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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 04-May-20 06:11:55

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking grey but its dry this morning in Brackley .
Today , will do my current routine , tempted to do some cooking of meals in the week.
Ready Made ones in the supermarket seem to be low.
I have Turkey and Beef Mince ,and plan to make a chilli with Turkey Mince and a spag bog with beef mince, but will use take away containers so I can freeze them if I can make sufficient portions.
My weight is going up slightly maybe apart from walking, I being unable to to travel further afield has made it possible .
Take Care

Pantglas2 Mon 04-May-20 06:26:03

Morning all from a dry and bright north Wales where it’s promising a glorious day?

I’m lolling abed with.....wait for it....not the chamberpot but a flute......of Buck’s Fizz ?!

Himself is rather fetchingly dressed in shorts to show off his tan and apart from the lack of hair and a few scars from his numerous ops, he hasn’t changed a bit! He still laughs me into bed and the word Divorce has never entered my head......Murder? Many times and the only question has been, which weapon is nearest!

I know lots of you have ongoing challenges but for today I’d like to share my champers ? with you all and put a ? on your lovely faces! X

NanKate Mon 04-May-20 06:27:35

Morning Mick and All.

The sun is peaking through in South Bucks today.

Your meal planning sounds good Mick.

Not sure of my plans yet today except to do my short daily Spanish lesson which I am loving. DS has also started the same course as me.

NanKate Mon 04-May-20 06:31:11

What a wonderful picture you paint Pantglas. Is it your Wedding Anniversary or do you often lead the high life and drink Bucks Fizz in bed ? ?? Congratulaions.

Puzzler61 Mon 04-May-20 06:37:37

Good morning All from Worcs. It’s dry and bright and a bit breezy from my bedroom window. Pantglas, Congrats. to you and Mr P, whatever you’re celebrating. I’ll imagine my up of mint tea is a glass of bubbly too. Cheers! ??

Beechnut Mon 04-May-20 06:39:36

Happy Anniversary Pantglas and Mr P. ??

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s a dry one and the clouds have spots of brightness.

Not sure what to do today so will probably potter.
I had a bit of a gloomy time late Saturday until yesterday evening when DD and I FaceTimed. She kept changing her looks and making me laugh. She knows what I need.

Have a good day all ?

NotAGran55 Mon 04-May-20 06:41:01

Grey overhead today here in West Berkshire but I think a warm week is on the way .

1950s housewife day today , strip the beds , clean my front step and do a boil wash .

The Daily Bake ( 2020 style ) will be cheese scones made with some spelt flour and blueberry muffins made with fresh blueberries. All performed whilst listening to my latest audible book by Ann Cleeves .
No surprise that there is weight gain going on here too .

On the subject of murder and divorce this ‘ funny ‘ sent from my friend in Oz made me laugh ?

Have a good day everyone.

NotAGran55 Mon 04-May-20 06:44:25

Happy Anniversary Pantglas2

Nankate May I ask which Spanish course you are doing as I’m thinking of learning. Thank you.

Scentia Mon 04-May-20 06:48:29

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. It is really foggy out there this morning.
I have a busy day ahead, I must go to the factory and make some deliveries and then go on to a shift from 2 - 10 at my ‘new’ job. I thrive on being busy. I am hoping that when we get a review of the lockdown next weekend we will at least be able to see our grandchildren. I would put on a spacesuit if it meant I could pick my little treasure up and squeeze him and sniff him. You all know what I mean???
Have a lovely day and stay safe everyone.xx

Puzzler61 Mon 04-May-20 06:48:33

We were woken by our cat ? romping around with one of DH’s practice golf balls. They roll well on a hard floor but they don’t ‘arf make a clatter.
Garden weeding is on my list for today’s jobs. They’re gathering pace popping up everywhere between the shrubs.

DH is doing a short drive to the supermarket and then the chemist for a couple who are shielding. They were a name on a list “who needed help” and they’ve now become our new friends.
No cooking required today - I’ve ordered a delivery from Côte Braserie and we’ll be having confit duck breasts, green beans, creamy spinach and mash,
No celebration as such - but it’s a treat as it’ll be only the 2nd night I’ve not cooked since lockdown. Really looking forward to it.
I hope people who post on gn and have illness or worries start the weak feeling better/lighter.
Take care of yourselves ?

Sar53 Mon 04-May-20 06:58:39

Good morning everyone from a bright Essex by the sea.
Congratulations Pantglas and MrP ?.
Another day in lockdown land. Some housework, ironing and cooking may be done.
DH has a conference call at 12.30 with his work 'team'. There may be some news about returning to work.
We started watching a series on Net...x last night called The Stranger, looks very promising.
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone xx

QuaintIrene Mon 04-May-20 06:59:40

Happy Anniversary Pantglas2 ?
Good morning everyone from sunny West Yorkshire.
Thank you for your kind words yesterday. I really appreciated them, I caught up at bedtime and read through the thread. I went to sleep smiling.
Big cat is eating her breakfast biscuits and I have made a big pot of coffee to take back to bed. I must do some housework at some point or I fear I might be condemned as my mother used to say.
I am getting very fat as well. Time to diet when the cheese and chocolate have been eaten up I think.
Stay safe everyone and special thoughts for all those ill or troubled ?

Sark Mon 04-May-20 07:02:05

Looks like it will be a nice day in Oxfordshire
Way to go Pantglasgrin and congratulations
Puzzler61 it is usually a mouse chase that wakes us up but then he gets bored and I end up having to catch it!
Have a good day everyone and best wishes to all

brook2704 Mon 04-May-20 07:09:26

Good morning everyone from a cloudy but dry Inverness. Better weather is on the way again I think ?
Enjoy your Bucks Fizz Pantglas what a lovely way to start the week !
Had a lovely FaceTime chat with DS in Switzerland yesterday, he’d managed to get his haircut last week and was really pleased about that. Still working from home though
Nothing different planned for me today , just an online exercise class , a walk , a potter in the garden and a rest !
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care especially if you need to go out ?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 04-May-20 07:13:57

Goodmorning Mick and all x

It is brightening up here in S E Essex.

Nothing planned for today, DD has lots of "craft" projects to start with the 5 yr old so I shall be on baby cuddling duty.

We facetimed one of our ASs yesterday and he showed us that his youngest was now crawling (yes, I cried). Lockdown is beginning to feel like a punishment, I know it is for the benefit of us all, but boy is it hard!!!!

Congratulations The Pantglas's whatever you are celebrating ?

Keep safe and well folks ?

kittylester Mon 04-May-20 07:24:30

Morning all from a very murky Leicestershire.

Our garden bin is being emptied today!! Troubke is, we have lots of potato tubs waiting to refill it!! And it will be a month before it is done again.

Congratulations pantglas, whatever you are celebrating- enjoy your day.

I will clean the bathrooms today. sad And video call DD2 and her girls sunshine

Fish pie for dinner and I'm making some cauliflower and broccoli soup as I over bought veg!

Enjoy your days as well as you can.

Ginny42 Mon 04-May-20 07:29:08

Good morning Mick and everyone from a beautiful morning in Cheshire. I'm just checking in for now as I've been up since 5.00 for a supermarket delivery at 6.00 and now I'm bushed! What a palaver getting everything wiped and away, but goodness knows what time the delivery man had to be at work to get to me so early this morning. They are wonderful.

Have the best day you can. flowers for all.

ninathenana Mon 04-May-20 07:34:36

Morning everyone from sunny Kent.

I think it's a bit warmer than yesterday. We had to put the fire on about 5.
Sad news yesterday, the first person I knew personally has died of COVID.
Himself will be working on our garden today. He starting back doing his jobs for others tomorrow whilst observing distancing. No cosy cups of tea in the conservatory.
Have a good day, wishing strength to all those with ills and troubles.

Urmstongran Mon 04-May-20 07:50:55

Good morning everyone from sunny Malaga ?Himself has just gone out for his walk. We went for our STROLL at 8pm again last night. He laughs at my pace and asks me if I’m a geisha?

We found if we carried on along the looped back road it widened out into one of those super wide pavements either side of a very wide (no traffic) tarmaced road. You know the sort I mean in Spain! One that doesn’t really ‘go’ anywhere but has kept the workmen busy for a few months setting it all up. It ended with some bollards at a brick wall! Anyway it’s perfect for walking these days as it afforded fantastic social distancing. This will be my evening walk of choice for some time as I felt safe. Masks were worn by some and not others - pretty much 50:50.

Congratulations Pantglas ??. It’s good Mr.P can still make you laugh. Same here! I think a long and happy marriage thrives due to laughter.

I did manage to p.m. BlueSapphire yesterday. She’s had a wobbly time bless but hopes to be back amongst us when she’s feeling a bit stronger.

Morning Blue ? !

Hope Monday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Marydoll Mon 04-May-20 07:54:12

Good morning all from a dull Glasgow, but there
is a glimmer of sun behind the clouds.

I had a very restless night, not feeling too well today, so Maths class may be late today, Pantglas.
I hope you and Mr P have a lovely day today.

It's DD's birthday today, so I have made her a cake. She will be up later with my missing prescriptions, a perfect reason for visiting.
She loves birthdays, but for the first time since she was a wee girl, she will not be visiting Dumbarton Castle. A trip there was always her special request, made possible that her birthday always fell on the May holiday weekend.
That's where her fiance proposed.

Our garden bin is also being emptied today, Kitty, who would have thought DH would have got so excited about something so innocuous. ?

Have a good day everyone, wishing all with sorrow and worries, solace and Dexter, some improvement in his eye.

Pittcity Mon 04-May-20 07:56:42

Good morning and Happy Starwars Day from sunny Colchester.
Congratulations to the Pantglases
Another week of lockdown but at least the sun is shining.

NannyJan53 Mon 04-May-20 08:00:57

Good Morning from a dull and grey Black Country.

We watched The Kings Speech last night, so didn't get to bed till almost 12.30! I still woke at 6.30am though. DP is still fast asleep.

I have the chicken carcass from yesterdays dinner simmering, and I will add veg and pearl barley to make soup later. The soup usually lasts until Wednesday for lunch.

I know exactly what you mean Scentia my four DGD's are a bit older, but I am still missing them like crazy. The youngest will be 9 on 18th May and I will not be able to see, hug and wish her happy birthday! My phone calendar reminded me I would have been babysitting them last night.

Cut the lawn today, and start another book as I finished one yesterday. It was The Path to the Sea by Liz Fenwick and I enjoyed it immensely

Wishing you all the best day possible.

Lins1066 Mon 04-May-20 08:22:44

Good Morning Mick and all.
Sunny start here on the lovely S Welsh coast.
Congratulations on whatever you are celebrating Pantglas.
Our garden rubbish is being collected here too, a local skip firm stepped in when the Council green waste scheme was halted a few weeks ago. The Council collection is starting again next week but we will keep the the other one as they have been brilliant.
Glad you are feeling better Quaintirene.
Love and best wishes to BlueSapphire ??
Hope you feel better soon Marydoll
Stay safe everyone.

MawB Mon 04-May-20 08:28:45

May the Fourth be with you all!
Every year, whatever the weather has been up to now our village suffers a mini ice age/Noah’s flood on the May Day BH when our village school children dance round the May Pole on the village green. It is a lovely village occasion, a “yard of ale” competition for the lads, a barrel to provide the music for the dancing but always a return to winter! Our old house overlooked the green and I can remember many times providing hot chocolate or tomato soup to thaw out visiting friends. The locals generally come prepared and turn out in duffle coats, anoraks, parkas etc.
So this year all is cancelled - and it is the most beautifully sunny morning with ???? forecast.
Can’t win them all.
Wishing you all a pleasant day!

Urmstongran Mon 04-May-20 08:32:25

Morning Maw ?

‘Typical’ eh? ??