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thought i had bought the pefect xmas gift

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travelsafar Fri 16-Oct-20 08:31:30

Anyone else been shocked when buying on line when they received the item. I had purchased from a very well known jewellers what i thought was the pefect gift for someone. It was a silver pendant with a tree of life and the engraving' my family my world.' When it arrived the pendant was so small and the engraving i had to use a magnifying glass to read. So different from the picture on the website. It has gone straight back for a refund, so disappointed.

Grandmabatty Fri 16-Oct-20 08:53:12

Caveat emptor! I've been caught out shopping online occasionally. The latest was for the garden. I bought two Narnia lampposts and thought they were full sized. Nope. Lampposts for dwarves! My fault for not checking sizes.

Illte Fri 16-Oct-20 08:53:44

Yup. I've posted my laundry basket before. But here it is again 😁

sodapop Fri 16-Oct-20 09:02:39

grin sorry Illte I know its annoying but it is funny.

Eviebeanz Mon 19-Oct-20 15:36:47

Laundry basket for pixies lol

Ellianne Mon 19-Oct-20 15:39:29

Oh no, how disappointing.
Do they hope people will just hang on to the stuff and not bother to return it?