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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 22-Oct-20 06:11:32

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its dark but its dry here in Brackley this morning.
At the moment feeling a little better , but have funny wise lost weight despite getting back to a normal eating pattern .
Watch the Cycling later a key stage on the Giro , but otherwise staying in .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Thu 22-Oct-20 06:23:27

Good morning from a dry, clear E Kent. Mars/Venus is looking lovely in the dawning sky.
Mick, weight loss is not good either. Do see a doctor. I hope it doesn’t take you an hour to get an appointment like it did me. The hoops I had to jump through before I was promised an appointment today “before” 1830!
Still feeling without mojo. Can anyone who finds it return it please.
Spanish this morning and the pc man this afternoon to download the new Windows app/programme. I’ll lose a lot of little saved things, which is annoying.
Have the best day possible all those in pain, sorrow, depression. Stay well, stay safe.

Dwmxwg Thu 22-Oct-20 06:33:02

Good morning from North Surrey, hoping for a dry day after yesterday’s rain.
Mick I echo GrandMattie’s advice to get GP appt.
Nearly time to wake the DGSs and get them off to school.
Not to much planned for the day, DH is not firing on all cylinders at the moment so will see how he is. School pick up and an evening of playing and squabbles with the boys.
Have a good day all

Ashcombe Thu 22-Oct-20 06:37:30

Good morning, Mick and others soon to appear,

Mick: please seek medical advice - it could be that something as simple as adjusting your medication would help.

grandMattie: I hope you have a fruitful GP appointment. Ours all seem to be by telephone or email.

I shall be out before 8.00am today to shop in Lidl before it’s too busy. We have two branches in Torquay, including one that opened recently within a mile from my home.

So enjoying my new found freedom since quarantine ended!
Wishing everyone relief from any worries or pain.

Nortsat Thu 22-Oct-20 06:39:52

Good morning Mick and the GM team from a pitch dark east London.

Glad you’re feeling a little better Mick, without labouring the point, I still think you need a phone chat with your GP. But make sure you rest today, keep warm and keep your fluid intake up. Take care.

My big Zoom presentation went well yesterday and was well received. I wore my usual office wear, but also found I had to put on shoes ... somehow I couldn’t do a serious presentation wearing my slippers, despite the fact I was sitting down throughout.

HMRC for me today ...

Good morning gilly, if you’re reading and Bluesapphire.
Good thoughts to those facing challenges today. Have a good day all. 😎

cornergran Thu 22-Oct-20 06:48:11

Morning Mick, morning All. It’s dark in our corner of Somerset and looks damp, hoping for better things later for a walk at our nearest NT property. Sorry if this seems like nagging mick but why not speak to your GP surgery? Better safe than sorry. I’m pleased all went well yesterday nortsat, good for you. Good luck with that appointment grandMattie, hope it’s sooner rather than later today. Not a clue what I’ll do this morning, see how I feel once the daylight arrives, seriously motivation depletion here. . Take care everyone.

Eviebeanz Thu 22-Oct-20 06:55:59

Good morning everyone - currently dry but dull here in essex. Getting ready to look after our youngest grandson today while his mum and dad are at work - fun but exhausting take care all.

NanKate Thu 22-Oct-20 07:00:28

Morning Mick and All.

Reasonable day here weather wise in South Bucks.

We care for each other on this lovely gentle thread and that is why we want to get you checked out Mick.

Feel a bit achy today in my back so need a couple of paracetamol. I am weaning myself off steroids and the doc said this reaction was expected.

A bit of masked light shopping planned today.

Beechnut Thu 22-Oct-20 07:07:37

Good Morning all from a dark and damp Severnside.

Off to do the weekly shop early. When I come back I’ll finish a job from yesterday then weather allowing I’m going into the garden. I’ll make sure my green waste bin is full ready for the next collection.

As much as we are advising you to see a doctor Mick I guess you will when you know you have too.
Have the best day you can everyone 🍃🍂

LauraNorder Thu 22-Oct-20 07:20:16

Good morning Mick and the rest from dry but windy, very very windy Anglesey.
Do get checked out Mick, so many on here care about you.
Hope you find your mojo grandMattie, maybe it’s just your mind and body winding down after all the joy of having your son home and then the prep for his departure and the sadness that inevitably followed. Be kind to yourself.
Nortsat interesting thought, the psychological affect that shoes have. Glad your presentation went well.
Glad that the house next door to you Kitty seems to have been sold to people less likely to party through the night! Always a worry. The derelict house next to us was supposed to be auctioned on the 15th but apparently the legal pack wasn’t ready so still watching and waiting to see who our neighbours might be.
Looking forward to reading all this mornings news from Grans everywhere.
Wishing you all a good day today.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Oct-20 07:35:44

Good morning Mick and all

Have a resting day Mick and call tour GP

I still have curtains closed, not sure what weather is like. Grandmattie I think your mojo is off partying with mine, wish it would return!!

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Pittcity Thu 22-Oct-20 07:37:20

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. It didn't stop raining all day yesterday.
Shopping and pootling today along with some serious Rightmove browsing and booking viewings for next week.

brook2704 Thu 22-Oct-20 07:41:03

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still dark but DH has assured me it’s eventually stopped raining! I did pop out into the garden yesterday for a very quick look round and it’s so so soggy everywhere with very big puddles. Hopefully it’ll soon dry out and I can carry on with the winter tidy up.
Today we’ve got DGC to look after again as they’re still off school until Monday. We’re planning going to one of the local Historic Scotland properties where I hope they’ve got some children’s activities on over half term. So I’d best finish my tea, get up and get a move on!
Grandmattie I hope you get your mojo back soon 😀 take care
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Jaxjacky Thu 22-Oct-20 07:49:21

Good morning Mick and all from a dull, damp S Hants. Not much on today, a blind company coming this afternoon to measure up and quote. Think a trip to the chippie for dinner this evening.
Stay safe all.

Gingster Thu 22-Oct-20 07:50:06

Good morning all. Looking fairly bright here in Essex. It pelted down all day yesterday, and I git drenched walking the little pooch. She has a new coat, so it kept her nice and dry. 🐶.

Had my hair done . I’m not sure whether to leave the colour as it’s now naturally white. It gives me a shock every time I look in the mirror, as I see my mum looking back at me.

Art class and bowls club cancelled today as we’re now in tier 2! 😤.

Dh had a phone consultation with the doc yesterday. Due to call at 4.30. Five o’clock came just as I was dishing up dinner (early, I know) . Of course the phone rang. They are changing his statins that he’s been on for 20 years (as they can cause side effects. He hasn’t had any so far). Hope the new ones agree with him.

We’ll probably walk the dog in the fields and woods today. Hope it’s not too muddy! 🐾🐾🐾.

Not much else on. I’ve just finished catching up with The Crown. So good! Now waiting for the next series ‘The Diana Years’. Due next month. Can’t wait!

Have a pleasant day, all. 🌻🍂🍁

Bellasnana Thu 22-Oct-20 07:53:49

Good morning from Malta where the weather looks fine at the moment. It is still quite hot in the sun which makes wearing a mask a bit of a challenge. We now have to wear them as soon as we step out of our homes.

I’m another who is very concerned about your health, Mick. Please will you take the advice of your many friends on here who would feel happier to know you had spoken to your doctor. We aren’t nagging, just thinking of you kindly.

DD1 has had a painful couple of days recovering from her surgery. The pain meds have caused nausea so she isn’t feeling too good. Still insists she is going back to work next week though.

As usual, I’m struggling to shift from my bed. Having nothing specific to get up for makes me very lazy.

Sorry your back is aching NanKate, hope the paracetamol will help.

Hope everyone has the best day possible.☀️

Marydoll Thu 22-Oct-20 07:57:18

Good morning all from a dark, damp and cloudy Glasgow. Glad to hear there is a slight improvement Mick, but as others have said, get some medical advice, in the light of the fact you have underlying health issues.

Nothing planned today, apart from sorting out a few planters.
I got stuck in bed this morning, both hips were agony, couldn't move, so I won't be aggrevating things..😟

Yesterday's visit to the nursery became an quite an adventure. It's out in the country, about fifteen minutes away and the road should have been reopened after resurfacing a fortnight ago. It wasn't!.
I suggested a detour up through a nearby village only to find we could only get so far, as more roads were closed. Poor forward planning on someone's part.
We journeyed uphill and down dale, meeting construction lorries with the same idea, on narrow, wet roads covered in slippery leaves. DH was not a happy bunny!😁
It was even worse when we eventually got there to find the barrels were so heavy, he couldn't lift them and they were sold out of winter bedding plants.☹️
However, the scenery was absolutely stunning, I have never seen so many shades of Autumn colours on trees.

Wishing everyone the best day possible.

dragonfly46 Thu 22-Oct-20 07:58:05

Good morning, brightening up here in Leicestershire.

Mick please ring the doctor.

We are going to a local Abbey this morning as my BiL, who has his own Pavement Geology app, wants photos of the stones it is built from. There is a nice tearoom there as my DH likes his coffee.

Walking with friends this afternoon while we still can.

GG13 and GrandMatty flowers and best wishes to all those under par.
Pleased the presentation went well * Nortsat*.

Sar53 Thu 22-Oct-20 08:02:19

Good morning from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. Totally different from yesterday when it hardly stopped raining.
My appointment at the hospital went well, I was the only one in the waiting room, seen straight away. The long and the short of it is that he will see me again in six months and then maybe an operation. When I walked back to where DH was waiting for me the hospital corridors were like a ghost town, very unnerving.
Supermarket this morning then DH has to go for an xray of his Aorta this afternoon. All go here !!!
Have a pleasant Thursday, look after yourself Mick, and stay safe everyone xx

Stilllearning Thu 22-Oct-20 08:06:57

Morning from a still rather dark S Lanarkshire. I'm sitting up having my cup of tea a little bit earlier than usual because just before I came up to bed last night, when I switched on the light, SOMETHING raced across the kitchen floor and hid under the fridge. It happened so fast, and my eyesight isn't too good, that I'm not sure what it was. I got such a fright, my helpful instinct was to jump up onto a chair!
So, it must be a mouse, not great, or a gigantic spider, even worse😱. Anyhow, time to gird my loins, put on big shoes and go to investigate. I honestly think is the first time I have truly wished I was not the only one in the house!

Taichinan Thu 22-Oct-20 08:13:12

Good morning Mick and all his followers. The overnight rain seems to be easing off now - I hope! - but it's still a dark dreich morning on the Angus coast. I think you know yourself that you need to make that doctor's appointment Mick and you'll feel so much better just having spoken to him/her. Always go with your instincts. Last night's tai chi class went well - now for four more this morning! They are only small groups of 9 or fewer and last only 45 minutes each plus a 15 minute turnaround, but I'm frazzled by 1pm!
I had such a surprise when I went up to pay for my haircut on Tuesday - it had already been paid for by "a friend". Now that was a first for me!! It took me four hours of puzzling until I realised. There's a group of four of us who meet up on each other's birthdays, go out for lunch, and also club together for a gift. No lunch for me this year obviously, but it was them! What a lovely idea. My DD was in on it, but didn't breath a word. Well my day's sorted - tai chi followed by collapse. The sun has just risen and there's the tiniest little pink streak in the sky (which has disappeared as I type) which gives me hope for the day. Stay safe and cosy and keep hold of your hope everyone. Stick to the rules and pray for those vaccines. ☺️💐🦋

Annapops Thu 22-Oct-20 08:13:34

Good morning from a very grey looking County Durham. Not much planned for today other than a collection from Argos. After much online searching I managed to track down the gift for DG2 birthday with a 10% discount.

GD1 is now in isolation as her bubble at school has been hit by covid. Just before the school holiday too, but is there ever a good time? Fingers crossed all will be ok. Still no news from my BIL in ICU. I am going to ring to find out how he is today and see if the hospital will give me any information.

We were in the Borders last week Marydoll and the trees there were absolutely stunning. So much more colourful than at home, although we now seem to be catching up.

Have the best day you can everyone.

Lins1066 Thu 22-Oct-20 08:16:59

Good Morning Mick and all. It looks very soggy outside after all the rain yesterday but we are promised a dry day. We are a bit further along the coast fromCherry so she gets our weather first, rather like LauraNorder and Pantglas in the north. A walk along the cliff today, a new route for the puppy who is growing fast. It will be good to get out and blow the cobwebs away. Hope Cherry is feeling better today and that * grandMattie* finds her mojo.
Have a pleasant day and stay safe.

Urmstongran Thu 22-Oct-20 08:21:00

Good morning everyone from Malaga where we have grey skies. It rained a lot yesterday but stopped mid afternoon. At 7pm we donned trousers, ‘proper’ shoes and our jackets and walked down into Montemar where we ate the most delicious car very dinner. It was just what we fancied as we hadn’t had a roast dinner with all the trimmings since early March!

More rain is forecast today. Hey ho. Himself will be off to watch Rangers (again!) in a bar with his Glaswegian friend at 7pm. I plan to make myself pasta with salmon and watch ‘Judy’ on SKY movies. I saw it at the cinema last year with a friend (remember doing that in the olden days?) and found it such a poignant film. RZ is such an amazing actor. (why is it PC to call the females that too - what was wrong with ‘actress’ really?). Hmm.

My stye is SO much better. Like mouth ulcers and I dare say cold sores, the pain is exquisite and pulls you down. Anyway as well as paracetamol I brought out the big guns (ibuprofen) and felt so much better by early evening. In fact I think the b**gger is on its way out.

Hope Thursday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

harrigran Thu 22-Oct-20 08:28:44

Good morning from a grey NE.
DH is going for a blood test this morning, a twenty minute drive, he has had bad back pain for several weeks now and it will be uncomfortable for him.
Our click and collect yesterday had out of date vegetables and a curry that had to be eaten yesterday so we had to jiggle the menu.
Watched the Singapore grip yesterday and quite enjoyed it, I do like to watch a series back to back.
GD1 sent a photo last night telling us she had cut her hair into a fringe, laughed out loud as she was the spitting image of Claudia Winkleman.
GC finish school for half term today, both parents working from home so they should be okay.
Take care.