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Nodding off quite a lot... should I be worried?

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Molliepops Wed 15-Jul-20 19:22:59

So I was sat with a cup of tea last night watching the footy with hubby. Suddenly I felt a warm wet sensation flood over my legs. I jolted awake to find my tea soaking through my pajama bottoms. It was thankfully not to hot but was still quite a shock. I felt so stupid I just dragged myself off to bed. I nod off quite often now but it's the first time I've done anything like this. I am 75 so perhaps it's just my age.

Do you think I should be worried or is this common with everyone.

BlueSky Wed 15-Jul-20 19:30:05

I do take sudden naps while watching TV. It just comes over me, an irresistible urge to nap and I'm gone! I'm 70 and like you Mollie wonders whether this is normal at our age.

kittylester Wed 15-Jul-20 19:30:22

I am 71 and a half and, since the beginning of lockdown I get soooooo tired. I went to bed at 8pm the other might, read for 20 minutes and slept till 6am. In my case I'm sure it's the Covid brain and Covid exhaustion!!

Oopsminty Wed 15-Jul-20 19:53:21

Have you had any blood tests recently?

Under active thyroid can cause drowziness

Or as has been mentioned it could be age related.

I'd mention it to your GP if it continues

MerylStreep Wed 15-Jul-20 20:02:04

How much physical work are you doing in the day. Also, how much fresh air are you getting.

MawB Wed 15-Jul-20 20:04:56

A thread with a very similar problem was started last December.
You may find some help there.
OldJoints Sat 21-Dec-19 18:52:44

So recently I've started to notice I'm falling asleep in a chair on most evenings now. Sometimes it can be even on a day where I've done nothing and shouldn't be tired. I wasn't thinking to much of it until last night when I nearly burnt my legs with hot tea. Was around 7pm, I'd just finished dinner made a cuppa and sat down to watch tv. Without realizing I dozed off, woke up a short time later with the cup of tea soaking into my trousers. Tea had cooled slightly but still gave me quite a shock and got me worrying.

Does anyone else do this? Do you think this is just age related (I'm 68) or is it worth me seeing a doctor to be sure there isn't a underlying condition

Grammaretto Wed 15-Jul-20 20:08:16

Are your sleep patterns changing anyway? If it's available, I love a nap in the afternoon. I wake early and don't always sleep the whole night.
Afternoon TV is so much like a lullaby anyway. Place in the sun...countdown....midsomer murders...pointless. Yawn!
Just be careful with the tea next time.
I have always been able to cat nap so it isn't age related in my case though I am over 70 now.
You might try a thyroid test to relieve anxiety.

lemongrove Wed 15-Jul-20 20:12:47

At least the ‘warm wet sensation’ was only tea!
You were very likely just tired and football does have a soporific effect ( on me anyway).Nothing to worry about.
Of course, if you find yourself face down in the sausage and mash at mealtimes, then that’s a different matter.

Molliepops Thu 16-Jul-20 12:09:46

I had a blood test a few weeks back and everything was normal then. I used to be quite active before the lockdown. But I've hardly gone anywhere in the last 4 months. I have been getting out in the garden everyday, except when it's raining. So I don't think it's lack of fresh air. Perhaps it's my lack of regular activity that's making me sleepy. Glad to see it's not just me who worries about it though smile

Iam64 Thu 16-Jul-20 13:11:18

I'm in the kittylester camp, in the same age group as well. I rarely stay later than 9 because I prefer to read, rather than watch tv after mid evening. Well, that's one reason. The other is I'm ready for bed. I'll read for a while, then often find myself waking with my specs and book in place, having fallen asleep reading.
I wish I could sleep through till 6am but inevitably need bathroom trip (s)

I've found this lockdown period has made me tired.

grumppa Thu 16-Jul-20 13:19:21

Television is very conducive to dropping off. Dozed off the other evening during Midsomer Murders and woke up to A Touch of Frost. Very confusing!

annodomini Thu 16-Jul-20 13:46:36

I often drop off in front of the TV and in one case, I drowned my laptop - an expensive cat nap. Sometimes I take the hint from my body and go for a lie-down which often lasts an hour or more. I usually go to bed late (around midnight) and get 7 - 8 hours sleep. I'm 79 and can remember one of my grannies always had an afternoon rest, doing the Scotsman crossword and then dropping off for a while.

kittylester Thu 16-Jul-20 15:28:59

I do envy those of you who fall asleep watching tv. I can't.

AGAA4 Thu 16-Jul-20 15:36:17

If I watch a film in the evening I often drop off to sleep and miss the end.

BlueBelle Thu 16-Jul-20 15:53:47

I thought this was a repeat thread mawB

If it’s a new poster then I wouldn’t worry I can drop asleep any time any place have done for years I always drop of quickly at bed time too even if I ve had an evening sleep however I rarely sleep more than five hours (in two hourly sessions through the night)

ExD Thu 16-Jul-20 16:01:54

I'm 80 and have started the same pattern, but just since lockdown. I'm doing very little exercise - there just doesn't seem any point in walking just for the sake of it and anyway it hurts my arthritic feet.
I e never slept well and seem to take 1 - 2 hours to nod off in bed, but thats normal for me.
But I cannot think why doing too little during the day makes you sleepy.

Knittynatter Thu 16-Jul-20 16:29:32

I’m working from home and often have a cat nap in my lunch break. Goodness knows what I’ll be like when we have to go back to office based working!!

Sallywally1 Thu 16-Jul-20 16:38:37

Most afternoons I have a period when I feel as though I have been drugged I am so sleepy. Ok at home, but I still work three days a week so it’s a bit awkward if it happens at work! I too have nighttime bathroom trips which don’t help. Bliss would be sleeping for eight hours every night. Don’t think it will happen though! (My thyroid levels are always normal too). I am 65.

shysal Thu 16-Jul-20 17:08:53

I often nod off in front of the TV, especially during Masterchef for some reason. However, I am not surprised as I get up at 4 or 5am (can't sleep for more than 5 hours), going to bed between 11 and 12.
I like to sit outside and eat lunch if the sun is shining, when it is not unusual for me to snooze.
My father used to come home from work for lunch and always had his 40 winks to charge the batteries. When I was working I slept in the car after eating my packed lunch. I did a lot of microscope work and needed to rest my eyes and brain.

MerylStreep Thu 16-Jul-20 17:11:52

It's not enough to just potter round the garden ( that's unless your Mrs Monty Don and have long meadow to walk around)
You have to get the heart moving to pump the oxygen round.

I'm 74 and am always active. All through this lockdown I've done all the paintwork in the bungalow. I not only keep my garden lovely but I do 2 other gardens. One of these gardens has been seriously neglected and is heavy going.
If you don't use it you'll loose it 😄
I'm awake about 7 and like to be up and at it doing something by 9 o/clock. No problem with tiredness and go to bed at 11.

BlueBelle Thu 16-Jul-20 18:03:09

shysal I never sleep more than 4/5 hours either, usually in two bouts I too am usually up 4or 5 am
My aunty always went for a dinner time nap her nickname was Dozy

JenniferEccles Thu 16-Jul-20 22:17:12

This is a virtually identical account to the previous one, except the ages are different.

EllanVannin Thu 16-Jul-20 22:39:44

Not me---wide awake until I go to bed at appx 11pm then once settled, don't know another thing until 6.30/7am most nights.