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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:04:55

I thought this was interesting, from our week-end paper.
“There comes a time when filling out official forms that you realise you’re in the last age-group box, the 55 and over category. I have a problem with this category. Why is it that youth gets endless segmentation - kids, teenagers, young adults - whereas the entirety of life’s later years gets lumped into the same box!? The answer, I suspect is that from the perspective of young marketers, life at the age of 55 looks pretty much the same as life at the age of 85. It’s all one grey amorphous mass.
Not so. Life’s later years are in fact filled with a rich variety of tribes and trends offering endless scope for segmentation.”
And so on!

Anyway, back to Earth!
Covid news gets worser by the day; 502 new cases and 3 deaths, the latter occurring in nursing homes. reinforcing my view that staying at home is the safer option if possible.
NSW is blaming VIC as the source of their resurging Covid strain!

Ellan Thanks for your news; My word, you had a good bargain with face masks; half the cost of ours and “Made in England” too! the best of the best!
We’ve had another railway TV doco. this evening about Britain’s lost railways; I recorded that for later whilst watching Baldrick hosting a prog. celebrating 75th anniversary of VE Day.
You say the trials of ageing! Not quite the same thing, but those progs are always full of flashbacks too of people; the “then” and “now ” can be startling, just as a photo of me posing in my RAF uniform at 18 confirms! sad

Grandmabatty Why do you have to “ration” your Grandson with Bluey? It will be good if it develops his attention span even further, but I’ll be surprised if he hasn’t dropped off before the end of the fifth episode, regardless of how good the prog. is! smile
And be prepared for a shock if he suddenly starts talking “Strine”! I’ve been here 49 years and people still ask “What part of Lancashire are you from?” but I’ve heard it said that the dialect you grow up with stays with you forever. Our two lads came with us in their early ‘teens and still have a “flat” Home Counties” (Berkshire?) twang. I think so, anyway.
I’ll always remember being surprised many, many years ago when a West Indian stand-up comedian on TV came out with a most authentic Lancs. dialect. Turned out he’d been born there! confused

rafichagran I can still remember what you mean by”glorious weather”. There’s nothing quite like it here; either cold, like now, or hot. Whenever we’ve returned, usually in July, the first thing to notice is the very pleasant “softness” of the sunshine. Not as harsh as here!
Presumably you were sitting on the swing next to your Grandson, exhausted after pushing him endlessly? It’s a good way of working up a thirst; I can even do that without a swing, but that’s not possible these days as they are all teenagers having grown up so quickly and no longer “Cool” I’m told! hmm

Oh well! Only 20 mins left before mask time and bed time!

Good Health wine wine wine

Grandmabatty Wed 22-Jul-20 18:04:12

Good evening Rufus2 . I know what you mean about age groups on forms. There's a big difference between 60 and 90 in lifestyle I would think, although my friend's mum was still going to keep fit classes at 90. Sorry to hear that the virus numbers are still going up. I ration the boy and tv as he is only 18 months and would rather he ran about. However Bluey is a delightful programme and I love it too. I remember that comedian! His catch phrase was, " hello flower." I can't remember his name now. It has rained here all day and the roads were bad with surface water. I was being helpful to my DS today and running him about as his car was in the garage. I don't mind as I like to be useful still. A lazy afternoon followed and I expect a lazy day tomorrow. Take care x

Grandmabatty Wed 22-Jul-20 18:06:36

Looked the comedian up. Charlie Williams.