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Who has an AC who’s lost a job due to virus?

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Nanamar Tue 09-Jun-20 02:08:01

Our adult son just turned 40 and was out of work for a year two years ago due needing treatment for clinical depression. He is feeling so disheartened because he feels he had a wonderful education (he did) and many advantages (he did) but he became a teacher out of university, then decided he didn’t like it, couldn’t find anything he did like, until eight months ago, and has now lost that job because of Covid. Any of you out there whose ACs have similar situations? He’s beating himself up about his “choices”
and his not achieving his potential but there’s no way that anyone could have predicted this mess!

MawB Tue 09-Jun-20 11:40:29

I tried to send this as a pm, but think I failed blush
You are right Menopause and they were very apologetic but were only able to furlough a percentage of their staff and not unreasonably were offering this to staff who were planning to stay on after the furlough period. She was not prepared to appeal or have any unpleasantness and she was among friends!
She was in a senior position and it would have involved (as before) regular buying trips to China, trade fairs in Germany and commuting to their head office in the city. Frankly she did not want to go on with this sort of high powered career anyway, her little boy is now 15 months and she still gives him the occasional breast feed So a more flexible arrangement closer to home was what she wanted. Just bad luck with the timing and that the start-up company she is joining will take longer to get properly on their feet. It is easy to fall through the net isn’t it?
Middle D was able to apply for the self-employed grant but even there, that is based on average earnings for the previous three years -one of which she was on maternity leave and earning nothing!
Can’t win them all (sometimes you can’t win any of the !)
I hope your business gets back on its feet ASAP and all goes well for you.
Thank you for your interest,

hollysteers Tue 09-Jun-20 11:55:55

My son who loves his cabin crew job at BA is furloughed and I am so worried as he spent years doing jobs he hated until getting this ideal job. Anything could happen, although I imagine in the long run, we must return to some normal life. The 1918 Spanish flu came and went and this must too. It’s the uncertainty which is so trying. Life can be so unfair and who would have thought so many things would implode like this?He has fixed himself up with another hated job. When our children suffer, we suffer so much too.
But to me, health is the most important thing (but mental health will suffer) and I will help as far as I can.

harrysgran Tue 09-Jun-20 12:30:54

Sadly like many my DS who was put on furlough is now to be made redundant which is likely to stop him buying his first home which he and his partner have worked very hard to save a deposit for its awful and makes me feel helpless and i think he will be one of many as the impact of this situation goes on all I can say is keep listening to him and talking to let him know you are there for him

Teacheranne Tue 09-Jun-20 12:43:01

My son in the US lost his job right at the start of the pandemic. Unable to,pay the mortgage, his house has been foreclosed ( no mortgage windows there) and his ex wife is refusing to allow him to see his children because he cannot afford to pay the maintenance. He is not a citizen but does have permanent residency and the right to work but he is not allowed unemployment benefits nor any special Covid funds. It looks as if he might be deported.

Unfortunately his way of coping is to distance himself and ignore things so at the moment he is ignoring my attempts to contact him so my anxiety is sky high.

icanhandthemback Tue 09-Jun-20 13:10:47

Try to get your son to reframe this in his mind. He has discovered what he doesn't like and found what he does. This gives him the opportunity to search for similar jobs that he know will more than likely suit him. If he was a different person, he would have stayed in a job which he hated and had a very miserable, unsatisfied life. Instead he was brave in saying that it wasn't for him despite all he had invested in his training. (Believe me, he really isn't alone in finding out that teaching was not an enjoyable experience and is one of the biggest problems in the profession.)

SusieB50 Tue 09-Jun-20 13:50:33

My DD and SiL have (had!) a small craft cafe that ran workshops and events . They cannot see when they will ever be able to open with the regulation 2 metre space between tables . Very worrying for everyone

Daisyboots Tue 09-Jun-20 14:12:00

All my AC are okay as are most of the older GC but one GS who had only joined his company last year was let go as soon as the epidemic started. A case of last in first out. His wife was due to gave a baby a few weeks later so at least he is able to be at home to help with the baby and 3 year old GGS. Despite looking for jobs all the time there isnt much around and the ones he has applied for he hasnt heard back from. His brothers though have been working right through. One GS and his partner work for Amazon so have been busier than ever.
Thinking of everyone having such a difficult time and having to rethink everything. I was there in the early 90s and am just grateful I am longer of working age.

Bopeep14 Tue 09-Jun-20 14:32:45

Yes mine he was on his last few days from completing his notice, when lock down began, but was assured by his new employer his job was safe.

Last week he got a phone call letting him go.

Not only has he lost his job though he has lost his company car so he now has no transport to pick his children up, its looking like he will lose his home as well as his landlord only takes working people, so its been put back up for rent but they will let him stay until they find someone.

He will end up with a bill from them as obviously he can’t pay his rent.

So his whole life has been destroyed by covid 19.

shysal Tue 09-Jun-20 14:51:34

DD2 started up her own driving school only a few weeks before lockdown, having given up her school job. As a new business, compensation was not available. It will probably be some time before she can start up again.

Greta8 Tue 09-Jun-20 15:30:46

What sad and worrying times for our children. My son-in-law works in compliance for a major bank, working from home and seems ok at the moment. My daughter has been on maternity leave - all her colleagues are working from home. So we shall have to see what happens there. Such a stressful situation for so many people at the moment. Grim.

Franbern Tue 09-Jun-20 16:03:32

No 2 daughter is a teacher/lecturer for Learning Skills youngsters at local College. Has met all requirements for these, but as the College is losing so funding has been told her contract will end at end of July this year. Difficult - she is the wage earner for her family - hubbie is severely disabled - they have four children. I am worried sick about this. At present she is still continuing to work with her pupils on line, etc.

patcaf Tue 09-Jun-20 16:09:35

Eldest (mid forties) was struggling to stay afloat due to depression and panic attacks. When she lost her job when company collapsed in March we persuaded her to come live with us as she was not coping financially or emotionally. Glad we did as she is much better and looking for work again. We hope she will stay for another year or so and get therapy before she tries to live on her own again. We were lucky in that we have the room and can manage financially.

Rosina Tue 09-Jun-20 16:11:59

My AGC has lost his job - cuts had to be made and he was last in, just a few months ago. Very worrying - but at least he is single. I think about those with mortgages and children - and how this is all going to shake down over the next year.

Nanamar Tue 09-Jun-20 17:00:46

Thank you all so much for sharing. Your stories are very helpful in terms of reminding me that we are not alone and this has affected so many of us in so many ways. It is so hard to parent an adult child sometimes. I know we need to”let go” bit sometimes we just can’t.

pinkpeony Tue 09-Jun-20 19:07:31

I am sorry that you and your daughter are having such a stressful time. I have no wise words to make everything better but I wanted you to know I am thinking about you.

As you are feeling so low you and your daughter might be able to get some help through your doctor.


Urmstongran Tue 09-Jun-20 19:31:08

I think many who are currently furloughed will not be taken back but they just don't know it yet

I think you’re right newnanny.

Our eldest daughter’s partner is a graphic designer since university degree. He is being furloughed at present but it seems more than likely he will be let go next month. Little work about. Who needs a graphic designer to produce art advertising businesses with hardly any customers?

I think the best well off will be pensioners. We’ve had a regular income during C-19.

Will we spend our savings? Some of us will be helping family members financially I think.

Unigran4 Tue 09-Jun-20 19:40:06

Sorry Gransnet, I'm new here. Can someone please explain to me the abbreviations. OH, I assume is Other Half, and DIL is Daughter-in-Law but AC? DD? OC? Sorry to be a pain

Ellie Anne Tue 09-Jun-20 21:35:17

My son and d in l are both furloughed just now. He had to isolate because his daughter had symptoms and has been told they will be in touch when they want him back. I’m a bit concerned about it.

Graso Tue 09-Jun-20 23:10:23


If you look at the top left of the page under the heading ‘Gransnet Forums’ you’ll see the word ‘acronyms’.

Click on there and all will be revealed!

Lizbethann55 Tue 09-Jun-20 23:32:46

My DS is an actor. He had just started touring with a play which was running until the end of June when all the theatres closed. He was so disappointed as the play was great fun and he was hopeful it would lead to better things for him. The theatres will be the last part of society to reopen I think. And even when they are given the go ahead it will be ages before they are up and running due to audition being needed and rehearsals. My DS has a job at the big Bolton Tesco putting click and collect orders in cars. So at least he has a small amount of money coming in. And the job was really not hard to get. His fiancee is furloughed from her job as an in house artist for a theatre. She was due to get a pay rise a couple of weeks after lockdown which would have meant more money on furlough, but it was not to be. My 2 DDs and SiLs are all still working. Two from home and 2 are key NHS workers.

LolaHolaSnr Wed 10-Jun-20 00:21:39

These tales are sad. My belief that it was all for naught makes it so much worse. Why do I think this? Look at the Government paper issued on 19 March stating that this virus was NOT a danger to public health. Why did the Govt act the way it did/is if they knew it was not any more dangerous than any other influenza in previous years?! I do not know for sure but I can think of several reasons why they may have. It is criminal to say the least. All I ask is for people to research/investigate and not to believe or take things at face value.

Candy6 Wed 10-Jun-20 08:08:47

I am so sorry to hear about this. My son only really got to start his working life last September after illness and I’m hoping and praying he’ll still have a job when this is over🙏 It’s anxiety provoking for all of us and I feel truly sorry for those losing their jobs. As parents, we can only be there to support our children during bad times as I’m sure you have done in the past. There is nothing worse than seeing our children suffer. Be strong and good luck xx

Unigran4 Wed 10-Jun-20 15:56:27

Thank you, Graso, I feel a bit more comfortable now!

Willow500 Wed 10-Jun-20 18:36:18

Not my AC but my eldest GD had been on a prolonged probation having been moved into another department last year and had been working from home through the lockdown until suddenly receiving notice last month. A great shock but she pulled herself back up up and found another job as a support worker within a fortnight and is now undergoing her training. She and her partner who was furloughed from his job were obviously on a high when a week later he got a phone call to say they could no longer keep him on so he is now looking for another job sad A big worry as they have rent etc to pay. Sadly they are not alone and this is only going to get worse when companies have to start contributing to employees pay.

MadeInYorkshire Wed 10-Jun-20 21:04:24

LolaHolaSnr - Hi - do you have a link to "Look at the Government paper issued on 19 March stating that this virus was NOT a danger to public health" please? (Not a Govt fan by any means, but would be very interested to see that!!)

pinkpeony - many thanks for your thoughts, we are both under the GP (seeing him tomorrow!) and have quite a lot of support, BUT there's not really a great deal anyone can do ..... we are both taking medication, I can't eat or sleep, not handy for a diabetic and am just not looking after myself, neither of us are .... the lady from the MH Money Advice Service is going to 'try' and contact my bank, but even that isn't easy at the moment and she said that it wouldn't be anything quick as she isn't sure she will be able to get hold of anyone!

On a more pleasing note though, my youngest daughter (and I suspect that this is because she knows we have not much to look forward to) is going to get married, in September - she is doing legally at the Registry Office with 2 witnesses, and then we are going to have a 'ceremony' in our friends large house and garden - it will be small, simple and cheap but nice too .... can you get 'wedding facemasks'?