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Lucca Wed 13-May-20 14:45:09

Am I being thick? Mr o Leary is talking about filling flights so that families can fly to and from the continent before September. What happens to quarantine ? Where are they going to fly to ? I’m supposed to be going to Corfu I September but I am assuming that will be off.

AGAA4 Wed 13-May-20 15:04:08

Mr O'Leary said people would ignore the 14 day quarantine. Much better for his business of course.
IMO it was irresponsible to say this as it is just encouraging people to do that.

Pantglas2 Wed 13-May-20 15:07:08

Mr Ryanair is looking after himself.....and I shall be doing likewise and suggest all sensible adults do the same. The stupid ones will always be suggestible.....

Lucca Wed 13-May-20 15:15:31

I shall be shouted down I’m sure but . I secretly think people should be banned from going abroad for holidays at the moment.

Riverwalk Wed 13-May-20 15:17:25

He really is something else isn't he - facilitating people who he knows will break the law on their return.

But I think he's the one who's a bit thick - he doesn't think that the countries he's planning to fly to won't implement reciprocal quarantine on those coming from the UK does he?

I suspect he's banking on the UK government eventually including the rest of the EU, in addition to France, in the exempt category.

Pantglas2 Wed 13-May-20 15:19:15

It’s not a secret now Lucca 😀. I agree that more needs doing on the flight precautions before I’ll be flying.

Wheniwasyourage Wed 13-May-20 15:20:10

Spot on, Pantglas2. There are many of us who would like a holiday, even those of us who don't fly, but it doesn't look as if that is going to be a possibility for us for a while. I can understand those who are desperate to see family being prepared to cope with quarantine or whatever it takes, but just to go and sit on a beach for a fortnight - really?

Wheniwasyourage Wed 13-May-20 15:21:15

I was replying to your post of 15:07:08, Pantglas2, but you got in another one while I was typing!

FarNorth Wed 13-May-20 15:22:40

I'm secretly with you, Lucca.

Ellianne Wed 13-May-20 15:23:57

He is a shrewd businessman. If people book seats, (and lots of silly people will), he will run the planes even if they have hardly any passengers onboard. That way he won't have to give refunds.

Puzzler61 Wed 13-May-20 15:27:44

I promise myself now I’ll never fly with Ryanair.
I don’t think Mr O’Leary values the lives of his staff or customers.

Sparklefizz Wed 13-May-20 16:10:23

He has always made arrogant comments. I remember about 10 years ago he said that nobody in his opinion needed to go on holiday with any more than hand luggage. When asked how that could be managed, he said that travellers could buy a hairdryer, cosmetics and change of clothes at their destination!!!

Presumably, after spending the first few days of their holiday shopping for all these essentials, they would then have to dump them in order to fly home with just hand luggage!

Stupid man! I will never fly Ryanair because it's "cattle class".

J52 Wed 13-May-20 17:04:34

He should be concentrating on return the customers money who could not fly.
I have heard that Spain is also going to insist on 14 days quarantine, that would make holidays difficult.

AGAA4 Wed 13-May-20 17:09:26

You can spend 2 weeks in your hotel room.

J52 Wed 13-May-20 17:24:42

And then another when you get home.

Rosalyn69 Wed 13-May-20 17:27:30

Mr OLeary is a businessman. I don’t like him or his policies but at least he’s looking at the future for his business. If people are silly enough to fly you can’t blame him for taking advantage.

Ellianne Wed 13-May-20 17:33:03

Yes, just what I said Rosalyn, it's the silly passengers booking flights who need to be questioned, not him.

sodapop Wed 13-May-20 17:37:37

Unfortunately some of us have to use Ryanair as its the only airline direct to the UK.

There are no quarantine restrictions between England and France so I'm sure some people will be flying.

Lucca Wed 13-May-20 18:18:23

BY the way why are there no restrictions between England and France ?
I don’t agree rosalyn and ellianne. People in positions like that should behave with some sense of responsibility.

Rosalyn69 Wed 13-May-20 18:28:31

He’s running a business. He’s providing a service. He’s not forcing anyone to fly on his planes. The responsibility is with the passenger to make a considered choice.

sodapop Wed 13-May-20 18:52:21

There is a reciprocal agreement in place Lucca.

I agree Rosalyn69 we have to take some responsibility for ourselves and the safety of others. We seem to wait to be told what to do at the moment.

Lucca Wed 13-May-20 18:53:45

Agree to disagree. These are unusual circumstances. Business needs to take a step back. He’s a very irresponsible man, saying people won’t bother to quarantine, thereby pretty much telling them there’s no need.

Puzzler61 Wed 13-May-20 19:01:21

From a Health&Safety viewpoint, he heads up a large company which has a duty of care to staff and customers. I thought that was law?

paddyanne Wed 13-May-20 21:33:45

The greed is good brigade ...popping up all over the place starting at the top in Downing before lives .

Lucca Thu 14-May-20 09:44:35

Soda pop. Yes there’s a reciprocal agreement, but why ?