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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 11-Jul-20 14:45:32

Hi! Don’t know where to begin! So much happening with this lockdown! Can’t talk about the weather as it drizzled/dribbled all day, 11C, and slate grey sky. Plenty of TV though. Mixed pairs figure skating championships from last year with Russian and East Europe dominating. Apart from wearing next-to-nothing (I watch it for the graceful routines and the music!), the girls must also weigh next-to-nothing because when doing their triple triples etc. their partners throw them so high they appear to be heading for the seats in the “gods:”
We also had the classic 1942 B/W “Casablanca” with such a marvellous cast; Humphrey of course,. Ingrid, Paul Henreid Claude Rains, Copnrad Veidt, Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet. All terrific actors; all dead now of course, but what memories! Sorry about that! Before your time!
Then followed Nurse Jacqui Lu Shakespeare and Frank with another strange plot, but well worth watching.

Grandmabatty you’re in danger of turning this into a linguistics thread; we did have a member from mid Wales not long ago, now that would really present a spelling challenge; shades of “Neddie” Seegoon!
Jane is a Scot so she’s got a head start in her excellent use of Scot’s lingo, but please, no more clues for “neb”. I need the challenge, provided no-one puts in a “spoiler”;
“cover it with a mask” !? Could be short for nosebag, but that doesn’t really fit, nor does sporran, unless it’s attached to a length of string! confused
Callistemon I do believe you used to be Jalima!? Chewbacca gave away “C” as a clue and a flower; or shrub in Queensland now I’ve just realised; Aussie rellies! Of course, feel free to deny it! Similar blunt language too at times, so it’s all taking shape! hmm

rafichagran Alison didn’t say and I forgot to ask whether her parrot has a mixed vocabulary, but I’m sure she and my sister wouldn’t have coached her! There again, you can’t always be sure of what company they’ve been keeping.
Saw a funny cartoon in “The Oldie” recently where a parrot was telling the Alexa “turn on the TV, turn on the heating”t etc. whilst the houseowner was away studying their electricity bill wondering why it was so high! grin

Ellan We’re having another railway series starting up next week; Michael’s off somewhere exotic which sounds like being new, to us anyway! I would think these progs would now be on the back burner with travel restrictions, unless you’re still able to travel around Britain. Will wearing masks become compulsory?

Megs These idiots are everywhere now.! We have them trying on all sorts of tricks to cross borders illegally and the existence of serious fines seems to have no effect.
Victorians are still not welcome outside our State borders; we’re still getting relatively high numbers; 236 more cases today plus one death of an elderly gentleman, so compulsory face masks can’t be far away. The Govt. will feel obliged to justify ordering over a million masks, but no worries for us “Oldies” locked down seemingly forever.
Whilst living in idyllic surrounds in the bush presents a nice dream, as we get on in years, easy access to medical facilities becomes more essential
I suppose other hospitals exist in the West, apart from Barnstaple, but I assume none of them will welcome holidaymakers
Anyway, Sunday and bedtime are nigh, and still the same old Doona!
Good Health wine wine wine

Grandmabatty Sat 11-Jul-20 17:10:49

G'day Rufus2 . Its a shame about your awful weather. Today in Polmont has been very pleasant. Blue skies at the moment and a light breeze. No more clues, I promise! ☺ I love figure skating and my heart is in my mouth at the amazing leaps and throws. Casablanca is a favourite of mine. I like Peter Lorre in a smallish role too. And the last line is perfect. Stay safe and toasty warm x

rafichagran Sat 11-Jul-20 22:18:56

Good Evening Rufus, lovely day here in South East.

Evie64 Sat 11-Jul-20 22:34:38

Good evening all, it's hot and muggy here in the South West. Lovely blue skies and slight breeze earlier. All our beaches are full of grockles again........