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12Michael Mon 23-Nov-20 06:10:21

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark outside plus its dry and cold this morning in Brackley . Today , once I have had breakfast and done a few chores , I will do a small shop.
But will then have a more relaxed day , and see what the future holds for us later on TV as regards to the remainder of 2020 the year which many would like to forget .
Take Care,

Daddima Wed 25-Nov-20 12:20:23


Daddima so you know my home town? Marydoll and I went to the same secondary school. You must be from the West of Scotland! As to opening bottles, I have to get my OH to do that.

I haven’t been for years, but number 2 son has friends from there, and I have a friend who lived there for a time.
I’m nestling at the foot of the Campsie Fells, so between Glasgow and Stilrling.

Borrheid55 Tue 24-Nov-20 17:55:40

Daddima so you know my home town? Marydoll and I went to the same secondary school. You must be from the West of Scotland! As to opening bottles, I have to get my OH to do that.

Daddima Mon 23-Nov-20 17:01:53


Daddima it’s a play on the town I’m from in Scotland!

* Borrheid*,I’ve never known it called anything else!

So, out came the Vax and the bottle of shampoo, and I still haven’t been able to open the damn machine to put the water in, so it’ll just have to wait. Whichever son comes first will have to do it, as it must be two years since it was last opened. Ach well, tomorrow’s another day.

NanKate Mon 23-Nov-20 15:16:54

Thank you All for your kind words since my tumble, purler, GogoBangs. I have taken your advice and done ‘what’s it all’ today and thoroughly enjoyed it. MrNanKate has worn his waiter/medical man outfit today. I think I might have a chocolate now, followed by a coffee and an hour with my Kindle. Oh the joys of falling on my derrière 😳

Marydoll Mon 23-Nov-20 14:09:31

Daddima 👍😉

Borrheid55 Mon 23-Nov-20 13:26:32

ann678tifney I was diagnosed over 30 years ago and until this year it didn’t bother me too much. Now I’m having cluster attacks very often. Saw ENT chap recently who said take the tablets , have a hearing test and review in six months. I know there is little can be done, just have to deal with it. I retired at 58 so no worries about work. Thank goodness!

Borrheid55 Mon 23-Nov-20 13:17:30

Daddima it’s a play on the town I’m from in Scotland!

CherryCezzy Mon 23-Nov-20 12:28:00

Taichinan, as I am unaware when I fall (no matter what type of seizure I have) I have no idea whether I am relaxed or not. I am told that I fall like a lead balloon though so probably not 🙁. I have sustained serious injuries but considering I've had epilepsy since 1997 and must have had shedloads of seizures since that time I count myself lucky 😃

Welcome Grandmadougal 👋

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 23-Nov-20 12:26:37

Good Afternoon all from Harrogate. Hoe this is 2nd time lucky! did write a post and it's disappeared! Phne my school friend who is feeling very down after some thugs decided it would be fun to set fire to her bins which in turn damaged. the garden and garage.
Good to see you back Marydoll, hope you are feeling a bit better, but take a rest today.
Nankate yes, tumbling is bad for the confidence, I used to fall quite a bit, but put it down to my shoes, Skechers Shapers. Changed the shoes and don't think I have tumbled since.
Great for you to finish your treatment Dragonfly.
Sentia, feel for you after losing your dog.
Hope all will have their best Monday, tomorrow is another day.

ann678tifney Mon 23-Nov-20 12:20:34

Good morning from a very cold NE. Baubles I have suffered from Verigo for over 25 years, and it is awful when you have an attack. I couldn't do anything very much for a couple of days apart from sleeping and taking my medication. I haven't had an attack for a while now, as I am on medication, I take daily to stop them. Although I still get dizzy now and again, I know how to adjust, hopefully you will feel better soon. Sorry to hear your not feeling great Marydoll, but glad to see you posting again, keep well and safe. Thinking of everyone who has problems.

baubles Mon 23-Nov-20 12:02:41

Borrheid you have my sympathy, that’s exactly how I still feel. I’m so sorry it lasted for so long.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 23-Nov-20 11:57:52

A late morning all from South Notts where I noticed the first frost of this winter. (Thank you to those of you who said not to give up posting). I'm running late today but it hardly matters, does it? I'm not going anywhere. As I couldn't sleep last night I got out of bed at 5am for another go at the heel of the sock I am knitting - after consulting an excellent website I set to as the instructions finally made sense. Result - one turned heel which looks like a heel! Later there'll be the instep/gusset to tackle. Exciting, eh? When I've finished that I'll have to make its partner. A glutton for punishment, that's me.

With my projects I often feel I've bitten off more than I can chew but if you never scare yourself a little you don't continue to learn do you? That's my theory anyway.

Hope all is well with everyone especially those with illness or worries.

Grandmafrench Mon 23-Nov-20 11:48:31

Late late Good Morning everyone. Went off early to take my car in for a major service. I use the word major service to help lessen the blow of the bill which will follow. Getting into the car I was rather surprised not to be able to see anything much through my glasses which just wouldn't stop fogging up. The change in temperature here, even though it is again a beautiful sunny day is not going to help with the mask/glasses wearing. Oh continuing joy!!!

So pleased you're feeling a bit better, Mary. Wherever we go, we risk meeting bad apples. That's life. Concentrate on all the good vibes coming from everyone on this forum, well - I know you are because we had actual kisses. Imagine that, and on a Monday too. ! grin Please forget the rest and really look after yourself now.

Tumbletots is for you NanKate. That was the name of my children's nursery. Sending you all good wishes for a speedy end to your aches and pains and be very careful on leaves and frosty bits.

Slowly, but surely, Scentia x Have a really happy Monday, dragonfly and keep well. Welcome Grandmadougal Take it easy Baubles and Happy Birthday to Sir Baubles !

Thinking of everyone - with fondness and a hope for smiles and some good news for each of you today.

Hugs from French France 🌹

Taichinan Mon 23-Nov-20 11:44:24

Good morning all. It's a cold day on the Angus coast where the sun is trying so hard to break through the clouds. What a beautiful sunrise, Shropshirelass, and thank you for such a cheering picture. DD tells me there is a lot of snow in the hills round her. She took herself for a long walk yesterday, after which she thought she might never feel warm again! She'd better get herself acclimatised as I think we're in for a cold winter this year. I don't mind the cold so much, but I do hate slippery ice and leaves. NanKate I do hope those bruises aren't too painful. It doesn't matter how good your balance is, if your feet go from under you and the ground is slippy there's absolutely nothing you can do, is there. Cherry I'm assuming that as you are unaware when you fall that that means you are relaxed and don't do any lasting damage to yourself - other than the "bruises on bruises". Marydoll I'm so glad you've popped back in, but sorry you are so poorly. I hope the warmth on here cheers you. I do wish people would think before they post their - shall we say, kindly - unfortunate comments how much upset they cause. Scentia I think you're very brave going into your factory at that time - I'd be terrified and get no work done for looking over my shoulder. Dragonfly well done for getting to the end of the treatment. You must be feeling pretty exhausted, so have yourself a lovely cosy rest now 💐.

Just watching nature "red in tooth and claw" in the stubble field where a sparrowhawk (I think) is devouring some poor small creature. Two large crows came down to investigate but were seen off in no uncertain manner! Now the sparrowhawk has flown off and one of the crows is back to see what's left over. Not a lot!

Thinking of you all "down Mexico way" as Boris tells you your fortunes today. It's the uncertainty which is difficult, especially at this time of year, making it virtually impossible to plan anything. I'm hoping with all my might, and with everything crossed that will cross, that I will be able to travel to see DS2 in Lincolnshire. If we can travel DD and DGDs will give me a lift as they are hoping to spend Christmas with New Man. But it's all so many ifs and buts. But at the end of the day all that really matters is that we all have our health.

Now I'm away to give myself a good shake and do something productive (no idea what though!). Have the best day you can everyone, and if there's nobody else to smile to go and look in the mirror and give yourself the biggest, cheeriest grin 😁. See you all tomorrow 🌞💐🦋

BlueSapphire Mon 23-Nov-20 10:55:18

Good morning everyone from a misty Northampton; it was bright and frosty earlier on, but in the last half hour it has clouded over and is now grey and foggy.

Will not be doing much today as the pain in my back and arm from my trapped nerve is excruciating. I have taken the pain killers prescribed by the doctor, and am sitting with DD's heated wheat bag draped down my back. I have never known pain like it. I was much better yesterday and thought I was over the worst; I must just be patient I suppose. Now waiting for my heart scan appointment.

My DSon-in-law very kindly set my new printer up for me yesterday, and showed me how to work it, so I am all set to go again. Hated being without one.

Ordered eldest DGD's Christmas present yesterday - a hair styler - which is due to arrive today, and will order the books that her sister has requested later on.

Glad to see Marydoll back and good luck to Dragonfly for her last treatment. Sorry to hear about NanKate's tumble; I am forever tripping over nothing; unfortunately I seem to scratch my glasses every time. Luckily I have a two year warranty which entitles me to free replacement lenses, or else I would be spending a fortune on repairs.

Hoping those of us feeling poorly or in pain feel better soon.

MellowYellow Mon 23-Nov-20 10:52:59

Or rather, than never!

MellowYellow Mon 23-Nov-20 10:52:32

Better late than ever from a dampish south Cornwall. Brief, because I'm on my way to the beach and have only one free hand. Hello again Marydoll, take care. Take care, everyone in fact!

Daddima Mon 23-Nov-20 10:47:54

Morning all from the foot of the Fells. Dreich again, so not really inspiring me to do much. I’m glad your treatment is done, Dragonfly, so just lots of cootering for you now, and for you too Marydoll.
* Borrheid55*, I love your name!

I have a Vax carpet shampooer which didn’t work too well last time I tried, so I’m going to try it again now.
I may be some time.

Grandmadougal Mon 23-Nov-20 10:41:00

Good morning from a very chilly Norfolk coast.

Love reading this thread, have followed for a while and the kindness you show each other is lovely.

Having a slow day a bit of tidying then a hospital appointment for my mother who sadly has failing eyesight. Am hoping they can make her life a bit more bearable with a minor op.

Hope everyone has a good day especially as the sun is shining, it always makes things seem better.

Grammaretto Mon 23-Nov-20 10:34:34

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Crisp and cold when i took the rubbish out this morning.
I was still in my jammies and met 2 workmen from Glasgow who are putting up scaffolding next door.
I can't get used to the moveable workforce where people travel long distances to work. Also Glasgow is level 4 and we are level 2 so that can't be right.
Sorry about your muddy tumble NanKate.
I slipped too but it was pure mud in my case so no bruises.
Very happy to see Marydoll
Take it easy girl.
As for being old. Ahem. It's in the mind.
End of an era Urmstongran we will miss our daily boost of sunshine from Malaga.
Dragonfly yippee. It will soon be over.

Blossoming Mon 23-Nov-20 10:08:56

Good morning all, no idea what it’s like outside as I am sat in bed drinking my morning cuppa. Just popped in to see if Marydoll is OK, hope you can have some rest and peace and are soon feeling better. Right, off for my shower now.

CherryCezzy Mon 23-Nov-20 10:03:13

Good morning everyone, grey and damp in the Gower today.

Form filling for me today, joy of joys 🙄. Still, at least I have my daily group quiz to enjoy as well 😃. I really ought to start engaging my brain cell into gear re. Christmas this week. I'm usually pretty organised for it but this year for some reason 🤔 I'm not. Still plenty of time I suppose but if I keep saying that it'll have come and gone before I start 😅

Yay, your last treatment dragonfly. So pleased for you 😁.

I empathise with you NanKate, I really do. I fall on such a regular basis I end up with bruises on bruises. Fortunately for me I'm not aware (99% of the time) when I do fall. I think it's harder when you are aware that you're falling but can't do anything to stop it. I hope your bruises heal quickly and you're not too shaken by it 💐

Sorry to hear that your dizziness is still going on Baubles, it must be very disconcerting. I hope your DH has a decent birthday and he does get his cake 🎂. Sending you 💐

Sorry to hear that you've been so upset that your angina attacks have gone through the roof Marydoll. Easier said than done but don't let the simple get you down 💐

I am sleeping well at the moment Susan, thank you for thinking of me x

Stay safe and cosy everybody. Be kind to yourselves ❤️

Marydoll Mon 23-Nov-20 10:02:37

Borrheid, I was planning to email you, as I was concerned you weren't about! Thank goodness you posted! I was thinking about you yesterday and reminiscing about the good old days with our other two pals.

Unfortunately old age creeps up on us and despite feeling about 18 in my head, mind over matter doesn't work in this case!
My angina is related to my RA, it seems I'm unusual case. I just don't fit the profile. What a surprise!! grin

Borrheid55 Mon 23-Nov-20 09:47:54

Good morning from a bright sunny Kent! Marydoll sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. You’re too young to have angina - I associate that with elderly grannies! Oh wait...damn, when did that creep up on us? I’ve been lurking on GN and not posted this week as I have had a Ménière’s attack that has lasted eight days. It’s like being drunk - dizzy and nauseous.
I will email you for a proper catch up when I see on here that you are feeling better. Look after yourself, dear friend. I was hoping that when we get out of this pandemic and we can travel, that I could take you for lunch!
Rest and don’t worry xxxxx

Mapleleaf Mon 23-Nov-20 09:42:20

Good morning

As Greyduster says, it's very cold here today. The sun was shining earlier but it's clouding over now.

Good to see you posting today, marydoll. Have a relaxing, lazy day and don't do anything. 💐

To all of you who have posted of mishaps, take care and here's some 💐 for all of you.

Well done dragonfly for reaching the last radiotherapy session today. 💐🍾

I mixed the Xmas pud yesterday (went with Delia after all) and will steam it in the slow cooker today. I also mixed up some of her mincemeat recipe so will put that in the oven shortly to melt the suet and then bottle it up. I halved the recipe because she said the quantities given make about 6 lbs which is too much for us.

Other than that, no plans for the rest of the day except perhaps iron, though in these lockdown days, things have to be rationed (that's my excuse, anyway) 😁😁.

Take care and keep safe.