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A bit cross!

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MissAdventure Wed 03-Jun-20 22:47:16

I had an email and letter from the school today,which says as from Monday, pupils must wear full uniform.

Failure to do so will result in the child being kept in the lobby, and arrangements being made to send them straight home.

Now, grandsons uniform most definitely won't fit him, so where am I supposed to go on Sunday to buy it all again?

Callistemon Wed 03-Jun-20 22:57:50

There may be many who have grown out of their uniforms, their school shoes, during lockdown and insisting they have the full kit for the few weeks left of the summer term is expecting too much.

Welsh schools will re-open at the end of June, taking a third of of pupils at a time so that each pupil will get 6 or 7 days of schooling before the holidays begin.
New uniform, new school shoes for 6 or 7 days? Then to find they have grown again by September?

I can see a lot of pupils not going back to school.
Especially if they have to travel on public transport like my DGC.

Could you borrow some?

MissAdventure Wed 03-Jun-20 23:01:30

I don't know any of the parents at the school.
What a total pain in the arse!

Yes, new shoes needed,the ruddy blazer with the school crest on it.
I haven't even got time to put him on a diet. angry

MissAdventure Wed 03-Jun-20 23:03:06

He doesn't have to wear his tie, which is probably all that will fit him.

Callistemon Wed 03-Jun-20 23:12:58

Battery fading.

Can you let anything out or down?
He won't be the only one though

Buying new shoes would annoy me for just a few weeks, I bet they won't fit him in September.

Doodle Wed 03-Jun-20 23:16:00

I’m not surprised you’re annoyed. Could you email the school back and tell them your predicament and ask if they know anywhere you can get a second hand uniform for the few remaining weeks of term. It’s ridiculous really.

B9exchange Wed 03-Jun-20 23:24:15

You can buy anything on Amazon, including uniform! Or order from M & S and click and collect?

MissAdventure Wed 03-Jun-20 23:29:20

I'll need him to try on everything, because he is quite sturdy (putting it politely!)
Shoes, he will need to try on.
I think he has gone from a size 5 to a size 8 in the last few weeks, and I don't drive.

MissAdventure Wed 03-Jun-20 23:33:44

The school is usually very good, but the tone of this letter is awful, so I'm torn between trying to comply, and just giving up!

Plus, 6 days a week I have gone out to work, wearing a mask, waiting hours for buses, and so on.

I really don't feel inclined to do it on my one day off.

V3ra Wed 03-Jun-20 23:34:06

I'd query this ruling with the governing body and the local authority.
Even those children in the year groups that have been invited back to school do not have to go.
The letters home from our local schools stress that if families would rather not send the children back, for whatever reason, that's fine and there will be no penalties imposed.
Some schools have said that no uniform is to be worn because they want children to wear clean clothes each day.

Luckygirl Wed 03-Jun-20 23:35:26

Most schools are not doing this - in fact children are being encouraged to arrive in new clothes each day so that the ones they have worn can be washed. No children have a week's stack of uniform to wear fresh each day.

MissAdventure Wed 03-Jun-20 23:36:25

Oh yes, clean clothes is an excellent point.
I'm certainly not buying 4 or 5 of everything just for a couple of weeks wear!

suziewoozie Wed 03-Jun-20 23:50:40

Is this an academy chain school ? Primary children with embossed badges on blazers? Really ?

MissAdventure Wed 03-Jun-20 23:52:02

It's a secondary school.

Allegretto Thu 04-Jun-20 00:07:20

Given the current circumstances, this is an unreasonable request and the notice is too short. I would contact the school tomorrow and have a chat about it. There has been discussion amongst school leaders about the advantage of allowing pupils to wear their own clothes to allow for washing. I think that is a valid point to raise. It seems shameful that their rule about uniforms might result in some pupils, who would be attending, to not be in school.

MissAdventure Thu 04-Jun-20 00:10:26

It does all seem rather petty to me.
I'm sure they could let things slide for a few weeks.

suziewoozie Thu 04-Jun-20 00:22:06

I didn’t realise any Secondary schools were going back yet.

MissAdventure Thu 04-Jun-20 00:37:36

Maybe they aren't?
Grandson has been going because I'm a key worker.

I've no idea what other arrangements are in place for those returning, or not, as the case may be.

sodapop Thu 04-Jun-20 09:00:39

I agree MissAdventure it seems petty and unnecessary. I would certainly be talking to someone about this. Wearing a blazer which cannot be laundered is a health hazard in the current situation.

Callistemon Thu 04-Jun-20 09:27:00

Definitely stress the H&S aspect of wearing clean clothes every day, MissA.

You won't be the only one who is annoyed or upset by this stupid ruling.

I'm not sure what being an academy or not has to do with it; Schools here are extremely strict about uniform, including the wearing of blazers, and we have no academies in Wales.

Thank you for starting this thread, MissA and or those who have mentioned the importance of wearing clean clothes each day.

Callistemon Thu 04-Jun-20 09:27:50

Superfluous or sorry!

MissAdventure Thu 04-Jun-20 10:41:31

Well, my poor purse is now about £200 lighter.
2 shirts, 2 trousers (which I'm not sure will fit) and a pair of shoes have been ordered.

I've had to join Amazon prime so the shoes will come today, and the uniform shop have said they will try to prioritise the trousers/shirts order.

If they aren't here in time then he won't be going, but him being home while I work is, sadly, nothing new.

I checked the letter, and it says "in preparation" for the return to school.

Callistemon Thu 04-Jun-20 10:55:10

I think they are expecting too much.
Let's hope that they still fit him in September!

Can you stuff cottonwool in the toes of the shoes if they're too big?
That hemming web is great for turning up trousers.

MissAdventure Thu 04-Jun-20 10:56:40

He'll be pinned, stuffed and forced into some sort of order. smile

Callistemon Thu 04-Jun-20 11:03:06


I remember having to stand on a stool while Mum pinned dresses on me before she sewed them.