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Good Evening Friesday

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Rufus2 Fri 09-Oct-20 13:56:37

Not much on the agenda after battling with this Win7!
I really should have a good clean out in every department or fire up my Win 10 desktop, but I'm always faced with something to do on 7, and so I don't get a round tuit!
Maybe tomorrow! Another indoors day so really no excuse.
Megs Who's on the naughty...?
We'll need a park bench or two soon! grin
It gets more like "Midsomer Murders" every day, trying to guess who's next and spot the villain; usually the most unlikely, such as the vicar!
Squabbles are increasing by the day between the Federal Govt and the States with the latter also fighting each other over border closures. confused

I'm mindful of that old song;
"Pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag and smile, smile, smile.
What's the use of worrying.... etc" smile
Hope all's as well as can be expected Megs and that news from OZ continues to be positive.
The UK situation looks bad, especially up North.
Keep your nose to the ground! I'm very surprised so far, but there you are! hmm
Good Health wine wine wine
Take care!

rafichagran Fri 09-Oct-20 14:51:51

Good Afternoon Rufus

Jaxjacky Fri 09-Oct-20 14:56:33

Hi Rufus, Guinnes from a can, yuk, only ever drink in when on the Emerald Isle. My 2 and 8 referred to the naughty step,,,not a clue what’s happening. Anyway, another weekend looming, although the days meld, we will make the most of what we can while we can. We have the children and GC coming round on Sunday for Indian takeaway in the garden, chiminea will be blazing away.
Take care 🥂