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covid deaths

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boodymum67 Sun 19-Jul-20 14:51:57

I`ve been told something terrible by a friend...I`ve seen the same type of thing on TV....this appals me.

The friend`s story...her friend`s mum recently passed away from a non covid USA....the hospital asked if the cause of death on the death certificate could read `death due to covid 19`, instead of the real reason, because the hospital would get paid a certain amount of money.

The reply was no of course not. The bereaved was offered $200 if she would ... she refused.

When she reached home, the hospital rang and asked her again, but she still refused. She was offered $500 this time.

A few days ago, I watched a a whistle blower nurse, telling how at the hospital she nursed at (USA) was deliberately putting non covid patients on covid wards, to allow them to die and the hospital would be given $29,000 .....the amount given for each covid death!

I am absolutely disgusted by this. The deaths from covid are inflated by this.

What does everyone think?

B9exchange Sun 19-Jul-20 15:00:26

That does seem utterly incredible, I find it hard to believe anyone would put a covid free patient on a covid ward with the aim of giving them the disease, but I guess human selfishness has no bounds.

In this country PHE have messed up the figures but comparing data on those testing positive for the virus at any time with those that have died. If there is a positive test in the history of a deceased person, no matter how far back, the death is deemed to be at least partially due to Covid. This does mean that, as far as PHE is concerned, you can never recover from it, and if struck by lightening, it will still be a covid death!

Mercifully in this country we are not paying extra for recording covid deaths, which presumably has something to do with insurance in the States.

EllanVannin Sun 19-Jul-20 15:37:59

This greed is worse than any disease. It's appalling !!

merlotgran Sun 19-Jul-20 15:42:40

Why on earth would hospitals be paid for Covid deaths?

Peardrop50 Sun 19-Jul-20 15:50:40

boodymum67. Are you sure you've got your facts right? This is an incredible story. Surely our press would have picked up on this if true. They'd love it.

janeainsworth Sun 19-Jul-20 16:02:33

multiple experts told us that such theories of hospitals deliberately miscoding patients as COVID-19 are not supported by any evidence

Always worth checking before you start a thread containing rumour and speculation, boody.

Illte Sun 19-Jul-20 16:31:32

Who was it that said a lie can run around the world before the truth has got its shoes on.

Or something like that.

Starblaze Sun 19-Jul-20 16:35:07


Who was it that said a lie can run around the world before the truth has got its shoes on.

Or something like that.

Terry Pratchet! lol

It was boots 🙂

Illte Sun 19-Jul-20 16:38:46

Ah yes. Rat on a stick for dinner? 😋

geekesse Sun 19-Jul-20 17:23:57

Never believe ‘friend of a friend’ stories. They vary from being complete fiction to complete nonsense.