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How do you feel about Winter?

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Applegran Fri 02-Oct-20 17:10:48

I have a friend who begins to lament the approach of winter as soon as the nights begin to get longer and whose mood is low during much of the winter months. Yet I also know people who are equally cheerful winter and summer - and I recently saw an article about this which I found very interesting. One of the things they did was to talk to Norwegians who live within the Arctic Circle - they have winter days when there are only 2 or 3 hours - or fewer still - of pale sunlight. Many of them love winter! It turns out that this is largely to do with how they think about it - here are some examples of questions they were asked:

Which of the following statements best reflects your attitude to winter?

*There are many things to enjoy about the winter
*I love the cosiness of the winter months
*Winter brings many wonderful seasonal changes


*Winter is boring
*Winter is a limiting time of year
*There are many things to dislike about winter

No surprises that the people who agreed with the positive statements about winter were also found to be happier and more cheerful. And of course, it isn't only our attitude to winter which affects our mood and feelings - lots of things can look different if we find another way to look at them. I turned around a fear of flying by changing how I thought about it - and it wasn't as hard as you might think, once I allowed myself to see the 'story' I was telling myself. I wonder how many gransnetters have found that changing the 'story' they tell themselves about something changes how they feel?

BlueBelle Fri 02-Oct-20 17:15:50

I hate winter and dread it, it goes on forever it’s cold dreary Dark and depressing and my stork definitely dropped me down in the wrong country

AGAA4 Fri 02-Oct-20 17:27:46

I like the winter. I think all the seasons have something good to offer. Winter has sparkling frosty mornings and evenings when I can just curl up on the sofa and keep warm and not feel guilty about not doing something useful.

ginny Fri 02-Oct-20 17:28:39

I dislike winter. Dull, cold and dark for too much of the day.
I don’t think it particularly affects my mood but I certainly feel better once I can see the days getting longer.

Barmeyoldbat Fri 02-Oct-20 17:35:53

I love the winter as much as summer. Cold frosty dry days I can go out, but on the wet horrid days I can light the fire and sit and read, watch tv or anything I want without worrying about what I have to do. I have all the cold, wet weather gear for going out, so no problems

BlueSky Fri 02-Oct-20 17:38:16

Obviously spring and summer are better weather wise, but I don’t dislike any season, they all have their own beauty, it’s up to us to appreciate it!

rafichagran Fri 02-Oct-20 17:39:53

I love the Winter. I love cosy evenings with candles burning, I love my boots and Winter fashion, and most of all I love it being too hot.

I also love the Season because of Christmas, the beautiful real tree I have, the Christmas songs, and seeing my family. I know the above can be awful for some people though and I sometimes feel guilty for loving it so much.

I love the frosty mornings,and snow when we get it. I find this season very comforting.

PinkCakes Fri 02-Oct-20 17:40:21

I don't mind the cold weather we get in winter, but I hate the dark mornings and early evenings

rafichagran Fri 02-Oct-20 17:40:54

Not being too hot

Calendargirl Fri 02-Oct-20 17:43:52

Winter evenings are a good excuse to shower early, draw the curtains, then enjoy a bit of tv or read a book.

No feelings of guilt about not having to water the garden, or go for a brisk walk.

Glorybee Fri 02-Oct-20 17:48:17

I love the sights and smells of late autumn and winter. Sparkling frosts and the smell of woodsmoke being one of my favourites, and I love the symmetrical beauty of the trees when they are bare - the trees look great in every season.

Illte Fri 02-Oct-20 18:00:44

Arctic circle winter is a bit different though. The air is dry and fresh. Even though its very cold by the thermometer it doesn't feel as cold as it is.

British winters tend to be - wet. Gosh how that cold rain seeps into your bones.

Having said that, I like the seasonal change.

biba70 Fri 02-Oct-20 18:06:20

I absolutely love winter - but not a UK winter ;)

Whitewavemark2 Fri 02-Oct-20 18:09:33

I like winter up to Christmas, after which it all gets a bit tedious.

janeainsworth Fri 02-Oct-20 18:18:38

I love the changing seasons, including winter.
I like light summer nights but I like the coziness of winter too.
We lived for 11 years in Hongkong and although I loved living there, I missed the way that you can almost tell the date by the changing light levels here.

NfkDumpling Fri 02-Oct-20 18:27:09

Gosh, WW I think that's three times I've agreed with you!

Whitewavemark2 Fri 02-Oct-20 18:32:00


Gosh, WW I think that's three times I've agreed with you!


aggie Fri 02-Oct-20 18:35:50

I like the dark evenings , I think it is due to all my activities starting in October , bowls , painting , village club . However this winter is whole new scene now and I don’t go out the door these days

Baggs Fri 02-Oct-20 18:48:05

I don't like the lack of light, the waking up in darkness for months on end.

Apart from when ice stops us from driving downhill to the road, I love cold, bright days. With sunshine, coldness isn't a big problem.

grumppa Fri 02-Oct-20 18:51:54

“If winter comes, can spring be far behind?” Shelley had it about right.

Lucca Fri 02-Oct-20 18:52:17

I think these famous sparkling frosty mornings are few and far between! An awful lot of drizzly dull cold weeks.
Give me spring and summer any day !

SueDonim Fri 02-Oct-20 18:57:44

I wouldn’t mind winter if it wasn’t cold. grin

I don’t think you can really compare northern Norway and its snow and snow sports with the UK with its rainy, dreich, dull, foggy, leaden-sky winters.

As I’ve got older I find the winters harder and harder. It’s the lack of light and endless grey that gets to me. A cold but sunny day is much easier to bear as indeed is snow, but even here in NE Scotland, a snowy winter is a rare thing now.

fevertree Fri 02-Oct-20 19:02:52

Biba grin

I tolerate Winter, like Autumn, love Spring and adore Summer.

craftyone Fri 02-Oct-20 19:03:37

I love winter, cosy hibernating. I am like a dormouse and all my stores are in, no matter what the weather brings. Candles will bring light indoors and crafts abound in my house. I am so ready for each new season, I go with the flow and am in touch with nature

Lucca Fri 02-Oct-20 19:05:58

Wow I admire such perfection!!