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Rufus2 Tue 06-Oct-20 14:16:51

Four catholic ladies are talking about how important their sons are.
The first one tells her friends “my son is a priest. When he walks into a room, everyone calls him‘Father.’”
The second Catholic woman chirps, “while my son is a bishop, when he walks into a room, people say, ‘Your Grace.’”
The third Catholic woman says smugly, “Well, not to put you down, but my son is a cardinal. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, ‘Your Eminence.’”
The fourth Catholic woman sips her coffee in silence. The first three women give her a subtle “well.....?”
She replies, “ My son is a charismatic, 6’2”, hard-bodied male stripper. Whenever he walks into a room, people say, “My God.”

Good Evening; My desktop must be a magnet for jokes. confused
Hope all is well despite your weather. Another gloomy one here with heavy rain forecast for the next two days, but you don't want to hear about that!

I thought the Aussie bandannas looked very cheerful; just what's needed these days
Jaxjacky You were very honest on the Good Morning thread saying the cyclamens were not yours or have I got that wrong?
If your DH is Irish does that make you Irish too?
I was going to joke that he's probably got a green thumb for growing spuds on your allotment, but I'd better not! I've been in enough trouble over Scotch jokes! All those "An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman go into a pub...! are no longer allowed; not PC! sad
Is Arran Pilot still on the spuds list? It was an early variety and then there were other Arrans for later main crop.
Runner beans were also favourites and needed space such as an allotment to accommodate the supporting bean-stick construction.. Felt quite proud when the Autumn gales didn't bring the whole superstructure crashing down.
We have allots here of course, but I don't know of any largescale layouts. Quite often they consist of small lots in spaces that would be unkempt such as alongside railway tracks.
"New Cases" are back into 2 digits and although the moving average is still "trending downwards, it's the daily number that has to be consistantly low for so many days before more rules can be eased.

Another Zoom session today, organised by the local Council on the subject of on-line shopping, Covid style.
It sounds fine, but for people on their own like me its the delivery charge that would kill it; $10. Wasn't clear, but not sure exactly what this covered. A $10 meal would double and being "fresh" couldn't be kept for too long.
No thanks! I order 10 meals at a time already frozen solid ,
$4 delivery, bunged into microwave as required., no wahing up, no arguments , no fuss!
A $97 bottle of wine was used to demonstrate the versatility of the scheme; ?? I had to point out I could buy a 24 bottle case of "Cleanskin) Shiraz for that!

Haven't re-set timer on C/H yet so I'm not sure when it goes off; time is now past midnight, so chucking out time! grin

Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Tue 06-Oct-20 16:08:20

Hi Rufus, you are right, I bought the cyclamen, made an effort for a spot of colour. Doesn’t make me Irish, couldn’t even get an Irish passport, which he can, I’d have to live there for 5 years. I was born in Pakistan as Dad was working there, used to cause a few issues when I travelled a lot to the USA. I haven’t grown AP, they’re still around, I grew Casablanca as an early and Rooster as a main crop in the garden this year. Rooster weren’t very good, very small, may have been the lack of rain, shame they don’t grow at this time of year! No runners, I’m the only one that likes them, my friend gives them to me, lots of dwarf french though, if I’m allowed to say that....
Take care 🥂

AGAA4 Tue 06-Oct-20 17:45:56

Thanks for the jokes Rufus. Rain been lashing down here for days so good to have laugh while we are still in lockdown.