that you have never really thought about before, (I’m not bored Honestly! ) but gardening at the front of my house,and looking at the houses around me, not one pair of net curtains in any of the windows! I personally haven’t had any since the eighties

tanith Sun 03-May-20 12:35:39

No none for me for years but my next door neighbours both sides have them and they are both much younger than me.

Rosalyn69 Sun 03-May-20 13:33:35

Don’t do curtains at all.

GabriellaG54 Sun 03-May-20 13:38:20

Ohhhh no. No no no no no.
Terrible class thing.

GabriellaG54 Sun 03-May-20 13:38:55

Dust and germ gatherers.

Squiffy Sun 03-May-20 13:43:24

We have them on our downstairs front windows - based on the presumption that other people may be as nosy as I am blush and will try to look in as they pass the house! Mind you, they’d be very disappointed 😆

Squiffy Sun 03-May-20 13:44:13

Gabriella 😂😂😂

TerriBull Sun 03-May-20 13:44:58

They're horrible! I associate them with a bygone era, voile could be an alternative I suppose.

notanan2 Sun 03-May-20 13:45:21

Yes I love mine. Have an older house I think it fits

kittylester Sun 03-May-20 13:46:20

I dislike them but can see they have their uses. I'd have a vertical blinds or plantation shutters for preference but like to see out and I dont mind people seeing in - it's only us!

PenE Sun 03-May-20 13:48:44

Oh I have them. I value my privacy. Do not want people staring into my living room but I like to see who is going past!I'm never tidy enough to have my rooms on view to the neighbours!.I hate the blinds that a lot of the homes near me seem to have instead I would feel to closed in.Think they are more suited to offices,

phoenix Sun 03-May-20 13:50:29

Erm, have plain type net, but only on our bedroom window, nowhere else!

So, Gabriella G54 does that make me "below the salt"?

Just to add, on that window, also have a blackout blind, and voile curtains that are there as just window dressing!

(I also do something a bit different with those tasselled curtain hold back things, and NO I don't twirl them!)

GabriellaG54 Sun 03-May-20 13:52:17

The thing is Squiffs Squiffy, I like looking into people's sitting rooms. Terribly interesting. Especially the ones with a decent bookcase and looking homey and lived-in, you know the sort....knitting in the side, a newspaper carelessly cast aside, a half empty cup of tea and a sock on the floor.
I'm serious. I'd love to knock and be absorbed into their lives for an hour or two.
Rummage through the books, ask about their lives. I really would.
It all looks so jolly, especially at Christmas. I can dawdle for hours like a secretive dogger.

LyWa Sun 03-May-20 13:52:17

I hate net curtains - but we have them at every window! This is because in ‘normal’ times we travel a great deal and the house is empty for weeks at a time. We asked for advice from our local crime reduction officer ( no longer called crime prevention officer 🙄), who strongly advised them.
We never close our curtains, so if any ‘n’er do well’ is watching there is no difference when the house is occupied or empty - lights come on and off on timers, and even if someone was to get really close to the window they cannot see in.

Charleygirl5 Sun 03-May-20 13:53:32

Gabriella what do you mean- it is a class thing?

GabriellaG54 Sun 03-May-20 13:54:22

phoenix luv, what man is tall enough to stand in your front garden and get his kicks looking through your bedroom window.
Behave 😂

Greeneyedgirl Sun 03-May-20 13:54:52

I agree about some blinds being like office ones, but not the lovely pricey plantation shutters which I lust after.
If I was a crook wandering the streets looking to con old folk (which I hasten to say I'm not) I would be drawn to houses with net curtains, especially bungalows with warned!

phoenix Sun 03-May-20 13:55:17

PenE we have a vertical fabric blind in our home office, South facing and the only way to control the light that comes in, but wouldn't have them in other rooms.

It's brilliant in that room, can control how far across the window they come, also the angle of the slats!

GabriellaG54 Sun 03-May-20 13:55:45

Whatever you want it to mean Charleygirl5 😉🤪

GabriellaG54 Sun 03-May-20 13:58:01

I think you're below the table, never mind the salt phoenix

Gaunt47 Sun 03-May-20 14:01:24

My cottage is on a picturesque lane and opens directly on to the lane, so I get (did get!) a lot of tourists peering in through my front window. I fill it with flowers and plants and seasonal arrangements so they have to peer very closely indeed! I wave to them cheerfully and they quickly disappear!

phoenix Sun 03-May-20 14:02:25

Gabriella we don't actually have a front garden, so to speak, but the house opposite could easily see me in all my naked loveliness! grin

glammanana Sun 03-May-20 14:11:25

A salesman must have had a really good day when he arrived at my cul de sac as all the other neighbours all have vertical blinds of the same colour and pattern all too uniform for me,I have white cotton lace nets to the windows and in the lounge voils that are left open they are fitted on a gold pole which reaches from wall to wall giving the illusion of a big window it looks very smart GG54 grin

phoenix Sun 03-May-20 14:13:58

How very dare you Gabriella! I'll have you know that the room we retire to once we have eaten our evening meal is the sitting room, we have napkins (never "serviettes) and only use the word "belly" when referring to a certain cut of pork!


Alishka Sun 03-May-20 14:15:50

My mum used to judge people by their net curtains. She'd be over 100 nowgrin