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Recommendation for saucepans please

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TrendyNannie6 Mon 19-Oct-20 13:09:52

Always had non stick, but understand there can be health issues with these, so which would you good people recommend please

diygran Mon 19-Oct-20 13:17:12

Have been using Judge pans for years - bought in sale and they are quite often on offer. They have glass lids with steam holes. Excellent quality.

Recently bought non stick fry pan with grey interior from Morrisons. Dont have problem with non stick fry pans as it prevents food sticking and burning (carcinogenic) And stops my smoke alarm going off.

J52 Mon 19-Oct-20 13:19:34

I also use Judge stainless steel pans, sounds like the same as diygran.
I have nonstick frying pans and wok from John Lewis. The nonstick seems to be in the pan manufacture rather than a coating.

Esspee Mon 19-Oct-20 13:24:38

I bought Saladmaster stainless steel pans a lifetime ago. No idea whether they are still being manufactured but oh my goodness they have been amazing.

farview Mon 19-Oct-20 13:25:57

I've had my M&S stainless steel ones and my Sainsbury's ones for about 23yrs and still going strong..

kittylester Mon 19-Oct-20 13:29:37

I used Judge for ages but went off the non stick coating. Went to IKEA for something else, saw their mid price pans and decided to try them. They are fabulous.

When I was young and silly I bought some pans that cost £200 (half price in a Fenwicks sale) and spent all my time 'cherishing' them - life is too short to worry about saucepans!

Auntieflo Mon 19-Oct-20 13:41:05

We also have a Judge set of pans.

DD had Tefal Ingenio pans, and loves them.

J52 Mon 19-Oct-20 13:50:29

Kitty they weren’t Circulon by any chance?

MiniMoon Mon 19-Oct-20 14:23:33

I have an induction hob and needed stainless steel saucepans for it to work. My current set are from the Go Cook range at Tesco. They are not coated.
I can recommend them.

Teetime Mon 19-Oct-20 14:29:52

I love my Prestige pans - excellent value from Dunelm.

FlexibleFriend Mon 19-Oct-20 15:15:12

I have the professional range of stainless steel ones from Procook, they came with a 25 year guarantee and I recently contacted them because a handle on a very large pan came loose. That lid was around 10 years old and they replaced it in an instant. I've always found them really good. I have quite a range of pans from them and knives as well.

GrannyLaine Mon 19-Oct-20 15:59:59

I have a set of Circulon pans that were bought over 20 years ago and still going strong but as they are anodised, they don't go in the dishwasher. My absolute favourite pans are my stainless steel Aga pans that have flat tops so they will stack in the bottom oven. They will last a lifetime, I just love them.

Herbie9 Mon 19-Oct-20 16:14:23

Have had a Prestige set of stainless steel pans with copper bottoms for 20 years and they still look good. Have never liked non stick pans as the surface soon wears with scratches no matter how careful you are.

welbeck Mon 19-Oct-20 16:53:10

stainless steel pref with copper bottom, or similar for even heating.

DiscoGran Mon 19-Oct-20 17:32:22

Stellar, you'll never buy another. They are the best.

Bodach Mon 19-Oct-20 17:38:06

Le Creuset 3-Ply Stainless steel. Ne plus ultra!

Grandmafrench Mon 19-Oct-20 17:42:57

Same as welbeck.

Auntieflo Mon 19-Oct-20 19:28:57

Before I bought my Judge Vista pans, I had a set of Prestige, with copper bottoms. When I bought them, they had a Lifetime guarantee, but when something went wrong, and I contacted the company, I was told Prestige had been sold on, and the guarantee was no longer valid!

kittylester Mon 19-Oct-20 19:36:44

Don't think so j52 but they could have been. grin

J52 Mon 19-Oct-20 20:01:46

kitty you know what I mean 😱

seacliff Mon 19-Oct-20 20:11:53

Stellar stainless steel (not coated) saucepans for induction hob. Fantastic and so easy to clean.

kittylester Mon 19-Oct-20 20:22:36


kitty you know what I mean 😱

That's why I think they could have been. j52. Do you still have yours? Xx

mrswoo Mon 19-Oct-20 21:01:57

I’ve had a set of Stellar pans for nearly 25 years, they’ve been used almost every day and are still in fabulous condition. My mother always advised me not to waste money on cheap pots and pans. She was right, the Stellar pans were not cheap but they have been worth every penny.

Bixiboo Mon 19-Oct-20 21:52:07

Bought new pans last year and wanted ones with a lifetime guarantee so went for Stellar. Beautiful pans, very easy to clean, would definitely recommend them.

Niobe Mon 19-Oct-20 22:43:59

Another Stellar fan here. About 20 years ago I bought a Stellar 3 ply stainless steel pan which I have used almost every day since and it is still as shiny as the day I bought it.
I decided to give up on non stick a few months ago when I threw out a flaking Tefal frying pan that was otherwise still perfect. I replaced it with a LeCreuset stainless steel pan and it is wonderful. Used properly, it is perfectly nonstick.