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What would your husbands answer be ?

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paddyanne Tue 15-Sep-20 23:36:14

My OH came downstairs chuckling,he's been on a phone call to a friend celebrating a big anniversary .When he asked his friend what he appreciated about the years with his wife the answer was" She's always kept a good clean house" Imust say I'd hope my husband appreciated me for more than CLEANING!! What would you expect your OH to say if he was asked?

MummyJoJo62 Wed 16-Sep-20 16:05:49

Is it only women that "nag"? It gets my goat! Men "nag" too but its never a term associated with men because they do it in a different way
If my OH said I didn't nag I would keep telling him over and over again all day long not to use that derogatory and sexist word whilst wagging my snarled and warty finger in his face!!grin

Jaxjacky Wed 16-Sep-20 16:54:10

I just asked mine, he said ‘for you being you and putting up with me’ aaah...

cookiemonster66 Wed 16-Sep-20 16:59:51

You know your 20 yr relationship is over when.... you ask him to name ONE thing that he likes about you, and he throws a strop in the restaurant shouting 'why did you have to ruin the night coming out with crap like that!' all because he cannot name one reason why he loves you! - true story, obviously we are no longer together!

Horton1828 Wed 16-Sep-20 17:08:58

Just asked my OH and his answer was.... everything, I just love you 😍

cupcake1 Wed 16-Sep-20 17:22:54

Mine just said “you’re the love of my life” and it’s all perfect. Bless! 😍

Oopsminty Wed 16-Sep-20 17:25:58


I just asked mine, he said ‘for you being you and putting up with me’ aaah...

Oh no. I am sure men nag. Mind wouldn't dare.

But a friend's husband would nag in quite a passive way

He'd leave notes for chores that needed (in his opinion) doing.

And if she didn't do them the post it note would end being an envelope

I'd have shoved it where the sun doesn't shine but they seem happy enough

Clairefontaine Wed 16-Sep-20 18:41:21

Mine immediately replied “ your support through thick and thin”. 50 years this coming weekend.

maryrose54 Wed 16-Sep-20 18:41:33

I just asked OH what he would say, thinking he would confirm my earlier post. Instead, without a pause to think, he said that i am " the rock", always there to keep things going. Totally gobsmacked. Took this as a big compliment because I thought I was always nagging and moaning and being too organised. Apparently not.

LauraNorder Wed 16-Sep-20 18:46:52

Magshard20 we have the same sort of banter
A favourite is when being proved to be right ‘I rest my case’.
Answer ‘I wish you’d pack it’,
Fifty years, still the same old banter.
Got to have a bit of humour.

Bluecat Wed 16-Sep-20 20:01:00

I asked my husband and he said my intelligence, which was gratifying. However, he did add quietly, "And good dinners." Seems like good dinners are a bit of a theme on this thread.

Kryptonite Wed 16-Sep-20 20:23:40

He appreciates my presence, kindness, love - and cakes! His words. Awww!

willa45 Wed 16-Sep-20 21:28:23

I would expect my DH to say something nice about me. My dad on the other hand.... They're both gone now, but on their 62nd anniversary, some years ago, a friend of ours asked him a similar question and his response was priceless! "62 years of combat!"

paddyanne Wed 16-Sep-20 21:46:02

I did get round to asking my OH ,his answer was "nobody else would put up with me " Thats what his mother says too and usually adds and" you've had him over twice as long as I had ".

In all honesty he's my world and I hope never to be without him

LauraNorder Wed 16-Sep-20 21:50:18

Well said Paddyanne and thanks for a very pleasant thread. Good to see so many happy couples rubbing along in harmony.

GreenGran78 Wed 16-Sep-20 22:24:31

Mine would probably have said, “I’ll tell you when this programme has finished!”

Luckyoldbeethoven Wed 16-Sep-20 22:25:55

My DH said that I'm fun and lovely, full of ideas and has taken him to places, physical, emotional and intellectual that he would never have reached by himself. Well, he's only marginally interested in food I suppose! I have to confess that we've always shared the housework which he does without complaint. 🙂

Calendargirl Thu 17-Sep-20 07:01:03

Just asked my DH, he said “Well, everything I suppose”.

I said, “What, even the nagging?”

He said “Well, apart from that!”

Juliet27 Thu 17-Sep-20 08:01:50

Oopsminty said Oh and I've never nagged

Nor me...I just remind over and over and over!!

Witzend Thu 17-Sep-20 10:32:28

@EllanVannin 💐💐
That brought a tear to my eye.
And it reminded me of when my father was very ill shortly before Christmas and was upset that he couldn’t get out to buy my mother a present. (He died in the January.)
So she said ‘Write me a letter’ - she’d always treasured his letters - so he did, and she kept it under her pillow for ages after he died.

Daftbag1 Thu 17-Sep-20 10:39:30

Mine wouldn't say anything, he'd either think it was a trick question, so pretend he hadn't heard, or would funny around with a rhetorical answer which would confuse everyone! He doesn't do direct questions not even what he wants for dinner, unless of course the question relates to stamp collecting, football or politics!

Nana4 Thu 17-Sep-20 14:35:45

Yep, that would be my husband’s retort too and I would fall about laughing!!!

DanniRae Thu 17-Sep-20 18:42:19

Leave out the stamp collecting Daftbag1 and that could be Mr R too.
Mind you he is in the kitchen at the moment cooking our dinner so I can't complain smile

Joesoap Fri 18-Sep-20 11:39:34

Not sure what he would say, certainly nothing about cleaning as he does the hoovering and various other Household things he is good to have around if anyone asked me!

Floradora9 Fri 18-Sep-20 16:36:35

We were speaking about the length of time DH and I had been married and I asked DGD1 if I had made a good choice Her answer was yes because Grandad is hilarious . As good a reason as any .