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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 27-Oct-20 06:11:08

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its dark but dry with some wind here in Brackley this morning .
Hopefully today will be a day of bus journeys to Buckingham and Bicester, and returning home to watch the Vuelta cycle race on TV .
I had read yesterday increases in Spain may lead to it being cancelled .
Take Care ,

Beechnut Tue 27-Oct-20 06:29:32

Good Morning everyone from a wet Severnside

Thank you for your kind thoughts yesterday. What a day! I thought I would unload some of my thoughts out loud and then went out into the garden as the sun was shining. That lifted my spirits and I now have a brighter looking area in my garden. Last night I received some unpleasant news. This was followed by some nice text messages. It took awhile to go to sleep and I woke early this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Today I’m going to order the dress fabric for the wedding that I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it will go ahead.

It made me smile to come back to read the gm page and see you had popped in to see us BlueSapphire 👋

Let’s all try to have a good day whatever our worries and try to wear one of Scentias smiles. Here’s mine 😃 (I haven’t really got a yellow face) 🌸

dragonfly46 Tue 27-Oct-20 06:30:44

Good morning Mick from dark Leicestershire.
Gosh where is everyone today?

Coffee outside with friends this morning then Zoom with NWR this evening.

Good to see Bluesapphire yesterday. Where are you Gilly?

Scentia Tue 27-Oct-20 06:31:31

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Cold out this morning. Had an early walk to the factory today so the pooch had to come as I am scared of the dark industrial estate she is far from happy!!!
Must crack on, take care everyone and stay safe. Smile, it’s contagious.!!

mumofmadboys Tue 27-Oct-20 06:34:51

Good morning from Cumbria. Wish I could sleep beyond 5 .30 am in the mornings! I sit in bed sipping 2 cups of tea before it is light enough to go out for my daily cycle ride. Hope everyone has the best day possible.Not even noticed the weather outside but think it must be dry.

grandMattie Tue 27-Oct-20 06:38:50

Good morning from a grey E Kent. When I put the food bin out, there was a sliver of clear sky in the east, barely washed with the nacreous colours of dawn. We are forecast a stormy day.
Oh, Beech, I hope the unpleasant news is resolveable. Have a smile 👩🏻‍🦳 (and i do have a pink face and white hair! 😉)
I have t’ai chi this morning then a Marydoll empty this p.m. Probably indulge in a nap. I hate the change of clocks, I always have jet lag.
Had a lovely chat on Skype with my boy in India, made my evening.
I transplanted the summer bedding when I replanted the tubs with pansies and bulbs. To my astonishment they are looking gorgeous, the begonias in particular!
Have a gentle day everyone. Stay safe.

Beechnut Tue 27-Oct-20 06:39:38

She looks cosy though Scentia

grandMattie Tue 27-Oct-20 06:41:26

Here they are!

dragonfly46 Tue 27-Oct-20 06:42:50

Thinking of Ellen and hoping it went well yesterday.

Ashcombe Tue 27-Oct-20 06:48:17

Good morning from a rather wet Torbay!

Beechnut: I hope today brings you more reasons to smile than to frown. Scentia: your lovely dog has the right idea on a dismal morning!

Yesterday, we had a few hours of sunshine so I enjoyed a walk in a nearby park, which was deserted as my photos show. I love these ancient trees!

Keep smiling, although masks hide them from view at times! 😷😃🥰

Urmstongran Tue 27-Oct-20 06:48:28

Good morning everyone from Malaga where the sun’s just coming up 🌞 and we have a beautiful apricot sky to the east and the rest a pale blue wash without a cloud in it. A forecast of 23°C with a gentle breeze. The Mediterranean is a beautiful sparkling dark blue - what a view. I never tire of it.

Last night I was locking up just after 11pm and went onto the landing to look down. Our 3 small local tapas bars downstairs all in darkness. So quiet. Not a car, bicycle or person in sight. I’d forgotten that a strict curfew had started here. These are very strange times and quite scary if you start overthinking at bedtime ...

Ah well, on a brighter note, it’s Tuesday = my ladies group who meet to chat, drink alcohol & coffee and cheer each other up with support and laughter. There will be 7 of us again today.

Hope Tuesday is good to us all. Lovely to hear from you BlueSapphire and hope you’re feeling a little better today Marydoll. You do amazingly well considering the slings and arrows that fly your way. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Beechnut Tue 27-Oct-20 06:50:06

It will be grandMattie, probably take some time but it will be .

farview Tue 27-Oct-20 06:50:16

Morning all from a dull looking Bolton...busy day,Charity shop volunteering, then supermarket, doctors for full blood tests ,drop car off for m.o.t and a long walk home..dont post much on here but read every day and think about you all..come back gillyyou are missed..take care all 🦋

Elizabeth1 Tue 27-Oct-20 06:59:39

Good morning all from a Dark east coast of Fife I hear the traffic there seems to be much on the road today I’ll be so pleased to get my triple glazed windows in. Hopefully they’re be delivered by the weekend fingers crossed. I’ve got a lazy day today hoping I’ll have enough energy to stay upright in a comfy chair and not return back to bed my favourite DH and I have plans to stay a night in Aberdeen next week then have an early tea with the family all going well. Have a good day everyone be kind to yourselves and others less fortunate flowers AND DAY AS YER TELT! wink

GrannyGravy13 Tue 27-Oct-20 07:03:00

Good morning Mick and all

Take care Beechnut

We have the GSs here today as it’s half term, need to check the weather forecast before we decide what to do, if it’s raining it will be a trip to the local garden centre which has the Christmas Department open.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

NanKate Tue 27-Oct-20 07:06:15

Morning Mick and All.

A cloudy wet day here in prospect in South Bucks.

Well what a nice surprise BlueSapphire is back 💐. Do hope Marydoll has a better day.

Off to the optician’s today. He has a brand new machine that gives in depth info about your eyes for the future I’m nervous about finding out too much info, but he assures me it is sensible to have it done. I’m a wimp.

Do hope your cycling isn’t cancelled Mick.

aggie Tue 27-Oct-20 07:07:18

Good Morning from a dark wet Co Armagh , it is rare that I go back to bed but i am this morning , after opening the blinds . Ill get up when the heating kicks in
Yesterday I spent hours searching the computer for a decent picture of OH , then had to crop it and email to our local magazine . He would have been well chuffed

Dwmxwg Tue 27-Oct-20 07:22:24

Good morning to all GNs, dry here in north Surrey although a few spit spots of rain in the air. Had a better night once my DH vacated to the spare room as he was coughing (residual of a cold not Covid) -it is sad we have to quantify.
Yesterday was a very busy day and went smoothly and dinner was ready to go on the table when I got home which was a bonus.
Calmer day today. Dentist this morning and then I must sit and make appointments for eyes and ears which I seem to have put off for months. DH has got his Walking for Health this morning. They had an email from council saying there had been complaints that some weren’t keeping to social distancing guidelines so he will need to make sure walkers are sticking to the rules. Hopefully people will be sensible.
Wishing all a good day and hope those with pain and troubles find comfort

kittylester Tue 27-Oct-20 07:24:48

Good morning! As I'm later than dragonfly I can tell you that North Leicestershire is very grey!!

Pittcity Tue 27-Oct-20 07:24:50

Good morning from a cold, grey Colchester. Rain forecast later.
Tuesday is charity shop volunteering. Customers are fewer now we are in tier 2, so takings are down. On the other hand we have lots of donations to sort because of people's lockdown clearouts.

Urmstongran Tue 27-Oct-20 07:25:14

The ducks are back! 3 of them in the roped off big pool.
So cute watching their webbed feet under the water!
🦆 🦆 🦆

Jaxjacky Tue 27-Oct-20 07:34:41

Good morning Mick and all, wet and we have rain forecast nearly all day in S Hants. Husband off today, so kitchen cupboard packing up will continue. I found a jar of my pickled shallots yesterday, who knows what else is lurking!
Have a gentle day all.

Pantglas2 Tue 27-Oct-20 07:39:47

Morning all from a dry and breezy north Wales where DH is kindly sorting the chamberpot ☕️ while I peruse your doings!

Glad you’re feeling more upbeat Beechnut and lovely to see BlueSapphire popping in - let’s have more absentees back!

Carrot cake 🧁 on the to do list for me - a new (to me) Nigella recipe so will let you know how it goes! These lockdowns are quite good for me to try new things - I have a stick in the mud tendency which needs challenging🤨

Will pop back later and catch up with the afternoon shift.....😉

Marydoll Tue 27-Oct-20 07:40:55

Good morning all from a cloudy Glasgow.

Nothing much to report. My patio fruit trees arrived and my plan is to plant them today.
I won't need to ask for help from DH, as they are just twigs! What a disappointment.😠
Yellow Mellow purchased the same ones, but I noticed she hasn't been posting, I hope she is OK.

Lovely to see BlueSapphire posting yesterday.

Enjoy your day, everyone.

mancgirl Tue 27-Oct-20 07:41:33

Good morning from a grey Manchester. Ironing this morning, (I know but don't mind if I can watch some catch up TV at the the same time!) shoppi g this afternoon