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varian Thu 24-Sep-20 18:23:27

I was listening to Radio 4 tonight when they were discussing the Chancellor's announcements and they introduced a former Managing Director of Waitrose whose name was Mark Price.

Has anyone ever had such an appropriate name?

TerriBull Thu 24-Sep-20 18:39:55

I've heard of a lawyer called Sue Yoo and then of course there's a well known crime writer many will know, Karin Slaughter!

Lisagran Thu 24-Sep-20 18:42:59

Head of the Royal Horticultural Society is Keith Weed grin

Oopsminty Thu 24-Sep-20 18:47:25

There's been a Dr Death

He changed it to Dr D'Eath but that didn't fool anyone

Kate1949 Thu 24-Sep-20 18:50:12

We have a weather girl called Sarah Blizzard.

farview Thu 24-Sep-20 19:11:05

Same here Kate1949...

ninathenana Thu 24-Sep-20 19:25:29

DD had a teacher named Mr Meaning.
Back in '60s there was a local dentist called Dr. L'tooth

biba70 Thu 24-Sep-20 19:29:51

OH had a primary teacher who was called Mrs Vast, and he says she was. He had a physio called John Thomas. And we know a couple of dentists who are called Dentith and Dentith.

PinkCakes Thu 24-Sep-20 19:31:44

I once knew a nurse with the surname Nightingale. There was a Dr Barnado working on the same ward.

Esspee Thu 24-Sep-20 19:32:32

My children’s paediatrician was a Dr. Bratt.

Sparklefizz Thu 24-Sep-20 19:33:48

We had a bank manager named Mr Crook.

Sparklefizz Thu 24-Sep-20 19:34:13

And also ... I've just remembered ... an osteopath named Dr Bone.

varian Thu 24-Sep-20 19:36:38

The chief executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform is Frances Crook

Yearsold Thu 24-Sep-20 20:41:16

I knew of a dentist named Mr Fang.

Grannybags Thu 24-Sep-20 21:12:22

I once went out with a butcher called Gammon

Greyduster Thu 24-Sep-20 21:21:38

My mother’s dentist was Mr Gagg!

Missfoodlove Thu 24-Sep-20 22:28:42

Body’s funeral director.... really.
Walter Wall carpets.

varian Thu 24-Sep-20 23:12:13

There's a clever fellow who goes by the name of Professor Wiseman.

SueDonim Fri 25-Sep-20 00:00:53

A friend had a knee operation done last week by a Mr Hugh Chissel.

Spangler Fri 25-Sep-20 07:33:42

We've had a carpenter do a number of jobs, his name is Edward Woodstock. Even his first name has the carpenter's pun about it. (Edwood)

At school our Latin teacher was Richard Head. The gross Americanism, dickhead, had yet to cross the pond. Lucky for him, school kids are merciless. We called him Cranium, that being the Latin word for skull, hence Head.

MrsRochester Fri 25-Sep-20 07:38:14

Local undertakers, Box Brothers

NanKate Fri 25-Sep-20 08:11:07

In the 1950s we had a neighbour called Dr Lillycrap. We kids were hysterical with laughter. I feel a bit guilty about laughing now, poor chap.

LullyDully Fri 25-Sep-20 08:19:52

Not quite the same. As a very little girl I had a ballet teacher called Miss Davine. I couldn't work out why she had a man's title.

downtoearth Fri 25-Sep-20 09:05:46

The bus driver EC Rider that we know of

bigbird1 Fri 25-Sep-20 09:43:41

The urologist at our local hospital was Dr Dick !!