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How can they do this to people

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Sar53 Thu 02-Jul-20 14:44:56

I haven't seen my eldest daughter and family, SIL and three granddaughters since February. They live about a three hour drive away. A couple of weeks ago my daughter told me that they had booked a night in a local hotel to us, part of a big chain, for the Saturday after next. They would arrive Saturday morning and go home Sunday afternoon and we would spend time together, mainly outdoors. Everyone was really looking forward to seeing each other and making plans.
Yesterday lunchtime my daughter received an email from the hotel saying that they were not now opening. There are two hotels near us, part of the same group and neither were opening. No explanation was given.
As there are five of them they need two rooms and all that are available locally are incredibly expensive just for one night.
To say we are all disappointed is an understatement.
The journey to them and back in one day is just too long and tiring for any of us and my DH and I are not keen at staying in a hotel just yet.
I think my daughter will be sending a very strongly worded email to whom it may concern. I'm sure that they are not the only family that are unhappy.
I don't understand how they can say they are opening, take bookings and then suddenly decide to shut up shop again.

Furret Thu 02-Jul-20 14:49:37

So very disappointing for you. Hope they manage to find somewhere else 😢

MawB Thu 02-Jul-20 14:51:46

I can only imagine that the decision has been made at a higher level and the group as a whole has been subject to cut backs from the top.
A lot of chains - whether hotels, restaurants, pubs or shops are gong to be seriously retrenching and massive job cuts are on the horizon.
Best of luck with phoning round for alternatives.

EllanVannin Thu 02-Jul-20 14:54:40

Sounds as though the staff aren't prepared to work ? It is so disappointing to give false promises on the premise that someone will come in and work.

rosecarmel Thu 02-Jul-20 14:55:00


SueDonim Thu 02-Jul-20 15:50:43

It’s always going to be risky booking anything right now. Maybe the hotel chain has had a Covid outbreak?

My son has booked a self-catering place for us and his family to meet up. We haven’t seen them since last October. We’re well aware it could be cancelled at the last minute. We’ll be disappointed if that happens but it is what it is.

Sar53 Thu 02-Jul-20 16:01:24

Rosecarmel we are very aware that there is a pandemic. This is one of the largest hotel chains in the country. Apparently they are opening some hotels and not others. My point was why advertise they are open and take bookings and then two weeks later decide that they are not going to open.

BlueBelle Thu 02-Jul-20 16:05:19

Of course you are disappointed but it may be that one of the workers has got or been in touch with someone with the virus
anf perhaps that’s has changed all their own plans
I m not at all sure it’s sensible to stay in a hotel at the moment just because you can, and I also think it’s harsh to be writing a letter of complaint for what may have been beyond their ability to change
Of course it would be better to give you an explanation but perhaps they are thinking if they mention the real reason (if it is to do with the virus) they might lose future bookings
Every business is desperate for business so I m sure it must be something beyond their ability to do anything about

JenniferEccles Thu 02-Jul-20 16:28:18

How disappointing for you and your family.

I wonder if the late cancellation was because they didn’t have enough bookings to make opening viable.

I guess you are talking about Premier Inn type hotels.

Perhaps your family will have to reluctantly pay a bit more to stay in one which is open.

It would be such a shame for the visit to not go ahead.

Tangerine Thu 02-Jul-20 17:07:28

You say the other two hotels are too expensive.

Are you in a position to assist them with the cost? I don't necessarily mean pay the whole bill, just part of it.

silverlining48 Thu 02-Jul-20 17:40:09

Sar. How about meeting somewhere midway for a picnic? We did this last week as we are 3 hours distance from each other so 1.5 hours travel each worked. Look for NT or gardens or EH. We had a lovely day.

Lucca Thu 02-Jul-20 17:47:56

You have to book to visit NT places at the moment
, just saying that’s something to consider.

Sar53 Thu 02-Jul-20 17:55:08

Silverlining48 that is what my husband has suggested. It's just a case of finding somewhere now. They have NT membership, we don't. I will start looking. Thanks for your suggestion.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 02-Jul-20 18:24:36

I will PM you

silverlining48 Thu 02-Jul-20 19:30:58

Sar. There are so many NT places in and around the south east/M25 you will find something . Yes you do have to prebook parking.
Weather looks to be nice all next week and beyond. Pack a chair and your picnic and have fun.

Aldom Thu 02-Jul-20 20:32:26

Just a thought. Perhaps there's an hotel, not too expensive, which is 1.5 hrs drive away where you could all stay overnight. Thus spending more time together. Best wishes.

OceanMama Thu 02-Jul-20 23:17:55

At the moment, it's to be expected that anything can be cancelled up to the last minute. Can your family stay with you? It's just one night. We've done that on the living room floor of someone before. Surely everyone can deal with that for just the one night? If not, I guess the visit is off if there aren't any other affordable options. It's disappointing but there's a lot of that happening at the moment due to Covid.

OceanMama Thu 02-Jul-20 23:20:20

Just adding, if that is allowed in your local area. I know for some having house guests might still be forbidden.

Soniah Fri 03-Jul-20 08:49:38

Can they not stay with you, in Wales we are allowed to have one household only come to stay (once you have chosen your household you can't change to another), Can even hug the grandchildren, not done it yet as they are at school so will wait until they have finished and quarantined for a fortnight

Armoria Fri 03-Jul-20 08:52:35

If you have transport can you not meet up half way? Is there a park or beauty spot you could all have a picnic? Just a thought.

Shazmo24 Fri 03-Jul-20 08:53:52

Airbnb ..

SunnySusie Fri 03-Jul-20 08:55:45

A hotel local to us has done the same thing, advertised its opening only to subsequently decide some of the hotels in the chain will stay shut, including ours. I know a lady who works for them and she said they are in all sorts of difficulties and trying to stop the entire business going bankrupt. If they open then they have to fully staff the hotel even if there are few bookings and its a real balancing act. They have no idea if customers will return in any numbers and financially if people are reluctant they are better to stay shut. Its tough times for the industry. The friends visiting us have rented a motohome and are parking it on the drive. Not cheap though.

Struggling2do1 Fri 03-Jul-20 09:04:24

My husband has Parkinson’s. He has been waiting for an appointment for a Deep Brain Stimulation operation which should help control the tremors that he suffers. A week ago he had a letter with an appointment for June 2021, yesterday he had a letter CANCELLING THE APPOINTMENT DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES. Now that is something to complain about!

V3ra Fri 03-Jul-20 09:05:01

Was it Premier Inn?
Asking because we've just booked one for Saturday 11th to visit our daughter's family.
The website says they're mainly closed apart from keyworkers until the 4th, then all open and anyone can book. Associated restaurants are closed.
Fingers crossed and I hope you can make alternative arrangements🤞

Dressagediva123 Fri 03-Jul-20 09:05:51

It must be so disappointing- but you still have options. Have you room to allow them to stay ( you can do that now ) have you a garden they can camp in . Three hours travelling is doable - all my children live in other countries- I would be so happy if they were 3 hours away. Try not to put boundaries in the way if meeting up -