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Good news please

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hapgran Sun 10-May-20 15:58:58

Does anyone know an older person who has had a reasonable recovery from Covid 19. Please do not post stories of those who have died as we sadly know there are far too many of those. It would just be really encouraging to hear some good news stories please.

GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 16:06:59


GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 16:07:33

Had it Dec through March

Lucca Sun 10-May-20 16:08:39

Wow. Did you need to go to hospital ? How did it start ?
Well done on your recovery !

Susan56 Sun 10-May-20 16:13:57

My husbands aunt who is 80 came home from hospital on Thursday having recovered from Covid19🎉

Sussexborn Sun 10-May-20 16:17:53

I just googled “elderly Covid survivors” and there are lots of examples both here in the UK and elsewhere. The oldest was a 107 year old Dutch woman!

rosenoir Sun 10-May-20 16:49:40

As only 1 in 5 over 80s with Covid need hospital treatment there must be a good number that recover.

GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 17:06:40

No, NHS 111 told me not to go to GP as it was a winter cold virus. Just stay in bed and have lots of drinks.
Honestly, if I'd had a gun I would have preferred death and I have never ever had headaches, a cough or been ill but I did have to go to an outpatient consultantion (not an illness) in mid October but didn't have to sit with anyone in public area. Maybe I got it there. No idea as I am not on meds and never been ill.

Susan56 Sun 10-May-20 17:27:59

Gabriella, that sounds very much like the illness my husband and I had starting the week before Christmas.We were very ill for five weeks then another couple of months until we felt fully recovered.My husband ended up in A and E.After we had been there eight hours we were given face masks and given a small room to sit in away from everybody else.We didn’t ever get a diagnosis despite seeing several Drs.We are Thinking now that we quite possibly had Covid 19.
Neither of us had ever been so ill and we have both said since that we thought our number was up.

Megs36 Sun 10-May-20 17:29:38

Well done everyone, hapgran definitely need this news.

GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 18:06:10

This is a redacted email I sent to a friend who wondered why no calls or emails to me from friends, were being answered.
I've removed the names of the innocent.

GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 18:10:26

Sent on 14th Dec '19 after I started being unwell on Tues 3rd Dec.
Didn't go out rest of Dec, Jan Feb... slept a lot and cough finally disappeared during last week in March.

Witzend Sun 10-May-20 18:18:50

Swedish friend (now living in Stockholm) told me the other day of 2 old friends who have both had it. Ages about 73 and 76. They were quite ill and felt utterly exhausted all the time, but did not need to go to hospital and are now recovering well.

merlotgran Sun 10-May-20 18:19:01

DD's father-in-law has recovered from it and is in a care home. He tested positive a month ago but fortunately he had the mild version. Seventeen residents died.

GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 18:35:10

The thing is that doctors and scientists are saying that long term effects from the virus can last years. Poor lung function and headaches. Pains which have no apparent cause but are memories held by the brain after the virus has left.

GabriellaG54 Sun 10-May-20 18:36:03

Weakness in legs and restless sleep patterns.

Marydoll Sun 10-May-20 19:00:32

I know a lady in her eighties with, who was admitted to hospital with Covid19, she is now home recovering, albeit slowly.

Annsan Mon 11-May-20 09:40:24

My 89 year old aunt is fully recovered

Purplepixie Mon 11-May-20 09:44:05

One of our friends is 79 and he has COPD and he survived.

Betty18 Mon 11-May-20 09:49:20

Mother in law is 89 and in a care home . Got diagnosed three weeks ago and has had no symptoms at all . We were all holding our breath for her but she just shrugged it off !

hapgran Mon 11-May-20 09:53:29

Thank you everyone who has posted so far!

BonnieBlooming Mon 11-May-20 10:15:13

I saw figures for our local Covid hospital the other day. While 28 people had died 489 had recovered and been discharged. We need to see more news like that instead of constant negatives.

25Avalon Mon 11-May-20 10:27:51

I see lots of people are now thinking they had the virus back in December. It would be interesting to test and see if this is true. Apparently that's how viruses start by staying under the radar for sometime before their presence makes itself known. I know 3 people who had extremely bad covid type symptoms back in January, 2 of whom ended up having chest x Rays in A &E. It makes you think.

GrammarGrandma Mon 11-May-20 10:27:59

I do wonder if COVID -19 was here in the UK earlier than previously recorded. I do think October sounds too early but I had a cough so bad at the beginning of January that I lost my voice and had to go to bed. If there were an antibody test I'd be curious to find out. (And I'm 75).

Molly10 Mon 11-May-20 10:30:20

I should think that all of you who suspect you had it have a test to see if you have had the covid 19 virus, especially GabriellaG54. That sounds like a real bad bout of something but early December before they had officially declared it in China sounds a bit suspect.

I'm not doubting you but I'm of the belief, for various reasons, that it was around much longer.