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End of lockdown means no more Houseparty with family

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janestheone Sun 12-Jul-20 05:09:15

I don’t live in the U.K., but my adult children and grandchildren all do. During lockdown we have had a family Houseparty chat on Saturdays, which has also included my sister, niece and nephew. People pop in and out, and I usually see my youngest granddaughter, just three, having her dinner. Now family are starting to go out, my sister has suggested pausing the regular Houseparty. I can understand this, and have agreed, saying only that I’ll check in late Saturday afternoon to see if son, daughter and grandchildren are around for a quick hello. But it hurts. I hadn’t realised how much I looked forward to catching up with them all, and I loved seeing my niece and nephew too, and glimpses of their children. Am I being silly?

BBbevan Sun 12-Jul-20 05:27:48

No you are not. We have had regular Zoom meetings with our DS and his family. It is lovely to see them and the girls are growing into lovely young ladies. They live a 5 hour drive away and we haven’t seen them since before last Christmas. They have missed the last 3 meeting as they were “out”. It make DH and I a little sad

hondagirl Sun 12-Jul-20 06:17:39

Oh I know what you mean. When my daughter and family were all at home I spoke to them nearly every day and had a video call with them every other day. Great to see the grandchildren. I also video called with my son at least twice a week. Now they are back at school/work, it's back to every other week if that, even though I am still staying at home as much as possible.

vegansrock Sun 12-Jul-20 07:53:36

We had a weekly Zoom game with the family and it’s increasingly difficult to get all 8 households together. It’s now gone to monthly... don’t know how much longer that will last. Fortunately can meet up with most of them now, and the long distance ones we will continue just to do a FaceTime chat.