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Good Evening Monday

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Rufus2 Mon 14-Sep-20 14:51:31

Evening All!
Elizabeth You’d never catch me filling a pancake, split or otherwise; wouldn’t be making it in the first place,. not even on Pancake Tuesday
I can set off a smoke detector just making toast, but the neighbours never come rushing round; they must be used to it saying “he’s making toast again!” hmm
How’s the new James Heriot? It always seems to me that re-makes of very popular shows are never quite as good as originals even though they could be well acted. Obviously the actors must be new; is the story line the same?

Megs give my love to Cornwall when you get there. Several years ago when visiting Mam, I took a day coach trip from B’mouth and I found myself sitting alongside a retired British Airways maintenance engineer who spent practically the whole trip enlightening me as to where the critical corrosion points were on a Jumbo! Number 1, the galleys, would you believe? And I still had to get back to OZ, with Malaysian Airways; but they were very good in those days; probably still are, in spite of everything.
Don’t worry; I can’t imagine your DH travelling companion discussing such matters about your coach.
Is “shielding” likely to affect the trip, or would that have ended?

Jaxjacky You caught me off guard there! Reading your earlier message giving a weather forecast for Poole, I assumed you were a resident, not a tourist. and I was just about to launch into a discussion on the merits of Poole and Parkstone.
The Poole pottery is no more; my dear Vera was a great fan of theirs, as holiday souvenirs around here will testify, but their prices put her off eventually.
But we had various family celebrations over the years in those hotels on the road to Sandbanks.
You won’t be celebrating at either of your two hostelries by the sound of it, except to sing “A pub (2) with no beer!” sad

Btw; you’ve probably recorded a TV prog. shown here this evening about some mighty pumping works cleaning up London’s sewage and water supplies over the years. Fascinating! Didn’t even stop me enjoying my cottage pie for tea! shock

Ellan The Ghan starts officially from Adelaide with feeder train services from Melb. and Sydney; Prices are not cheap, even considering you’re fed and watered for 3 days; over $6,000 for one way, Platinum service, but if you’re a person with impeccable tastes then that wouldn’t be a problem
We had a new (to us) doc. about Swiss Rail travelling up the Matterhorn. You have to marvel at what they achieved, using just a pick and shovel at times. The presenter was new.
Our SBS TV Channel showed another doco. this evening in the series showing how England made the World great with shipbuilding, railway building etc. Awesome!

Not much spring in Spring’s step yet! C/H is still cutting in come evening, but it’s nice out the back during the day, when the sun’s out of course!

Our Covid stats continue to edge down slowly, but not fast enough to relax controls, except for some trivial instances and the squabbles between VIC, NSW and Queensland over border controls continue.

I remain baffled by all the political point- scoring and now I feel happy and content simply zooming around. Only problem is, gardener not allowed to work yet so it’s like a jungle safari getting to the mail-box. Only bills anyway, even though i pay most by direct debit; seems less painful that way! Oh! lots of leaflets advising me to wash my hands regularly!
Good Health wine wine wine

Megs36 Mon 14-Sep-20 15:35:59

Hello Rufus
The new All Creatures is really good,they have kept to the original almost exactly and even with new actors in the parts it is really enjoyable,sadly Diana Rigg died this week and she plays Tricky Woos mum which obviously continues. It’s lovely to see something easy and harmless, so pleased it’s not been sexed up or includes gratuitous violence.
Don’t mind a bit of sex and violence when appropriate but not all the time!
Had to laugh at the thought of my husband discussing the workings of a coach, we are usually both asleep 😴😴 most of the way. Shielding may not be a problem now with social distancing but the rule of 6 must make the trip impossible. We’ll just wait and see.
Glad yourCovid stats are going down, long may it continue, not so good here butI find statistics almost impossible to fathom .
Take care

Jaxjacky Mon 14-Sep-20 19:12:40

Rufus2 whilst I love the brooding architecture of the buildings, didn’t want to see the detail of their use thanks! Back to normal today after being spoilt eating out over the weekend, so, sausages, mash and beans for tea....yum.