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What is going on with my taste buds.?

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Bluebellwould Tue 15-Sep-20 16:56:13

I have spent all of my life hating green beans/french beans and now I’m eating them at least three times a week. I’ve even researched recipes so I can have some more. What on earth is happening !
Have your taste buds changed?
Are you eating/ wanting something different?
I’ve also completely lost my taste for chocolate! Never thought that would happen. Strange events indeed.

Teetime Tue 15-Sep-20 16:59:36

Changes to taste and smell can be associated with COVID-19 of course. I had it in the spring and couldn't taste anything - pronounced all food bland and drowned myself in perfume which I couldn't smell - probably knocked passers by out.
Since then I have gone off fish altogether and my beloved black coffee tastes bitter and sour.
I think though taste does change - its seems some people need stronger and stronger flavours anyway as they age and then others can cope with anything spicy or hot - although the latter may be to do with digestion.

J52 Tue 15-Sep-20 17:32:16

Agree with Teetime since Covid I’ve developed a liking for Celery. I count abide it before!

EllanVannin Tue 15-Sep-20 17:32:31

Tastes do change as you get older. I could munch my way through a layer of chocolates once upon a time but not any more. I prefer savoury now rather than sweet and the only chocolate " treat " I have now is a cup of hot chocolate with my morning crumpets.

I couldn't taste anything at Christmas when I had that 'flu bout but I put it down to a blocked nose. I couldn't even smell the Olbas oil and that's strong stuff.

J52 Tue 15-Sep-20 17:32:45


Jane10 Tue 15-Sep-20 18:46:06

Tragically, I seem to have gone off cheaper types of chocolate. Quality Street and Roses seem too sickly sweet somehow. I have to get by with Hotel Chocolate, Lindt and Suchard. Luckily, they tend to be so rich that I only need a little for my fix.

Jane10 Tue 15-Sep-20 18:47:00

PS I know it's Hotel Chocolat. My phone doesn't apparently.

Cabbie21 Tue 15-Sep-20 19:10:02

My taste buds seem to have improved recently. Things seem to taste more Strongly. The taste carries on in my head long after I have finished.
Unfortunately I can also taste ( smell, really) my face mask for a couple of hours after wearing it.

BlueBelle Tue 15-Sep-20 19:18:36

Taste buds change hugely if you give up smoking

My own taste buds need a lot stronger tastes now than I used to but this has been the last few years not Covid related

Dorsetcupcake61 Tue 15-Sep-20 19:23:58

Currently I adore tinned mackerel with oatcakes. Previously I would have it about once a year. At the moment its like nectar!

Georgesgran Thu 17-Sep-20 08:30:16

I’m sure my sense of taste has changed as I’ve aged. Used to hate strong cheese, red wines etc but love them now. (Too much?). I buy a family pack of Sainsbury’s ready salted crisps every week and swear this batch is unsalted, they are so bland. DD1 says they’re ‘barely’ salted, so I’m thinking of writing to them - maybe they’ve reduced the salt, but not announced it?

Furret Thu 17-Sep-20 08:36:22

How odd! I too have developed a passion for green beans.

BlueSky Thu 17-Sep-20 08:41:20

Same here I can't smell as I used to, glad it was pre Covid or I would assume that straight away. An age related thing again?