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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 23-Jul-20 15:36:03

“A young ensign is working late at the Pentagon one evening. As he
s out of his office at about 8 P.M. he sees the Admiral standing
by the classified document shredder in the hallway, a piece of paper
in his hand.

"Do you know how to work this thing?" the Admiral asks. "My
secretary's gone home and I don't know how to run it."

"Yes, sir," says the young ensign, who turns on the machine, takes
the paper from the Admiral, and feeds it in.

"Thanks," says the Admiral, "I just need one copy” grin

Nothing like a good joke to get the ball moving!. Otherwise all we’ve got are gloomy weather reports even from OZ. Cold showers and grey skies again.
A further 400+ new cases today and sadly, 5 deaths, in nursing homes.
Our PM and Treasurer today delivered a most depressing oulook for our economy with huge debts that won’t be paid off in my lifetime. Hope there’s enough in the kitty to keep paying my meagre pension until then!
Compulsory mask day today, but it was too cold to go out to see how effective the new rules are being observed. The police have said they’ll look the other way for a week, but then will be issuing the $200 on-the-spot fines to non-observers There will still be the usual categories allowed out; essential shoppers, medical, even joggers.
Some have asked if jogging on the spot counts! Haven’t seen the answer yet!
grandmabatty Your Grandson seems to be a busy boy, is he your only one? Won’t be long before he’s pushing you on the swing, then watch out for him sending you skywards!
That “Charlie” comedian has several clips on YouTube but can’t say I’ve come across him before; must look further. Usual problem was a clip of a Jumbo landing in strong windy weather. I’m always easily diverted by those, especially those filmed from the cockpit, landing or taking off.
There were tears today at Sydney airport when the last Qantas 747 took off for storage in America.. .Now we have “Dreamliner”, flies non-stop further with more passengers, at least when we are not grounded. Sounds like fun! sad

*Ellan” Even more railway TV . Earlier this evening was a prog. about “Finding the Orient Express”, its history, especially during the wars, its influence on Agatha and its restoration.
You prompted me to dig out a DVD “Highland Rail Festival 2003” with engines based at Fort William for the Jacobite tourist trains to Mallaig. Filmed in “wildly extreme Highland weather”! Should be exciting! hmm

Must go. Good Health wine wine wine

Grandmabatty Thu 23-Jul-20 17:58:24

Good evening Rufus2. Yes, he is my first grandchild and a very much longed for baby. He is generally a happy wee soul and I love spending time with him. Before I know it, he'll be a moody teenager! I had a quick visit to the shop this morning but have had a very quiet day otherwise. Take care x