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In praise of Pauline Collins

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Bluebellwould Sat 11-Jul-20 20:56:52

Watched Shirley Valentine and Mrs Caldicott’s cabbage war and I must admit they are my favourite films. Did anyone else see them? She always seems to have that wicked little twinkle in her eyes, and I just love that Liverpool accent.

seacliff Sat 11-Jul-20 21:42:11

I have just watched Shirley Valentine. It is quite a few years since I last saw it, and I did enjoy it again, a nice bit of escapism, and yes, Pauline Collins was good. I'd forgotten that Joanna Lumley had a small part in it too.

I have never heard of Mrs Caldicott’s cabbage war. I cannot find it on TV at the moment. Hopefully it may be on one day.

Puzzler61 Sat 11-Jul-20 21:51:09

Do you also remember her as a young housemaid named Sarah in “Upstairs Downstairs”, a long running series on TV? She starred in it alongside her husband (real life) John Alderton.
I recall with a smile her rendition of “What are we going to do with Uncle Arthur” in one episode.
And she does always have a twinkle in her eye.

tanith Sat 11-Jul-20 21:56:04

I’ve watched both, she’s a very good actor I loved Mrs. Caldicotts Cabbage War, I believe it was on last night.

polyester57 Sun 12-Jul-20 12:28:46

A few years ago I picked up at a Charity Bazaar a book by Pauline Collins called Letter to Louise, where she describes giving up her first-born baby for adoption. It was wonderfully written and very moving, I have a lot of respect for Pauline for being able to write about it.

Oopsminty Sun 12-Jul-20 12:32:37

Living not a million miles from Liverpool I have to say many of my Scouse friends and family thought her Scouse accent was dreadful!

But apart from that I agree that she's an excellent actor

EllanVannin Sun 12-Jul-20 12:43:22

Great actress, very natural I've watched both films a couple of times and Shirley Valentine is on later Ch 5 @ 3.45.
She lived not far from where I am years ago as I think she was born this side of Liverpool. My eldest D was married in a church nearby to where she lived.

I liked her in Upstairs Downstairs too---loved that series.

AGAA4 Sun 12-Jul-20 16:47:54

Mrs Caldicott's Cabbage Wars was very good and I have always liked Pauline Collins.

She usually plays feisty women who get the better of unreasonable men. Love it!

bluebird243 Sun 12-Jul-20 16:55:02

I really like her husband, John Alderton.

lindiann Sun 12-Jul-20 16:56:33

Is it on catch up?

seacliff Sun 12-Jul-20 17:14:12

I could not find it last night

Witzend Sun 12-Jul-20 17:30:50

She’s always been brilliant - I loved her as the cheeky maid in Upstairs, Downstairs - there’s another blast from the past!

Newquay Sun 12-Jul-20 17:46:58

I like her too-couldn’t find Mrs Caldecott on catch up either!

Urmstongran Sun 12-Jul-20 18:26:47

I love the film Shirley Valentine! I watched it again recently. Pauline Collins definitely has a sense of fun. I don’t remember Joanne Lumley in it? Must pay attention next time!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sun 12-Jul-20 18:34:42

I think Pauline Collins is very under-rated. We saw her and her husband John Alderton at the theatre ages ago in Rattle of a Simple Man which was very entertaining.

seacliff Sun 12-Jul-20 18:46:57

Joanna Lumley played her posh speaking school mate, when grown up. They bumped into each other in London, and she was asked back to JLs hotel for coffee, and they got on really well. She knew JL travelled and assumed she was an air hostess. Turns out she was a high class international hooker!!

seacliff Sun 12-Jul-20 18:58:35

I am just about to watch a film Time of their Lives with Pauline Collins and Joan Collins, which I recorded earlier. Made in 2017, billed as a comedy drama. C5.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 12-Jul-20 19:45:50


I am just about to watch a film Time of their Lives with Pauline Collins and Joan Collins, which I recorded earlier. Made in 2017, billed as a comedy drama. C5.

I enjoyed it this afternoon 👍🏻

We had dinner with Pauline Collins and her husband John Alderton many years ago they were supportive of a national charity MrGG13 and I were involved with. They were two of the nicest showbiz people we have met.