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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 17-Jul-20 13:32:04

Good Evening Everyone!
Not so good really, I suppose, as our statistics worsen by the day. 428 new cases announced today for VIC along with 3 deaths. NSW also continues to cause concern.
Now the talk is about going to Stage 4 with precautions, but unsure what that will entail; more compulsion about wearing masks I guess. sad
They’re not compulsory yet, Megs, but I don’t/can’t go out and not anxious to go either. No2 Son, working from home, attends to my meagre grocery shopping list and even replenishes my cellar without an accompanying lecture! grin
It’s not a free charity-type service, mind you, so my card gets regular exercise!
AGAA4 Sorry to hear you haven’t much to laugh about! Not living on the West coast of soggy Wales?
Here’s a Scotch joke!
“Lady settles back in dentist’s chair.
“Comfy?” enquires the dentist.
“Govan” she replies.
Got that off an Internet Scottish jokes website! confused

Carillion Very nice to meet you and you’re very welcome. Brittany sounds a very romantic place, especially if it’s Covid free. I’m very impressed with your DH playing as a prof, for Lancs. What era? All his aches, pains and ops would be a small price to pay to play alongside Brian Statham, or not!?
A marvellous economical bowler, straight as a die and bowled at the stumps relentlessly. Another hero was Cyril Washbrook. As you can guess, I’m a Lancs lad (Mancunian), but now focus more on EPL football, City of course! And you’re a “Toffee” fan!? Nothing wrong with that I suppose, so long it’s not Liverpool. ! Pity they lost their unbeaten home record.! Let’s hear it for City tomorrow!

Grandmabatty Oh dear! Thanks for not holding a grudge; so can I get off the “naughty stool”?
My whinge about Shakespeare was really aimed at the way we had to dissect his plays at grammer school, analysing practically every single word for what he actually meant. It took ages to repair the damage; I reckon your approach would have been more interesting and more profitable! hmm
Anyway that’s long ago!
I’m going to have a go at WhatsApp. when I’ve tamed my new (cheapo) smartphone; yet to download “Seek”, which is like “Shazam for flowers” !?
Hoping this doesn’t do the disappearing trick. Using Word so able to save it and also saves having to retype.
Good Health. wine wine wine

Grandmabatty Fri 17-Jul-20 14:21:41

Hi there Rufus2 that Scottish joke is a good one! It does sound bad where you are. I'm glad you are safe and being looked after. It's a very grey day here. I was at the funeral this morning of my oldest and dearest friend's mum. The numbers were limited, no singing hymns or shaking hands and no general get together afterwards. A few of us went back for a proper afternoon tea, which her mum loved, as a send off. It was sad but she lived a very long life and was ready to go. This afternoon I'm gently pottering in the house as it has started to rain. I have a dodgy toe and I'm diabetic so I need to be careful. Take care xx

Callistemon Fri 17-Jul-20 14:51:50

I hear the border was opened between NSW and Queensland and all the grey nomads from Victoria who were queued up waiting were able to cross over. Hope they are not taking the virus with them.

rafichagran Fri 17-Jul-20 14:58:01

Good Evening Rufus, sorry you are not too good. Glad your cellar is being replenished though and without the lecture which is an added bonus.
I have just got back in after having a glass of wine with a friend, then I went on and treated myself to a meal. It was lovely.
Sleep well.

Rufus2 Fri 17-Jul-20 15:03:52

AGAA This one courtesy of "The Oldie" mag. hmm

"A man bought a parrot off another man and they were chatting a few weeks later
The new owner said, 'Sadly, the parrot's died.'
Already?' said the old owner. 'What happened?'
I don't know!' said the new owner. 'I got him a new cage, a new perch, a bell he could ring with his beak and a swing and everything.'
'Did he speak at all?' said the old owner.
'Yes, he did actually, just before he fell off his perch.'
'And what did he say?' the old owner asked.

AGAA4 Fri 17-Jul-20 16:34:41

Thanks for that Rufus. It is sunny and warm today in this part of Wales so no grumbling from me. The shorts and T shirts are kept near the door so I can get into them quickly and get out before the weather changes.