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Advice please on good short series to watch

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Applegran Thu 26-Nov-20 12:15:51

We are venturing into watching things from Netflix and Amazon and are daunted by the large amount to choose from and are not keen on something with umpteen series. We enjoyed "The Queen's Gambit" and would like some other shorter series to watch now - preferably not all about guns, murder or war, but people and stories to get engaged with and enjoy. I will offer one other we enjoyed "Modern Love" which is on Amazon and is a series of one off stories based on real people. If there was another series of that - I'd certainly watch! Grateful for any suggestions.

KarenR Thu 26-Nov-20 13:02:36

My entire family enjoyed this:

Shandy57 Thu 26-Nov-20 13:13:42

I know you said you don't want a long series, but I'm just watching a marvellous 7 season show on Amazon Prime called 'Mad Men', about advertising in NY in the 60's. Interesting insight into advertising, social history and amazing fashions and jewellery too.

Toadinthehole Thu 26-Nov-20 14:56:06

Something we have enjoyed on Netflix is a series called ‘ Criminal’. Each one is a different story, and there are British ones, French, German and Spanish, so subtitles...or you may be able to set your audio to English, which makes it dubbed, but is good quality. I suppose I shouldn’t assume you can’t speak these other languages!🤔, but translation is there if you need it. I know what you mean about overload of series. We’ve watched a few dramas, where they go into the third and subsequent series, and it gets silly and boring. Hope you find something.

Jane10 Thu 26-Nov-20 15:17:55

Check out Chernobyl as suggested by KarenR. I just watched it this week and it was tremendous.
I enjoyed 'Virgin River' in Netflix last year and the new series starts on Sunday.

merlotgran Thu 26-Nov-20 15:19:42

I loved 'Unorthodox' on Netflix. It's about a young Jewish married woman from an ultra orthodox community in New York. She runs away to Berlin to look for her estranged mother and begin a new life away from the overbearing restrictions but they come after her.

It's revealing, uplifting and only four episodes long.

shysal Thu 26-Nov-20 17:07:09

I don't like the many seasons things, so have been watching from the 'films based on books' section. I enjoyed a couple of Nicholas Sparks ones: The Safe Haven and The Longest Ride.

nadateturbei Thu 26-Nov-20 17:19:49

Mad Men was brilliant but there are lots of sex scenes.
Unorthodox was good.
We are enjoying Modern Family a light comedy.
Olive Kitteridge.very good.
Thanks for info re N Sparks.

TerriT Thu 26-Nov-20 19:06:43

I absolutely loved mad men! The fashion,the attitude to women at that time, the goings on in the world of advertiseing and on and on. As for Don Draper, well he’s the man for me cheat though he was!! I was completely hooked on it and watched about 3 episodes a night until I had seen them all. Then I was sorry it was over so maybe I need to watch them all again now we are locked in!

nadateturbei Thu 26-Nov-20 19:11:27

Me too Terri. I still miss it!

Lucca Thu 26-Nov-20 19:18:22

I keep saying this !! Offspring, an Aussie thing as out a family. It’s funny but not a comedy, and interesting , sometimes sad, great acting. There are about seven series but start with number one obviously!

vegansrock Thu 26-Nov-20 19:25:13

The Queens Gambit is a new series - only 7 episodes about a female chess player, its very stylish and a really good story.
The Crown is long but it’s brilliant and you can watch it in chunks.

Nonnapg Thu 26-Nov-20 19:57:44

You could catch up on some of the old Scandi dramas like The Killing or The Bridge. We watched Series 1 of Big Little Lies, loved that. We also liked The English Game a drama which was about how football developed, you don’t have to like football to enjoy it, although I do! It is a Julian Fellowes project. We are loving Schitt’s Creek, very funny but heartwarming too.

Applegran Thu 26-Nov-20 19:58:17

Thank you all for your suggestions! I've written them all down and will explore. I have seen The Queen's Gambit and strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

Farmor15 Thu 26-Nov-20 20:13:06

Another one recommending Unorthodox. I found it so interesting that I got the book on which it was based. Also Chernobyl

Devorgilla Fri 27-Nov-20 16:50:44

If anyone wants a short play from the National Theatre tonight they are streaming free on YouTube at 7pm 'Death of England - Delroy'. It is available for 24 hours and is 90 minutes long. I saw the first part last year which was excellent. You can't tape it unfortunately.

vampirequeen Fri 27-Nov-20 18:19:43

Have you watched Ghosts? It's by the Horrible Histories team.

Onthenaughtystep1 Fri 27-Nov-20 18:27:06

Lucca happy to second “Offspring”. We laughed and we cried and so wished the series had never ended.

Lucretzia Fri 27-Nov-20 18:33:44


Have you watched Ghosts? It's by the Horrible Histories team.

Ghosts! I thought I was the only person who watched this!

I've recommended it to many people.

Very clever little series

Lucca Fri 27-Nov-20 18:44:02


Lucca happy to second “Offspring”. We laughed and we cried and so wished the series had never ended.

Hooray !! I watched whole series ....twice !

Lucca Fri 27-Nov-20 18:44:28

French series Call my agent is great too.

mumski Fri 27-Nov-20 18:51:20

Love ghosts too! It's just a great series

Nadateturbe Fri 27-Nov-20 20:08:33

Ghosts was very good.
I will try Offspring, thanks folks.

DiscoDancer1975 Fri 27-Nov-20 20:25:05

‘ Life on Mars’ and ‘ Ashes to Ashes’. Quite old now, but brilliant. L.O.M’s is on Netflix, not sure about A. to A.

aonk Fri 27-Nov-20 20:27:54

If you didn’t watch Life on BBC1 then I really recommend it. 6 episodes. Lighthearted with excellent acting from Alison Steadman and Adrian Lester.