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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 16-Sep-20 14:27:41

Greetings from Stalag 19! We are now classified as POWs with a “Ring of Steel”, the name given to police guarding the border to prevent Melburnians escaping into the regional countryside for a haircut!
Regional controls are soon to be lessened after a period of very low Covid cases and so coffee shops, hairdressers, restaurants etc will benefit from easing of restrictions, but of course the great fear is that inmates will try to escape from Melb. to take advantage, but carry Covid 19 with them.

Please feel free to send food parcels , via the Red Cross (?); Christmas hampers will be more than welcome! grin

Jaxjacky My word! New car !? What model; what colour? Hope you’re not allergic to that “new car smell” Our Michelle (B’mouth) phoned the other evening to say her husband (my nephew ) had bought himself a new pale blue BMW! shock
Can’t believe it! I thought they only came in black!
Saw your pretty picture earlier on the other thread; Grandmabatty was playing hard to get! And where was Megs? I suppose all those photos are fair dinkum current and not dug out of their family albums.?
These photo demos always remind me of “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, where he is ever handsome inspite of constant wild partying, but an oil painting of him in his attic has been “ageing” for him! Creepy! hmm

Took Freda out as far as the mail box; any further will require a mask. Would you believe the weather forecast now puts tomorrow as a cool wet change; 15C max after 21C today.
Must go! Washed bed sheet today. which was lucky in view of tomorrow’s weather, but just remembered doesn’t make itself and it’s now 11.15pm. It’s always a shock to toddle off to bed dog-tired, only to find it hasn’t been made.. No fairy godmother either! sad

Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Wed 16-Sep-20 15:07:04

Evening Rufus, it’s a Skoda Karoq, so embarrassing, drive it home, it’s a manual and couldn’t see a handbrake...rang them, it’s a small lever behind the gearstick with a P, for parking! Silly me 😏 I’m lucky, bed making is my husbands forte...mind you, sometimes it happens very late. It’s been a glorious day here near the south coast, not too hot, about 26, just right, we’re having a new garden fence fitted and day 2, it’s nearly done, the old one would have totally disintegrated with a force 3/4.
Have a good sleep on your fresh sheet....x

Grandmabatty Wed 16-Sep-20 16:12:04

Rufus2 I'm most certainly not playing hard to get! ☺ I don't have any up to date photos that I could share without scaring the crows. I'm organising a break out committee for you even as we speak. Be careful with the pie. The filling is rather tough 😉