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Freezing cooked chicken

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MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 14:24:54

I've never done this before, so any advice would be very welcome, please.

arosebyanyothername Fri 06-Nov-20 14:31:27

I've frozen cooked left over chicken in slices which DH defrosts for sandwiches.

Also make chicken pie from leftovers and freeze.

Never been a problem for us as long it's frozen straight away.

Riverwalk Fri 06-Nov-20 14:32:42

There is no problem with this, I do it all the time.

Portion as appropriate then put in tupperware-type container and freeze. Defrost when needed and re-heat in microwave or some sort of sauce/gravy.

You can eat it cold when defrosted if you wanted to put in a sandwich or salad.

Right now I have chicken thighs and drumsticks marinating in the fridge - tonight I'll have some for supper then freeze the remaining two portions.

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 14:38:06

Oh thank you.
I wasn't sure about what to freeze it in, and the reheating.
Now I know, my feezer will be full of all my leftovers.

Riverwalk Fri 06-Nov-20 14:41:27

I freeze most everything! Yesterday I slow-cooked a gammon joint - when well-chilled I sliced into 100g portions, wrapped them in clingfilm and into the freezer.

phoenix Fri 06-Nov-20 14:45:35

Yes, MissA, do it frequently, never had a problem, although never used it for sandwiches.

The same with turkey, we buy a biggish one, even though it's only the two of us. It's cheap, low fat and versatile.

You can even do it with a frozen chicken or turkey. If you change the molecular structure by cooking, it is perfectly safe to freeze the cooked meat.

Fennel Fri 06-Nov-20 14:47:37

I freeze most leftovers, including cooked chicken, in plastic bags as it takes up less room. We don't have much freezer space now.
Hang the bag over a small jug etc and spoon the food in then tie the top.

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 14:53:27

Ah, thank you all.
Can I just ask how you would defrost and reheat it, please?
I'm thinking I'll probably use it in a casserole or something.
I didn't even think about sandwiches. smile

Riverwalk Fri 06-Nov-20 14:55:55

what have you got - a whole chicken?

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 14:58:08

It's a chicken crown.
Just a small one (£4 in aldis)
I'm doing some for dinner tonight, then thinking there will be at least one big portion left.

Riverwalk Fri 06-Nov-20 15:03:42

If you're having gravy tonight put the leftover chicken and any veg in the tupperware and pour some gravy over. When you defrost put onto a plate and cover then cook in microwave just as you would heat say a ready meal, for about 4 minutes.

Or defrost chicken and cut into pieces for a stir-fry.

Or mix with a bit of mayo and have in roll/wrap

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 15:07:44

I feel more confident now.
I was worried about all the different temperatures involved in heating it, and adding it to something.

M0nica Fri 06-Nov-20 15:35:09

I will freeze anything -once, just to see if it will freeze. Chicken, or in my case, mainly the Christmas turkey because I do not buy whole chickens.

I take all the meat off, then put any small pieces and crumbs of meat aside to use in soup. I divide the rest up into reasonably sized pieces and just pop it into an appropriately sized box and freeze it. that way, I can take the boxout of the freezer, give it a good shake and then open it and take out as much as I need, put the lid on and put it back in the freezer again.

I then make soup from the stock and freeze that until needed as well.

Fennel Fri 06-Nov-20 15:40:35

Don't forget to label each container - otherwise freezer roulette!

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 15:55:03

I'll remember (I hope!)

HAZBEEN Fri 06-Nov-20 16:01:16

We freeze just about any leftovers. We also do a lot of batch cooking such as stews, spag bol etc. Also freeze sliced up cooked leftover beef, pork and lamb. In fact I dont think there is much I haven't tried to freeze!
As Fennel said just dont forget to label well!

phoenix Fri 06-Nov-20 16:13:35

Oh yes, do label! We find masking tape works well, seems freezer proof, easy to write on, and easy to peel off when you need to re label.I

Failure to label results in UFO's, as in "unidentifiable frozen objects"!

Mr P and I did a freezer inventory last weekend, found a few of those!

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 16:32:19

Thank you!
That's another query answered re: labelling.

Callistemon Fri 06-Nov-20 16:43:04

Yes! Do label or that nice leek and potato soup could turn out to be stewed apple.

However, ordinary labels do tend to fall off.

grannysyb Fri 06-Nov-20 17:09:55

Yes remember to label, the "chicken breast" I took out of the freezer last night turned out to be fish!😕

Callistemon Fri 06-Nov-20 17:16:49

It can be quite interesting!

V3ra Fri 06-Nov-20 17:17:07

MissAdventure frozen food should be thawed in the fridge and reheated to at least 75c at the thickest part.
I use a food probe thermometer to check, they are easy to buy online.

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 17:18:02

I'll go and find my masking tape.

MissAdventure Fri 06-Nov-20 17:20:33

Thank you, V3ra.
I wouldn't mind, but I have my food hygiene certificate. blush
I think that's what makes me a bit nervous about it all.

V3ra Fri 06-Nov-20 17:31:21

MissAdventure yes I have the certificate too! I heat children's meals for work and always test the temperature, I usually nuke them far hotter to be on the safe side 🤣
Not poisoned anyone yet 🤞