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Is a washer/dryer worth having?

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MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 11:16:13

Just that, really.
I'm considering perhaps getting one, but know little about them.

Would I need the condenser type?

If not, would I need to have a hose thing on the back?

It would be going into a tight, blocked in corner of the kitchen, so needs to be as compact as a normal machine.

Thanks. smile

glammanana Wed 04-Nov-20 11:24:10

MissAdventure I have thought many times about buying one when a washing machine has needed replacing but put off when told if the motor gives up you loose both the washer and the dryer so have always had a small dryer in the shed for when I can't line dry my washing.

Missfoodlove Wed 04-Nov-20 11:26:16

No! They do neither job properly!!

Sparklefizz Wed 04-Nov-20 11:28:34

No! They don't tumble dry properly at all.

MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 11:28:41

Yes, that's another consideration; the thought of ending up with no washer or dryer if it packs up.

I'm just struggling to keep up with the sheer volume of washing every day - it's really getting me down.

MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 11:30:44

That's what I have always thought, sparkle, and have also been told that they don't dry a full washload, too.

Oopsadaisy4 Wed 04-Nov-20 11:32:45

You have to take half of the washing out and then dry them in stages, DD1 had one and it never worked properly, if one bit didn’t work she couldn’t use the other part. She wouldn’t have another one.

Oopsadaisy4 Wed 04-Nov-20 11:33:19

Oops sorry didn’t see your latest postMissA

GrandmasueUK Wed 04-Nov-20 11:34:15

I have one of the heated dryer racks which costs very little to run. Small things like socks and undies dry quite quickly and sheets, duvet covers and towels dry overnight. It folds flat when not in use. I've had it for about 4 years now and I wouldn't be without it.

crazyH Wed 04-Nov-20 11:35:13

No - if you really must have a drier, do get a separate small one, not a washer/drier. They are also quite expensive to run. An ordinary concertina airier which you can place in any room with windows open, will do the job, just as well.

crazyH Wed 04-Nov-20 11:36:04

Airer , not airier

MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 11:36:06

One of the places I work has a condenser dryer, and it's lovely.
Dries the clothes beautifully, and the water collects in a pull out tray at the front. (I suspect it was very expensive) but it has got me thinking.

MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 11:37:51

I've got a couple of airers, but no shed, as I'm in a flat.

I currently have washing hanging here there and everywhere!

Doodledog Wed 04-Nov-20 11:40:07

I've had a W/D all my married life (not the same one!) and I wouldn't have been without one.

They absolutely do do both jobs well - the only place they fall down is if you want to do a wash/dry cycle with a full wash load, as they don't dry as many clothes in one load as a designated drier.

As you can't do that with separates, it's not really comparing like with like to complain that a W/D is not so good at that. I love being able to put a load in, go about my day and come back to a dry load of washing, rather than have a wet load that I have to dry at the end of the day. This was such a boon when I was out at work all day, but less of an asset now that we are stuck indoors, of course grin.

I have always had Bosch or Seimens models, and they have all lasted for years, including the one that saw me through two children from birth to about 15.

If you have space for it, and enough washing to make it necessary, a W/D and a separate drier would give you the best of both worlds, as you could be drying one load whilst washing the next.

I got my first one as a wedding present, and chose it because the kitchen in our first house was small, so it saved space. We have had three houses since then, all of which could easily have taken separates, but I stuck with the W/D arrangement, as they are so convenient.

Hetty58 Wed 04-Nov-20 11:40:51

I have a drying rack and large-capacity dehumidifier in the shower room. It dries a large load of washing, even towels in 2 or 3 hours (completely bone dry).

My daughter had a washer/dryer and no, it didn't wash or dry very well.

grannyrebel7 Wed 04-Nov-20 11:41:55

No I had one and the drier was c***p!

cornishpatsy Wed 04-Nov-20 11:42:40

No, well definitely not an Indesit one. Not the best for washing or drying and if one goes wrong both stop working.

I have one due to space issues,big mistake.

MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 11:43:32

Oh good! A positive view.
Do you have a hose thing, doodle, because that would rule it out for me.

Doodledog Wed 04-Nov-20 11:56:57

No, there is no hose, and no special outside vent. I can't be any more technical than that, I'm afraid grin. As far as I know, it just slots in, (with the relevant plumbing to get the water supply to it, obviously).

MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 11:58:34

Thank you.
As you can tell, tech isn't my forte either. grin

Oopsminty Wed 04-Nov-20 11:59:36

Never heard of anyone who liked them. Apart from Doodledog!

My parents had one. Expensive model. Useless.

Gelisajams Wed 04-Nov-20 11:59:52

I have a Samsung washer drier and I love it! I’ve never got exited about a washer before but this one is brilliant. The drum is big so I’m not tempted to overload it but still does a decent amount of washing, has a fast spin and doesn’t crease the clothes. I don’t actually use the drier much, I hang the clothes on a clothes maiden in the spare bedroom but it’s there for emergencies or so I can send DGD home with clean dry clothes when she stays over.
It’s also got a 10 year guarantee!

Willow500 Wed 04-Nov-20 12:01:55

I've had two washer/driers over the years and would never have another. It depends how much washing you have to do but I found it took forever to do one load. I have a condensing dryer which I find works pretty well although last week it didn't dry until I realised the tank underneath was full to the top! I'd been pulling the wrong drawer out and wondering where all the water was going grin

MissAdventure Wed 04-Nov-20 12:02:35

I'm not planning on using the dryer all the time, but just for football kits and things like that, so I don't get overrun with wet washing everywhere.

mcem Wed 04-Nov-20 12:17:58

I am all for my washer/dryer. A load of washing hung overnight on airer is ready to go into the dryer in 2 batches next day. I don't use it all the time - Maybe once or twice a week so that DGCs can take clean dry laundry home with them.
My current one is a Beko and is the 3rd machine I have had in 40+ years.