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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 26-Sep-20 06:21:18

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but looks dry outside this morning here in Brackley , but expecting to have a chill wind when out later.
Today , bus journeys to Buckingham and Bicester via Buckingham .
Depends on whether the cafe in Buckingham are doing pork stuffing baps , in which case if they are comeback to Brackley, if no luck will return via Buckingham .
The past few days i have experienced problems with TV signal and picture on my BT box .
Earlier in the week on normal TV screen picture break up on it, so retuned ,and it cleared , but this also effected my BT box as to channels ,I was getting a 4.3 screen instead of 16.9 screen ,anyway in this case did a total Factory reset ,after awhile and installation the box back to normal .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Sat 26-Sep-20 06:29:13

Good morning from a dark, gale ridden E Kent.
Mick, I’m glad you managed to rest your TV. It would have been sad if you couldn’t watch your cycling. And those park stuffed baps sound delicious.
We had intended going to the local pizzeria yesterday, but tried to book too late - as usual. So I ended up making our own with shop bought bases.
Did the sheets yesterday. The dryer didn’t work properly at first then settled into doing its job. Have a feeling I’ll need a new one soon. But it’s about 18 years old, so has done well.
I hope the poorly have a good day. Stay safe.

grandMattie Sat 26-Sep-20 06:29:58

Reset your TV. 😡

LauraNorder Sat 26-Sep-20 06:31:22

Good morning Mick and all. I'm so chuffed with myself that I'm up early enough to join in this lovely gentle thread, and not only that but I've cleaned out two cupboards. I often lurk and admire you early birds but always late in the day.
Will make a cup of tea for Mr N and take it up, hope he doesn't pass out with shock, I've never seen 6.30 am before, dark still but no wind in beautiful Anglesey.
Gosh Mick, you do get about and glad you've got your tv sorted.

Beechnut Sat 26-Sep-20 06:56:00

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry and looks like we will have a lovely day.

Your teasing us again with those baps Mick after we were all drooling the other day.

I’ve made myself a chamber pot this morning as I’m going to watch Gardeners World in a minute.

Later I am mowing the lawn and pottering.

Enjoy your day all and stay safe 🌼

Sar53 Sat 26-Sep-20 07:06:05

Good morning all from a very windy Essex by the sea.
I finished another patchwork cushion and my very first cross Stitch yesterday. I didn't think I was a very crafty person, if you know what I mean, but I've really enjoyed making them. On to the next one now.
We are going out this morning to do a bit of shopping and this afternoon my team are playing and it's live on tv so I shall be watching.
Have a lovely Saturday and stay safe everyone xx

MellowYellow Sat 26-Sep-20 07:19:05

Morning from a clear, cold south Cornwall. Supping coffee in bed and I can hear the Saturday market stalls being clanked together beyond my patio. There will be lovely artisan things to try to resist buying. The Uni students are back and many of them are art students and buy from the retro stalls.

Late night constructing a flat pack cupboard. Absolutely love all those packets of screws and pages of diagrams! (Note to self: must socialise more.)

4 year old is missing me so she's coming for the day. We'll chill and chat and I'll hear all about her new school.

Keep showing us your crafty items Sar as you finish them. Glad you sorted your TV Mick. Have the best day you can, everyone.

Jaxjacky Sat 26-Sep-20 07:20:31

Good morning Mick and all, pleased your BT box is sorted Mick, long may it stay like it.
DH off to play golf (local pub competition) in a while, I heard yesterday, after being on the list for two years, I’m being offered a half plot at the local allotments. So, I’m off to have a look at 11am, see exactly where it is and what sort of condition, quietly excited.

Urmstongran Sat 26-Sep-20 07:20:36

Sun’s up here! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga where the grand sunny weather continues 😎

We went out for the afternoon and walked on the shady side of every street we strolled along! I said to Himself I can’t believe with this heat it’s October next week. There were people sunbathing on the beach and enjoying dips in the Mediterranean as we passed by!

No plans today as we walked a lot yesterday. I’m absorbed by my book - it’s a cracking read so I’ll be a happy bunny sat in the gardens today. So quiet this time of year, only a handful of us using them.

Welcome to you LauraNorder 👋

Hope Saturday is good to us all. Missing our regulars who have gone AWOL and hoping they are all okay. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Beauregard Sat 26-Sep-20 07:28:26

Good morning from a bright but cool Derbyshire. I'm off to get the morning paper soon as the usual paper boy (Mr B) is on box rest today.

I'm going to see my friend for coffee this morning and will be watching the horse racing later. A nice dinner planned this evening - one of my favourites - scallops and smoked bacon starter, followed by a nice rib eye steak and mushrooms. I bought the (frozen) scallops for £1.50 a pack, reduced from £6.00, so I was pleased with that bargain.

My brother had his scan. It revealed fluid on his lungs, one of them two thirds full. They've fitted a drain and expect to take 5 litres of fluid out of them. I am amazed there could be so much. He's already feeling a little better for it.

Hope everyone is feeling well and has a good day.

kittylester Sat 26-Sep-20 07:30:21

Good morning all from a chilly North Leicestershire.

My only job for today is to find a spot for spying on the people coming to view the house next door. Our lovely neighbour of 30 years died in February and today the first potential buyers are due to come to view.

We may also go to look at paint colours for the hall as we appear to have stopped the leak. 🤞🤞🤞 It is a year since we got a panic phone call from the cat feeding lady telling us that we had a problem.

Sending love to all who need it - especially our gilly.

Oopsadaisy4 Sat 26-Sep-20 07:42:48

Good morning Mick and everybody, another bright and breezy morning in Oxfordshire, haven’t poked my nose outdoors yet though but I expect it’s cold.
Yet another power cut last night, right in the middle of a phone conversation, phoned him back later and he thought I’d hung up on him and then not answered my phone later!
The whole village is on generators at the moment and the fuses keep blowing, hopefully they will have finished their works soon.
Just a quick shop today for Sunday lunch tomorrow with DD2, then a clean through then back to my jigsaw.
Have a good day and best wishes for those who are anxious or unwell.

NfkDumpling Sat 26-Sep-20 07:42:53

Morning All

It's still 'orrible in the north of Norfolk. We had the lights (and heating) on all yesterday. The Sky dish couldn't cope with the lashing squalls last evening and the electricity kept going off for a few minutes. Reports of a lot of trees down and flooding. Apparently, a chap reversed his car up as a tree came down in front of him only to be hit by one falling on the back of the car. Luckily he wasn't hurt, just very shocked.

It's DGS's seventh birthday today so we're off to see him this morning. No party just several spaced out visits from family members. They were going to the Space Centre in Leicester with a couple of nights in a hotel but they've decided to cancel that due to Covid.

Pantglas2 Sat 26-Sep-20 07:44:39

Morning Mick and all - 👋 to LauraNorder who’s just across the water in Anglesey!

I can beat your dryer GrandMattie- mine is 35 years old and still going strong! Having said that, I rarely use it! Very handy though when the weatherman lets me down!

The cushion was lovely Sar, wish I had the patience for what I call ‘fiddly sewing’ - I struggle with the necessary hemming and replacement zips!

Mango chutney to be made and potted today and that’s the last of my Spanish produce sorted - I shall be wandering the hedgerows and my dad’s greenhouse next weekend!

Kind thoughts to our absentees and welcome any newbies 💐

Gingster Sat 26-Sep-20 07:45:45

Good morning to all. Well it rained non stop yesterday and the wind was gale force. It’s still raining now but not so torrential. Couldn’t get little pooch out at all yesterday - just a couple of quick garden visits. We had our passing visitors arrive for tea and cake and a nice chat. They were due to marry in May, postponed until December, limited to 30 people and now 15. What a shambles!

Not much on today - might pay my elderly SIL a visit this afternoon while DH is going to watch the local football team (if the pitch isn’t flooded) .

Glad your DB is being treated Beauregard And is feeling a little better.

Best wishes to all. 🍂🌻🍁

Jaxjacky Sat 26-Sep-20 07:46:50

Very rude, in my excitement I didn’t wish you all a good and peaceful day, especially those absent - hoping there is a chink of light for you all.

cornergran Sat 26-Sep-20 07:48:50

Morning Mick, morning All. It’s clear and very chilly in our corner of Somerset. Flu jab in the surgery car park and a top up grocery shop are today’s highlights, oh yes there’s also an unreasonable amount of ironing I’m hoping Mr C will share. Good luck with the spying kitty, I often think we should all be allowed to interview potential neighbours smile. Take care everyone.

Susan56 Sat 26-Sep-20 07:49:16

Good morning from Shropshire.A lot of rain overnight but seems like it has stopped now.

Today’s job is making the toy car we have bought Henry for his first birthday on Monday.

Welcome LauraNorder👋🏻

Thinking of all our missing posters and hope things are improving for you gilly and you will be back with us soon💐

Have a good day all.

Susan56 Sat 26-Sep-20 07:54:32

Happy birthday to your DGS Nfk🥳🎂We are having a similar celebration in shifts tomorrow for Henry.

Marydoll Sat 26-Sep-20 08:00:24

Good morning Mick and all the early risers. Welcome Laura!
I have been up early, but stripped the bed first, and remade it, as it's a lovely morning here in Glasgow. I admit to getting back in, as my hip is killing me!
The sun is shining, but it's only 2°F. A bit chilly💧

I am going to have to get up. I can hear my electronic shopping list beeping, which means DD is in the supermarket doing my shopping and will be here soon.
She has become very anxious about the virus and my vulnerability, especially as we are predicted to be a hotspot again. She is such a supportive daughter.❤️ With my lovely SIL, she will stand in the garden, thank goodness it's not raining!

I shall potter about again in the garden today and generally chill. Chance would be a fine tng.
All the crafters are giving me the urge to start jewellery making again. I still have such a stash, but nowhere to wear the finished product!!!😁

Kitty, I would be the same! We got neighbours recently and it was my two friends across the road, who kept me up to date, as they had a better view!😉

Have a good day everyone.

brook2704 Sat 26-Sep-20 08:01:42

Good morning all from a dry and cloudy Inverness but quite cool again this morning.
Hope your TV is ok now mick and you can enjoy watching it as usual.
I’m off out this morning well wrapped up tp see my DGC and DD2 garden in their garden as recent changes to the Covid rules here mean we can no longer go inside their house. We may have to walk into town to keep warm ...
Welcome Laura 👋
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine urmston you lucky lady!
So pleased your brother is feeling a bit better beauregard that’s good news
Happy birthday to your DGS Nfk 🎈🎂🎉
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings

dragonfly46 Sat 26-Sep-20 08:08:55

Good morning everyone, I have to say I have missed you all!
It is a beautiful sunny day in Leicestershire.

It was my mum’s 100th birthday yesterday - quite an emotional day.

Grammaretto Sat 26-Sep-20 08:11:00

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. We are having lovely autumn weather of late- Cool, sunny, blue skies. I like it. My favourite season.

DSis is camping in Norfolk this weekend NfkD. Sounds like she'll just have to pack up the tent and come home!
Happy birthday to your DGS.

A busy day for me as I'm helping at 2 art festivals. Nothing all year and suddenly they clash. Lashings of sanitiser and face masks will be required.

Welcome to LauraNorder . Are you in the police by any chance or just a stern gran wink

Have a good weekend everyone!

grandMattie Sat 26-Sep-20 08:11:23

Pant, I use my drier all winter as my hands (and me) get too cold and go white hang damp clothes on the line. So 18 years is pretty good.

LauraNorder Sat 26-Sep-20 08:11:39

Thank you for the welcome Ug, Susan56 and Pantglas.
Lovely pic and description Ug, feeling envious of the blue sky and warmth.
Hope your brother is okay Beauregard and best wishes to all suffering illness and distress.
Good luck with the paint choices Kittylester.
Hope the power is restored soon Oopsadaisy.
Stay safe everyone.