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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 30-Sep-20 06:11:01

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its dry outside this morning in Brackley .
Today a quiet day with a small shop early this morning, the afternoon after a small snooze will be spent watching cycling on Tv with somewhat belated season continuing .
A little housework as well .
Take Care ,

Spice101 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:21:50

Good morning all form a wet but mild Melbourne. Crazy weather here it just cannot make up it's mind what season it is and we change the clocks back on Sunday.

We have had a sight easing of our COVID restrictions but nothing that will impact on me. One easing is that we are now able to meet up to 5 people from 2 households in a public place. Unfortunately this means we still cannot see family as there would be 6 of us including our 2 grandsons aged 6 and 4 . Fines of almost $5000 (per person) are in place for those caught breaking this limit. Who knows when this will be eased.

Wishing you all a good day.

Ashcombe Wed 30-Sep-20 06:24:22

Good morning, Mick and all other new friends!

A mild but dull morning here. Yesterday, we ventured to our local Intermarché to top up my car with fuel and buy a few supplies for my return trip to Torbay on Sunday. As I shall need to quarantine for two weeks, wine will be essential! That will be acquired from Lidl later this week as their boxes are excellent value!

This afternoon, DH and I will join a Zoom meeting with fellow members of the social club associated with Toads - our local amdram group.

Enjoy whatever the day brings!

Beechnut Wed 30-Sep-20 06:24:30

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Here we are the last day of September and it is dry and very dark.

My new dress pattern came yesterday. I ordered it to make a dress for a wedding which I don’t know whether I will be able to attend. Nevertheless I will plod on with my plan.

A homeworking day for me as I’m behind because I went out yesterday. In shops apart from the super markets I find I just go and look at what I’m interested in or need. I don’t feel able to browse comfortably like I used to.

Have a good day all 🌾

LauraNorder Wed 30-Sep-20 06:25:39

Good morning Mick, an afternoon watching cycling and including a snooze sounds just the ticket.
Good morning everyone else.
Belated birthday wishes Taichinan, sorry I didn't make it yesterday, slept late, did some gardening while distancing from builders and caught up with other friends on zoom.
Very windy in Anglesey this morning, woken by rattling scaffold and blowing plastic sheeting.
Looking forward to Urmstongran's morning update so that I can feel the warmth from Malaga.
Hope all of those with worries and sadness have a better day today.
Take care, be safe.

Beechnut Wed 30-Sep-20 06:26:07

Welcome Ashcombe

Ashcombe Wed 30-Sep-20 06:31:06

Thank you!

LauraNorder Wed 30-Sep-20 06:32:36

Spice101 hope things get better in Melbourne soon, sounds pretty grim.
Ashcombe whereabouts in France are you? Hope it's warm and sunny today.
Beechnut good luck with sewing, hope the dress makes it to the wedding in due course.

LauraNorder Wed 30-Sep-20 06:35:26

Didn't realise you are new to the thread Ashcombe because I am a recent morninger too, so welcome. Do you have a part in The Ladykillers?

MellowYellow Wed 30-Sep-20 06:42:01

Hello everyone from south Cornwall. Dark and rainy here, but there's a gentle breeze coming through the window beside my bed. Been awake for ages due to pain, and trying Radio 3 instead of Classic FM as I'm fed up with the constant Covid reminders on their adverts. But it may be a bit highbrow for me! May venture out for a coffee this morning, then scurry back to continue knitting a beret and watch a film or two. (Actually plod back - I haven't scurried for a while now. smile) The best of days to you all.

MawB2 Wed 30-Sep-20 06:42:41

Good morning all from N Bucks - as you say Mick - dark but dry. Not sure what today will bring - my new specs would be nice!
Especially for those who may have had a bad night, wishing you a peaceful day and some respite from your aches or worries

Sark Wed 30-Sep-20 06:43:26

Good Morning everyone.
Dry and still pretty dark here in Oxfordshire but forecast rain later.
Usual work day and an exercise class this evening.
Thinking of Georgesgran
Have a good day and stay safe

NanKate Wed 30-Sep-20 06:58:03

Good morning Mick and All.

Pink clouds in South Bucks.

My friend is an artist and she is going to give me a distanced first lesson in pastel drawing this morning what fun.

Lovely to have you back with us Bellasnana 💐

Ashcombe Wed 30-Sep-20 07:01:57


We are about 30 miles NE of Le Mans, so our weather is generally warmer than in the UK in Summer but colder in Winter. Yesterday was cloudy but warm enough for a pre dinner glass of wine on the terrace.

Jaxjacky Wed 30-Sep-20 07:06:14

Good morning Mick and all from a pretty dark S Hants, rain expected in a few hours. Yesterday was an organising day, two new front door keys cut, arranged for gutters to be cleared out and got a letter for normal mammogram, appointment made.
Today I need to get some winter colour for my front door pot and a hanging basket, frittata for dinner. Have a good day all.

Ashcombe Wed 30-Sep-20 07:11:15

Sorry LauraNorder - I’ve only just seen your other questions. I joined this daily thread a week ago.

Normally, Toads Theatre Company produces 10 plays a year but we’ve recently decided to cancel all productions until next Spring at the earliest. There is no provision for amateur companies to operate within current guidelines, sadly.

Past (usually minor!) rôles have included various period dramas, including Shakespeare, Victorian Music Hall, etc. Favourite recent rôles were as the French mistress in “Daisy Pulls It Off” and the nasty cat in “Babe, the Sheep Pig”.

Beauregard Wed 30-Sep-20 07:14:40

Good morning from Derbyshire where it's currently dry and bright before the rain starts later.

Farrier appointment for the horses at 8am, so I'll be off out soon. Then later I'll make some more face masks and do some holiday prep for next week.

Marydoll happy anniversary flowers

Thinking of you Georgesgran flowers

Beauregard Wed 30-Sep-20 07:19:20

Sorry, posted too soon.

Also meant to wish everyone a good day today x

Sark Wed 30-Sep-20 07:19:31

Happy Anniversary Marydoll hope you both have a lovely daywineflowers

Bellasnana Wed 30-Sep-20 07:19:34

Good morning from Malta where another hot day is beginning.

Apparently we had an earth tremor at 3am, it seems a lot of people were woken by shaking and things rattling around. Fortunately, the earth didn’t move for me as I was sound asleep!grin

Hope everyone has as good a day as possible, especially those who are facing challenges of one sort or another.☀️

Sar53 Wed 30-Sep-20 07:26:24

Good morning everyone from a cloudy Essex by the sea. It's not quite as cold as at the beginning of the week. Must try and get out somewhere today, I didn't leave home at all yesterday.
My 4, 5 next week, granddaughter came home from school on Monday with a very swollen and bruised finger. It was worse yesterday so my daughter was advised to go to the minor injuries unit where it was x-rayed. Not broken but badly sprained. It's been strapped up. Apparently my DGD was a little star and went in to the x-ray room on her own.
Have the best Wednesday you can and stay safe xx

mancgirl Wed 30-Sep-20 07:27:23

Good morning from a dark and rainy Manchester. Had a lovely lunch in the Ribble Valley yesterday with Mr Manc. I had been to see the hygienist in the morning, nearest I can get to a dentist. Can't believe I paid for the pleasure (?!) of having my mouth and teeth pulled about. Ouchie as my 2yo grandson would have said. Today taking returns back to Trafford Centre. Very inconvenient not being able to try things on! I'll be there for opening time and out before it gets busy, not that it seems to these days. Picking gs 1 up from school later. Have a good day everyone. Hugs and flowers for those with extra cares and worries flowers

GrannyGravy13 Wed 30-Sep-20 07:29:38

Good morning Mick and all

Grey but dry here in S E Essex we are expecting rain later.

We had a GC sleepover last night so I will
be cooking his breakfast soon (bacon, scrambled eggs and spaghetti followed by a yoghurt) for a 5yr old he likes his breakfasts!

Then it’s bed changing and off to the gym. I might pop into the chemist for some Nytol as I am having trouble sleeping.

Thinking of our absent posters 🌺

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

mancgirl Wed 30-Sep-20 07:30:22

Happy anniversary Marydoll 🥂

GrannyGravy13 Wed 30-Sep-20 07:31:42

Happy Anniversary Marydoll 🥂💐