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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 06-Jun-20 13:49:01

Hello once again! Not a bad day! Cloudy, dull,dry, but otherwise OK! 16C max.
Only a fortnight to go to the shortest day and then we're looking forward to longer days and lighter evenings; can't wait. smile
When you see your TV News today, note how Aussies managed to organise mass parades and demos. without looting, fighting, property damage or attacks on the police. No riots at all!
Megs Good onya! Do you and/or husband use walking aids? I've acquired 2 elbow crutches , 4 walking-sticks, 2 walking rollators and Freda, my electric mobility scooter and I'm still not allowed out! hmm As you say, things can only get better!
Your next grandchild's wedding in 2022 seems an awfully long way off, but probably a result of 2020 seemingly taking forever what with lockdowns and little to do.
Strewth, if the happy day is not early in the year I'll be 95, by then, TIA, BPPV and Covid! 19 permitting! Fennel is going to take some convincing! hmm
Just watched episode 2 of Shakespeare etc with the lovely LU !
No!, Jacqui has gone and for the home visits to resume I'd have to be referred by the Doc. as a new patient. I didn't involve him last time; stayed under the Doona for 30 hours with occasional visits to you know where! So far so good!

felice I'd forgotten that term "Belgian Fries" I guessed that every chish and fips lover would be celebrating yesterday as it was "National Fish and Chips Day 2020" 7th. June. It was down here, anyway!
Had a look for it on Google and drooled! Couldn't get to our local chippery so it was sausages and baked beans! sad
Are you a Scot living in Belgium or holidaying?
I've been told several times on GN that I'm a born stirrer! Perhaps we should have gone to Scotland instead of OZ. Only joking! grin

The bungalow opposite is shortly to be demolished to make way for 2 town houses, so that will be something to stare at during lockdown whilst Tradies go about their business , having parked their trucks and cars up and down the street, but it will be good that they have jobs, considering that we are being told that OZ is in or soon to be in recession!
Things can only get better!
Good Health wine wine wine

BlueSky Sat 06-Jun-20 20:30:48

Hi Rufus spoke to my children and grandchildren today thanks to Skype but do you know I miss them even more! Wonder if I'll ever manage to visit again, but let's be positive and start planning for next year, if not before! Have a good weekend. wine

Megs36 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:47:52

Hello Rufus, a day late again, weather change here and good intentions of parole walk went out the window, in fact got heating on😀will try again today, also need to get some cash from machine:
We both use walking sticks, just for balance really, and you’re right about other possibilities in two years....
Bungalow being demolished and houses in its place sound just the same as here, I thought OZ had lots of space and didn’t need the rebuilds, it’s money I guess.
Hope alls well health wise, good to hear your news and CHAT, I must sat I don’t read many other posts now other than a quick lurk, still feel like the’ new girl’.
Cheers 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂white fizz for a change.

Megs36 Sun 07-Jun-20 09:53:01

Ps, loved the jokes, like I say, just had a lurk🐾