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Good Evening Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 07-Oct-20 15:11:30

Everybody knows Alan Turing who cracked the enigma codes
But nobody knows his sister Kay, who provided all his snacks, sandwiches and drinks

Started this off directly in the GN message box and it wasn’t long before it disappeared. That’ll larn me!
Expecting phone calls from B’mouth and Bideford, it’s nearly 11.00pm so it could be a late bedtime!
Jaxjacky If you can mention Brussels Sprouts surely French beans is OK!/
We used to grow those as an early crop before the runners kicked in; they were all enjoyable and when a bumper crop occurred Vera had all the vacuum jars out, bottling the surplus and we often still had plenty to give away.
Now I’m giving away lemons! Very good season! Vera was a whizz at lemon meringue and neighbour Jan is helping to reduce the stockpile and filling me up with lemon sponges.

What’s going on with deletions? Even light-hearted threads disappear for no apparent reason and even the “Jokes” thread is sadly lacking in material. Can’t all be blamed on Covid surely?
You don’t know what you’ve got untill it’s gone.

This month (NOT the “sober” one) , during the last week, marks the 7th anniversary of Greatnan’s tragic death due to a fall in the French Alps where she lived. She left a marvellous legacy of jokes and amusing anecdotes.
I’d loved to have had chats with her; whilst browsing today I came across another thread (759 posts) titled “Just Jokes” with many supporters joining in, some of whom are still around I see!
A “Festival” of her material to commemorate the event might be nice to compile.

Man. United fans are not smiling much, I imagine!. Only consolation is that the Scousers can’t laugh!
We had a Zoom session run by ladies from the local Council discussing on-line shopping for groceries, fresh meals, fresh vegies and groceries etc. but it doesn’t seem to be a good idea for people on their own when you factor in a delivery charge of $10. And when he used a $97 bottle of Shiraz as an example, I thought this is out of my depth!., saying I could get 12 bottles of Cleanskin Shiraz for that money!
Granddaughter in Bideford has just finished her “brief” call after 58 minutes; it’s now 1.00am.!
We’ll have to re-calibrate again at the end of the month and avoid the risk of a 3.00 am call. hmm

Definitely need my beauty sleep so’
Good Health wine wine wine

Jane10 Wed 07-Oct-20 15:20:27

Night Rufus2- you sound 'full of beans' even at this late hour!
I'm writing from a very changeable Argyll. One minute it's sunshine the next it's driving rain. The hillsides and lochs look like paintings not real life somehow.
The hotel is very nice and the grub is great!

Jaxjacky Wed 07-Oct-20 16:04:31

Hi Rufus, bit of a two and eight on some posts...
I buy wine boxes, £14 for 3ltr, 11%, white I’m afraid, one lasts me a couple of weeks, and I just got a delivery slot for 50p. Not just for boxes of wine 😏.

The football is quite bizarre occasionally ! I support Southampton, my husband Leeds, our first game together isn’t until January, hope it’s still being played by then. England play Wales tomorrow...not holding my breath..
Take care 🥂

Megs36 Wed 07-Oct-20 16:26:01

Hello Rufus someone on GM mentioned three people on the ‘norty chair’ I assumed that meant the ‘naughty’ chair, but wonder who?
Rather expensive call from your granddaughter, my grandson in NSW and others locally, use What’s App , it’s free on your internet. Good to hear from them whatever though 😂
Cheers 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂

BlueSky Wed 07-Oct-20 16:43:43

Hi Rufus and others on here with Aus connections. Talking about calls (free on FaceTime too) I’ve had my sons calling me during the night but oh the relief when they say: “Sorry mum pressed wrong name/number”! Can’t be annoyed with them as the relief is enormous!
I enjoy reading your posts even if I don’t talk to you regularly (as I said elsewhere I’m quiet) but you provide a connection with Down Under if you see what I mean.
Keep posting Rufus and cheers!