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Hot weather, I used to love it, but don’t now!

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Jaxjacky Thu 06-Aug-20 19:06:08

Hi, we’re in south Hampshire, a few years ago, I’d have been basking in the garden, wishing for a pool, now it’s blinds closed, fan on! Are you the same, or loving it?

Serendipity22 Thu 13-Aug-20 12:41:30


Ohhhh my goodness me, just reading your post made me lay down in a darkened room .... phewwwwww you are super woman.... yes, you must have had an extremely restful sleep.... good on you .

Hope your mum is ok xx
I send her a bunch of flowers, bless her. flowers

Callistemon Wed 12-Aug-20 19:27:21

And my head has gone woozy. Definitely a storm brewing.

Callistemon Wed 12-Aug-20 19:26:47

After a sweltering day

Callistemon Wed 12-Aug-20 19:26:05

Oh my goodness, after a sweltering the wind has suddenly got up, like a gale, there are leaves blowing into the house, doors banging. I think it could herald a storm.

Nonogran Tue 11-Aug-20 21:28:01

I think I must have had a good night's sleep because today, Tuesday, I've stripped the bed, turned a heavy king-size mattress, remade said bed, put two washes in & got it all dry & folded for ironing. Dusted & vacuumed 3 bedrooms. Cleaned one bathroom thoroughly, dusted & vacuumed stairs & right through downstairs. Sweating madly by now. Had another shower, went to surgery for a Shingles jab, visited & sat with 95 yr old Mum, ran errand to tyre garage, came home. Watered garden, made tea, finally sank on sofa! Not bad for a septuagenarian! Tomorrow? I'm driving to Cornwall!

annodomini Tue 11-Aug-20 08:22:16

34 here in Oxfordshire yesterday and this morning looks like being hot again. Once I could take it, but now I see the value of a daily siesta and seek the shade whenever I can. Staying with DS and family whose garden has several choices of 'sitting out' places, and the biggest parasol I've ever seen, so I have plenty of options. So, if , like me, you don't enjoy the heat, find the shade, have a siesta, lots of cold drinks and linger in the cool of the evening.

MissAdventure Tue 11-Aug-20 07:36:04

Well, the forecast is 37 degrees for today sad

It's really unpleasant.

EightyPercentCocoaSolids Tue 11-Aug-20 07:35:26

It's not good menopause weather.

gillybob Tue 11-Aug-20 07:23:44

We have yet to reach the 20’s Terribull the price of living so close to the North Sea .

Juliet27 Tue 11-Aug-20 07:07:11

It’s raining!! 😁😁

TerriBull Tue 11-Aug-20 06:57:14

I can't believe I enjoyed such heat once, it's been unbearable for days now, can't wait till it breaks and we get back to low 20s this heat is far too intense for me these days. I've had the fan on all night!

gillybob Sun 09-Aug-20 09:05:59

Here on the North East coast of England we have yet to see any real summer weather. It’s really cold this morning and there’s not a hint of sunshine .

sodapop Sun 09-Aug-20 09:03:14

I understand how you feel BlueBelle it is usually a short summer season so we shouldn't moan about it. However over the last few years the heat has got more intense and the period extended. Enjoy the sun, I'll be waiting for Autumn.

Chewbacca Sat 08-Aug-20 23:56:44

The worst thing for me is being hot in bed at night. Sadly, only temperature hot these days! Cannot sleep, no matter how many windows are open. And then I get bitten by mossies. Roll on cold nights and a heavy duvet.

Callistemon Sat 08-Aug-20 23:40:05

The problem is that, no sooner is it hot it then cools right down again.

We can never acclimatise.

MissAdventure Sat 08-Aug-20 23:13:03

I can't stand the heat.
It makes me really irritable. I can't cool down, these days.

Luckygirl Sat 08-Aug-20 22:43:47

I used to love hot days, but I have found today a challenge. I have been sitting in the shade; and left the gardening to 8.30 pm when it was cooler.

I have ceiling fans in the living room and bedroom and they are very helpful. But everything blows around!

grannyrebel7 Sat 08-Aug-20 22:01:11

Love this weather and being outside all the time. I could definitely adapt to this type of living. It's so much healthier for you to be out rather than stuck indoors. Hope it lasts a bit longer.

BlueSky Sat 08-Aug-20 20:58:19

I used to like it hot and would walk around abroad at midday like mad dogs and Englishmen! Now I still like sunny hot days but 25C max, even that is too much for comfort, like others I stay indoors, blinds closed and fan full on!

Grammaretto Sat 08-Aug-20 20:27:26

I'm not good in the heat so it's lucky I live in Scotland!
It's perfect at the moment 21 or 22 during the day and cool at night.
BC (before covid) we would go to the Pyrenees or Provence for a couple of weeks in Summer and I would find a nice tree to sit under and read my book.
My French friends are sweltering right now. It is 40 in Toulouse.
As a teenager I soaked up the sun until I was sick - sunstroke? and get 1st degree burns all because I wanted my white skin to go brown.
Aren't we funny us humans!

BlueBelle Sat 08-Aug-20 19:26:38

But my friends, its unlikely we get more than one week a year when it’s really hot and then everyone just moans and groans I don’t like the cold but I have 9/10th of the year, cold, by living in UK,please don’t begrudge us a week of hot weather

Urmstongran Fri 07-Aug-20 22:51:52

I agree GG13 - my cousin loves it out there! He goes about 3x a year and raves about it.

Oopsminty Fri 07-Aug-20 17:27:03

I'd be loving it if we were having it!

Pretty dull and not particularly hot in the NW

BladeAnnie Fri 07-Aug-20 17:22:20

I'm not a summer girl at all - love autumn and winter which I know some people find strange but it wouldn't do for us all to be the same!!

Kalu Fri 07-Aug-20 16:03:46

Once I have acclimatised to hotter temperatures I am fine but as we can have intermittent hot/chilly days in Scotland I can’t bear sudden scorching days. A warm sunny day is much more pleasant for me now. Never happy are we?😁