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Are you making your garden winter lockdown ready?

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merlotgran Fri 18-Sep-20 11:12:44

Following on from the, 'Are you making your homes winter lockdown ready?' thread, we're getting quite fired up (pun intended) with ideas for a garden/patio/yard makeover.

DD messaged last night feeling down because their move to London last year was going to be a great opportunity for us to see more of them. Obviously Covid has scuppered that but like everyone else we have to make the best of it.

She thinks that short visits for an hour or two outside will be safer than overnight stays so we're 'getting our Hygge on' - not just indoors but out! grin

We've ordered a firepit and I'm thinking up 'outdoor kitchen' ideas. There's an IKEA butcher's block lurking somewhere in the garage and we enough outdoor tables and chairs to fill a pub garden although we'll obviously stick to the rule of 6!

During the summer DH's large fishing umbrellas turned out to be better than a gazebo for keeping the wind and rain at bay so they'll no doubt be earning their keep.

Anyone else thinking about outdoor entertaining during the cold winter months or will you be pulling up the drawbridge?

Phloembundle Sat 19-Sep-20 11:30:21

A friend of my son has built a whole kitchen at the end of his garden, complete with a pizza oven. There is also a firepit. The only problem is that my son smells like a bonfire after sitting by the pit for a few hours, and I have to wash his clothes twice. I've told him he has to wear a boiler suit next time he goes!

merlotgran Sat 19-Sep-20 11:35:40

I completely wasted whiled away an hour on Pintrest yesterday looking at DIY outdoor kitchen ideas.

I'm used to the delicate aroma of bonfire as we have a very large garden so I don't suppose the firepit (which should arrive on Tuesday) will cause any problems in the laundry department grin

halfpint1 Sat 19-Sep-20 11:37:43

After 3 hot summers in France I've decided to give up my
'English' style ' garden and start on a more 'mediteranean'
one. The watering has become too much especially with
hose pipe bans now the norm.
However an Autumn in the garden may be the best
defense there is!

merlotgran Sat 19-Sep-20 11:41:36

I have some large bamboos in wooden planters growing against an urban slate (very trendy) painted fence. This photo caught my eye so I shared it with DD who replied,

'Mum, I can't believe you're putting in a bar!' shock

I was so busy admiring what they'd done with the bamboo I didn't notice the bar. grin

Anyway, it's not a bar. I think it's wishful thinking on her part!

LauraNorder Sat 19-Sep-20 15:25:44

Our house is being re-rendered so we feel as though we're living in a box kite, therefore no outdoor preparation because we can't see out. No entertaining for us this year, probably just meet friends and family for brisk walks along the beach.
Merlotgran bar or no bar that's a lovely outdoor space, I look forward to seeing your version.

merlotgran Sat 19-Sep-20 16:12:21

At least your house boasts an outside loo, LauraNorder grin

I've got the fence and the bamboo but first I'll have to relocate all those pots!!

DH normally snorts at my fanciful ideas but this time he's actually showing some interest.

Won't last. hmm

Jayt Sat 19-Sep-20 17:21:16

It would never enter my head to entertain people in the garden during the winter, other than to let the grandchildren play in the snow if we have any. In any case we are restricted to a total of six people from two households at present and it doesn’t look like that will be changing for the better any time soon. The garden is full of plums, raspberries and grapes just now and I am constantly making crumbles for freezing and freezing fruit, so no time to get the garden ready for winter until at least the end of October.

yellowcanary Sat 19-Sep-20 18:13:49

@merlotgran I personally would not advise primrose - personal bad experience and also Facebook dissatisfied group - sorry. Apologies if against rules

merlotgran Sat 19-Sep-20 18:46:17

We've already abandoned the idea, yellowcanary. It would be too much for us to cope with if we needed to dismantle it due to bad weather. We get some very high winds and the apex if over 9ft high.

My shinning up a stepladder days are well and truly over.

newnanny Sat 19-Sep-20 20:11:23

I am hoping for a mild autumn. I use our garden a lot and this summer especially as no summer holiday. There are 5 living in our home, my dh, me, 2 adult ds's and a dear foster son so sadly can't invite dd, SiL and dgc over not my parents in law. I did see all in summer and glad I did. As I can't have guests over it seems pointless buying firepit/chimney for garden but have snuggly think fleace blankets and extra large wind breaks we use on beach.

I think Xmas will be a very quiet affair this year. I am expecting to drive 150 miles ony own to drop off DD and dgc presents, spend a couple of hours with them then drive home again a few days before Xmas Eve.

Gilmul Sat 19-Sep-20 23:12:09

Hello from NE U.K. no garden visitors full stop at the moment!! Hope other areas don’t have the “lockdown/isolation “ which began here yesterday. All very sudden, everyone will be sitting in their gazebos etc with just their own families for now sad(

MellowYellow Sat 19-Sep-20 23:27:56

No garden just a patio which I use all year round anyway, in all weathers. I dress up in rainclothes in wet weather and sit under an umbrella on my swing seat, love it, even at night. Even as a child I was happiest outdoors. The only thing I've done that's different this year is order patio fruit trees - I'd intended to plant fruit trees at my allotment but two delayed hip operations have prevented that. My patio has kept me sane since this virus began, can't imagine what it's like to have no outside space.

BelindaB Sun 20-Sep-20 11:40:19

Can I just ask - if a mum and dad have 6 kids, do they have to dispose of/chuck out/put up for adoption 2 of them, to follow the latest stupid idea?