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Good Evening Thursday

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Rufus2 Thu 08-Oct-20 14:50:49

My wife left me because of how insecure I am
Nevermind, she is back. She was just getting some tea

Looks like being another late night! Our Michelle telephoned a bit earlier for nearly an hour. They are very welcome calls and nice to look forward to; I didn’t get chance to ask what phone plans they are on and I’ve no idea what they cost, but if I get a chance that’s something else to talk about.
Granddaughter Alison is a hospital nurse doing various rosters and therefore I find it difficult to get hold of her at home. In order for me to share costs, she’s going to phone, leave a message then I phone her back straightaway.

I’ve mentioned her “menagerie” before; Millie her dog, Pops her parrot who passes the time of day talking to Millie and Joe her tortoise.! Joe is now being prepared for hibernation which involves not being fed for a month prior and then he will be taken to the Vets and placed in his special frig. for the Winter along with 49 of his mates! Talk about laugh! Must ask her how they tell who’s who when it’s time to go home next Spring! The Vet has had to provide more frig. space, so it must be good Business.. Alison says it’s worth it because it’s one less “family” member to worry about! She’s lived on her own (apart from said “family”) since her mother, my sister, died not long ago and still holds down a full-time job.

Jaxjacky Don’t you need a case of Guiness as well, to keep you going with the digging?
And what’s with the “two and eight” Cockney slang?
I used to be into “boxes”; marvellous way of not being reminded of how much has been used each session like you get with bottles and also prevents other’s from monitoring consumption. hmm
No!, I never was a secret cupboard type!

Leeds did well. 1-1 against City. The United and Liverpool results certainly were bizarre looking at the margins; almost as though the thirds had been fielded.

Jane Bet you checked out for “A Room with a View” . You say the grub was great so presumably a haggis-free breakfast? You can’t beat a “Full English” even in Scotland!
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders? I think we saw them occasionally doing guard duty at WindsorCastle Very impressive.
Watching TV reports of the fresh outbreaks of Covid, particularly up North including Glasgie which is in a very bad way, apparently. Interviews with the proverbial “man in the street” were full of dialect as you might expect and I also expected to see captions appear at any moment like they do with foreign interviews here! grin

Megs Three people might not fit on the naughty chair without some discomfort, albeit feeling rather cosy They’re noticeable by their absence, but what surprises me is that the whole thread had to go. confused
I’m afraid you’re too late for the Crocodile Dundee types! Just like the old-fashioned Sheilas, they are an endangered species. Now it’s all about Pilates and healthy salad diets. with no red-necks apart from some out in the bush, mustering cattle and shearing sheep! The influx of Asian men has altered the concept of the Aussie male and the ladies too, I might add. They don’t fit the image of “Sheila” somehow. wink

I hear what you’re saying about What’s App being free. Doesn’t this need both parties to have the app? I’ve got it installed on PC on this desk-top PC, but not sure how Alison is fixed in this regard.
Any way I’m sure she’s sussed out all her options’ I have a so-called bundle which comes with everything; landline phone, broadband, Foxtel-type TV and unlimited o/seas phone calls to key countries
Mobile phone contract is with another carrier but it’s only for emergencies, for example if Freda breaks down then I could call RACV roadside assistance.

Well, I've done this on “Word ” so all I have to do is Copy/Paste to GN ! Fingers crossed.
It’s now Friesday and only 9 hours to more Zooming!
Good Health wine wine wine

Urmstongran Thu 08-Oct-20 14:55:09

Just to say ‘hi’ Rufus. You always sound so upbeat. You’re a tonic in itself.
All I need now is the gin ...
Cheers! 🥃

Megs36 Thu 08-Oct-20 16:21:36

Think you’re right about bothe. Parties beingonbsameplan..
Apparently some one or two have owned up to naughty chair but I’m still puzzled (and nosey).

Rufus2 Fri 09-Oct-20 12:21:39

All I need now is the gin

buena noches! Thank you! I'm sure you can attend to that, but you've aroused my interest by reminding me of something called "gin and it"! grin
Not being very sophisticated, I turned to Google thinking I might prefer being "it" rather than "tonic", but I was being led astray because "Corpse Reviver" popped up! shock
Harm could come to a lad playing that game!

Enjoy your views of the blue Meditteranean from your balcony whilst sipping your G&T, even though you're probably missing the views of the Pennines, (mist and rain permitting.!)
Not to worry! Here's to you! wink