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Age spots

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Esspee Mon 20-Jul-20 13:37:57

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a product which works on age spots. I have two on my face and don’t wear make up. I don’t know whether they are getting darker but I certainly have become more aware of them of late.
Advice will be most welcome.

lemongrove Mon 20-Jul-20 13:45:43

You need a product with some mild bleach in it, to rub in.
Otherwise, use a bit of concealer?

Esspee Mon 20-Jul-20 13:58:35

Thank you lemongrove. I feel concealer would be too noticeable as I don’t wear makeup. Any ideas on bleaching products which work?

Aldom Tue 21-Jul-20 17:10:24

You may find looking on the Amazon website under Age Spot Remover
They list the top ten products. Hope this is helpful.

lemongrove Tue 21-Jul-20 18:07:50

Had to go and check the bathroom cupboards......I used a product from Boots called Fade Out Espee for an age spot on my hand, it worked very well.Not sure what’s in it as I can’t remember if it’s bleach or something else.You have to keep putting it on regularly.

lemongrove Tue 21-Jul-20 18:08:46

It cost about £7.99 a few years ago.

BlueBelle Tue 21-Jul-20 18:18:18

I m going to look for that Lemongrove as I ve got one on my cheek the rest of my face is just perfect 😂😂😂

lemongrove Tue 21-Jul-20 18:20:17

Ooooh, lucky you BlueBelleenvy I would like a perfect face.😁

BlueBelle Tue 21-Jul-20 18:27:18

Haha don’t take me too seriously’s not too bad though could be worse

MayBee70 Tue 21-Jul-20 20:42:49

I’ve just noticed that Avon sell a product for this and Avon seem to have reinvented themselves and sell really good products these days.