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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 19-Jul-20 06:11:05

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a grey cloud start here in Brackley and its been raining as well.
Today , quiet day in with a small shop.
Yesterday , despite going out things seem to be getting busier out there , in both Buckingham and Bicester some form of normality is returning .
Returning home on the bus and going through a village near Brackley a local cricket match was taking place .
I think today , its a case of proceed with caution ,as face masks will be more common from tomorrow as to where we go etc .
Take Care ,

Beechnut Sun 19-Jul-20 06:24:04

Good Morning everyone from a dismal Severnside. It’s been raining during the night and still quite wet outside.

I made a few masks yesterday. I watched a couple of YouTube’s before deciding which design I would go for. Two of them I have made from the panels of an old umbrella. They are really lightweight.

I think you’re right about caution Mick and only do what we are comfortable with.

Wishing you all the best day whatever antics you get up to 🌸

grandMattie Sun 19-Jul-20 06:35:06

Good morning from an overcast E Kent.
You are right, Mick, about being careful but I believe that the public has been so thoroughly terrified that it will take a very long time to get back to normal. Whare did you get your pattern,Beech ? I suppose I shall have to make some and wear them,..
Church today for the first time since March, though I’m still feeling annoyed with the rector for ignoring us for so long. Phones and emails are not hard to use.
We have cornflowers against the house and a pair of goldfinches have started to visit for their seed. They are such pretty little birds.
Glad to learn that some are in a better place, trust that others will get there soon. Have a quiet day everyone. Stay safe.

Scentia Sun 19-Jul-20 06:35:13

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. The sun is poking through some angry looking clouds, I suspect he is wondering whether to put his hat on today!
Today I am going to take it easy, I went on a mad cleaning and DIY spree yesterday, I ended up with half my house on freecycle😂 very satisfying but I am suffering this morning with a headache and backache.
A quick trot with the pooch then I am going to do some of my re submissions on my NVQ then it will be a TV day, although if the sun does decide to come out I may peg out!!
Take care folks. Have a lovely day❤️

Ginny42 Sun 19-Jul-20 06:46:39

Good morning Mick and all from a glorious morning in Cheshire. It poured all day yesterday so this is a very pleasant start to the day. Been up since about 2.30 awakened by a neighbour's car alarm and decided to get on with some work. I'll be very tired later!

Just some jobs to catch up on and out for a small shop then I'll be in the garden. The pavings look dreadful so will have a go at cleaning them.

Hope everyone who can meet up with friends and family are enjoying their hard earned freedoms. Take care everyone. Have a lovely day.

mancgirl Sun 19-Jul-20 07:02:30

Good morning from a bright start to the day in Scotland. A very loud alarm went off somewhere in the hotel about 45 minutes ago so no lie in this morning for anyone! Had a great drive up through the Cairngorms to Tomintoul yesterday. The scenery was amazing and it felt like we were driving on top of the world at times. A gorgeous sunny day, you could see for miles. Mr M bought a bottle of Tomintoul whisky, he does like to collect his souvenirs😉. Heading back home today, big football match on TV later. Both sons will be up to watch so listen out for the noise! We'll probably go for a short walk after breakfast. I think everyone will be in the dining room early after our wake up call. Have a good day everyone. x

mumofmadboys Sun 19-Jul-20 07:09:04

Bright sunny start in Cumbria. Still in bed but will get up soon to cycle around Derwentwater. It will look fantastic today in the sunshine. The views never fail to thrill me. Then church and a chance to meet our new curate. Gardening planned for this afternoon with DH and online bridge tonight. Hope everyone has a happy and relaxing day.

MellowYellow Sun 19-Jul-20 07:12:51

Morning all from a sunny south Cornwall. Lovely day at the Eden Project yesterday. They've worked so hard to make it easy for visitors, and the planting, less tended than usual, is beautiful. I mostly sat/ambled due to painful hips but sons and grandkids had fun. Today just sitting on my patio with a good book I think. A peaceful day to everyone, where that's possible.

brook2704 Sun 19-Jul-20 07:18:48

Good morning everyone from a warmish and dry Inverness. Yesterday turned out a lovely day again, a few clouds about but it didn’t rain! Hoping for the same again today ..
Yesterday’s planned walk didn’t materialise as I got stuck into the garden doing battle with the weeds. I’m definitely staying home more these days and enjoying it too. I think that’s because it’s the summer though, wouldn’t be the same in winter
Have a good day everyone and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Aldom Sun 19-Jul-20 07:21:09

Good morning Mick and everyone. It's cloudy here, south of Oxford, and has rained overnight. Beechnut your idea of making masks from the panels of an old umbrella reminded me of my dear, late MiL. She was a great needle woman and used a damaged umbrella to make us a 'make-up' cape each. I popped to the outdoor market yesterday for fruit. Lovely cherries for £1.50 per lb. Still weigh in pounds and ounces on the market. A friend is coming for lunch today. We're eating chicken with ginger, lime and coriander, new potatoes and a mixed salad. Strawberries and Creme Fraiche to follow. Some nice white wine too. My kind thoughts to all with pain, illness, problems or sadness. Good to know your pain had eased 'Marydol'.

kittylester Sun 19-Jul-20 07:24:45

Morning all from a bright North Leicestershire.

DD2 and co are coming for the afternoon. We are grateful to them for making the effort but DH &DD's team have vital match today which is being streamed today so things could get lively.

Enjoy your days everyone.

NanKate Sun 19-Jul-20 07:30:26

MorningMick and All

Greetings from a rather cloudy New Forest.

Just looked out of the holiday cottage window and there are 3 donkeys, next time I look there could be cattle or ponies.

We had fish and chips (ordered online) last night and took them down to the Quay. There was hardly a soul wearing a mask and there was great fun and frivolity. I am usually an optimistic soul but I do worry that we are taking our guard down too quickly.

Bought a lovely bright coloured top in the local market yesterday.

Have a good day folks.

Marydoll Sun 19-Jul-20 07:59:40

Good morning all for a bright and breezy Glasgow. Glad to hear you had a good day yesterday, Mick
Kate, stop taunting me with visits to Markets. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your break.

Just trying to get going for our walk for the papers. This is my first walk in a fortnight, after normally being out most days.
I can hear DH getting impatient, because I'm not ready yet, I'd better hurry up!

DGD is coming for a visit today to give her parents a break. They have been working from home for the past eighteen weeks and I suspect they just need time together.
They turned up unexpectedly yesterday after a visit to the park. We had to promise she could come back today in order to get her to go home.
She unexpectedly received a Shielding letter during the week, a bit late, but fortunately her parents had decided to shield her anyway. Thank goodness!

I had getting trouble into GN this morning. What a disaster! 😁 Last night my old tablet locked me out and I had to reset it to factory settings. Despite having other devices and a new tablet, I'm a creature of habit and use it in bed and watching TV. I missed half of Young Moltanbano, as I was determined to sort it before bed.

As I was locking up to go to bed, the lock on the conservatory door broke. DH is going to be busy today😉
I spent ages on You Tube watching videos on how to fix it. I thinks we need a locksmith.😤

Wishing you all a pleasant day, it's so lovely to hear of everyone's plans, although I admit to being a little envious. I'm counting down to the end of Shielding and seeing family properly, I think this is day 12 of countdown.

Take care, the virus is still there!

Puzzler61 Sun 19-Jul-20 08:06:21

Good morning Mick and all from Worcs. It rained late last night after being a very dull day.
Looking on the bright side - the garden will be perfect for digging holes and putting in a new climbing rose and 2 perennials.

It’s good to hear everyone is stocking up or making masks, I just hope the young people do too as they can be carriers of Covid even though they are least likely to become very ill. Consideration for others is what I am hoping for. 🤞

Today we’re going for a morning walk by the river - our starting point will be Evesham town. It’s good to pick different places to walk and I’m sure I’ll be snapping away with my camera at the flora and fauna.

Happy to hear Marydoll say her pains are subsiding - I hope your cough does too. Better days are coming Maryd. 🌻

Wishing everyone a good day, we must enjoy our Summertime as best we can. 🦋

Sar53 Sun 19-Jul-20 08:06:48

Good morning everyone from a bright, so far, Essex by the sea.
Yesterday was a beautiful day, we had a long walk in the morning at our favourite place and in the afternoon we spent an hour or so sitting in a pub garden.
Today we will probably visit local grandchildren. Football on tv later plus the highlights from the Grand Prix.
I've just heard that a very old friend has become a grandmother for the first time, so pleased for her.
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone is

Auntieflo Sun 19-Jul-20 08:17:32

Good morning Mick, Annie and all.
We have woken up to a wet morning here in our bit of Berks. Yesterday was so hot and muggy, like me working in the garden. I was only out there for maybe an hour and a half, but I was done in for the rest of the day, so I finished my book, and will start another today.
There will be our Church service on line, a bit later, and feel envious that some Churches are open already, I'm not sure when ours will be, but I am looking forward to it.
Your holiday cottage sounds idyllic NanKate. We could do with a break, but haven't plucked up the courage to book anywhere just yet.
I read that Premier Inns are only serving a cold snack type breakfast to your room.
I will rummage in the freezer for inspiration for dinner tonight, as I am determined to use things up before buying more.
Have a good day one and all.

Gingster Sun 19-Jul-20 08:18:39

Good morning all. A bit overcast in Essex and we’re supposed to have drizzle. Not one thing or another! Very warm yesterday.

We had DG’s birthday lunch yesterday which was very nice. Not as good as a party for her, but times demand different types of celebrations. We bought her a Uni box. Well two boxes really. One with all kitchen needs, everything but the kitchen sink. And the other with bedding , towels etc. She was delighted with it. Let’s just hope the Universities will be opening In sept/Oct.

DS2 and family coming for lunch today. Lovely to see them but two days of entertaining, cooking etc is a bit much. DD and GD have invited themselves over too. So I hope it doesn’t ‘drizzle’ and we can get in the garden.

Dd’s Partner update is Rheumatoid Arthritis . Is that what you have Marydoll.? A very Nasty condition, but I don’t know much about it.

Nankate how lovely to see donkeys and ponies outside your cottage window.

Have a gentle and painfree day, all. 🌺

Pantglas2 Sun 19-Jul-20 08:23:45

Morning all from dry and cloudy Spain where I’m still lolling abed after suffering heartburn most of the night - very rare for me and think it might be the nightcap that did it! 🥃That’ll learn me!

Not much on today, unlike you bizzee bees, might tackle the aloe Vera who has given birth to a healthy litter while we were in lockdown! Football later with some spaghetti bolognaise which I made yesterday. Hope you all have a peaceful Sunday x

Urmstongran Sun 19-Jul-20 08:35:26

Sun’s up here! 🌞🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎

Nice to see you back here Ginny42 I’ve missed you! I know you’ve been busy.

No plans today but I’m definitely not cooking so will see if Himself can fit in a meal somewhere as it’s the Grand Prix this afternoon then later it’s apparently the semi final of the FA cup - Arsenal who are playing great football (according to Himself) and Man Utd. (his team haha!).

You seem perkier this morning Marydoll! Excellent.

Re: masks.
Mandatory now over here. All times. Even if outside and SD. A €100 fine if not complying. It’s put me off our nice hour long strolls into Torremolinos in this heat! We have clusters of new cases in Malaga. This virus has not gone anywhere yet.

Thinking of you BlueSapphire today and wondering how you’re feeling. I will p.m. you later.

Hope Sunday is kind to us all.
Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

cornergran Sun 19-Jul-20 08:41:02

Morning Mick, morning All. Light cloud over our corner of Somerset. We seem to have a pattern of cloudy mornings and sun in the afternoon. General tidy needed here today, bits,and pieces needing to be back in their homes. A walk later if the paths are quiet. Be gentle with yourselves everyone, keep safe.

Grandmafrench Sun 19-Jul-20 08:48:40

Good Morning everyone.

Blue, hot and a little breeze so far in our little bit of (French) paradise. Going out to plant some fabulous plants we bought yesterday...every shade of blue, lavender, purple, violet through to palest pink and cream. And, some more Coriander for the herb tub!

Garden centre was peaceful, half the plants outside/half in. However stepping out of air conditioned car into 35.5 degrees and a mask was something of a mission. I lasted 40 minutes. Enough. Once the perspiration stung my eyes so badly that I developed a constantly blinking tic.......we paid up and left. Still, thrilled to finally have some pretty plants to fill the spaces.

The rest of today will be spent in a chair under a tree and getting some papers ready for appointments tomorrow in Montpellier. Fabulous city, but first time for us since Lockdown. Normally lunch first in a sunny boulevard, music, chatter. Not tomorrow, sadly - even without all the students, too hard to socially distance and too risky not to. Ah well, one day🤞.

Shock to hear your family news Gingster. Hope, with care, life won’t become too difficult for him.

Hope everyone has a good day and for those longing for better health and a trip away...your day will come. For others - away or en route for home, hope it was just what you needed !

Just keep taking care! A very happy Sunday. Hugs x

Anniebach Sun 19-Jul-20 08:48:40

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Pittcity Sun 19-Jul-20 08:54:40

Good morning from rainy Colchester. The weather changed overnight.
I will finish the ironing as I can't sit in the garden this morning.
Roast pork dinner later.
I have bought homemade masks from a local "mask tree" where all the proceeds go to the food bank.

NannyJan53 Sun 19-Jul-20 08:56:34

Good Morning from a much brighter and sunny Black Country.

No real plans today, may go over to Mums and have a walk with her along the Staffordshire railway walk which backs onto her house.

Sounds idyllic NanKate waking up to such a lovely view. Was it Lymington quay you walked down to? Lovely little port town.

Wishing you all a good and safe day.

Gelisajams Sun 19-Jul-20 08:59:10

Good morning from a breezy Shetland. I was thinking that if the wind didn’t drop we’d be blown across to Norway. It was wild yesterday even by Shetland standards for July. The forecast is for more showers but the southern tip of the island looks about the best so we will head down and watch the puffins and other seabirds on the cliffs.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🌸