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Good Afternoon Wednesday

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Rufus2 Wed 02-Dec-20 07:26:09

Here we are again once more! Thank you all for your concern; I didn’t spot your messages until I was closing shop at 1.00am this morning.
Yes, I’m quite well, although I did feel I was losing the zest for living after all that nonsense recently regarding female only threads, which thankfully appears to have been removed, but not before it achieved its intended result.
Now practically all the Grandads have absconded, despite the enticements and welcomes offered to MALES for the ladies to “banter with” (excuse my poor grammar!) hmm
Anyway, now that “Jokes: the telling of”, has been banned on Gransnet , I’ve been concentrating on doing Good Deeds on other threads, namely showing how Aussies have achieved excellent anti-Covid results. Whether they are heeded remains to be seen.
Though we are not chickens, we are now free range, free to roam over practically all of “our golden soil” , now that the two lady Premiers of Queensland and NSW have stopped bickering and allowed interstate travel. Even WA will open up very soon.
VIC. Premier,Dan, has not always been “flavour of the month(s)”, but at least his resolve to stick with his tough decisions has produced an excellent result; of course with the willing help of we citizens and the threat of hefty fines for non-observance of the Rules.
Naturally there are Covidiots, but what’s new?
VIC has now gone 35 days without anything.

Jane Thanks for the offer of Arbroath Smokies, but after discussions with our Border Security people you are to be reminded that we prohibit the entry of potentially hazadous foodstuffs; this of course also applies to haggis!
We notice from elsewhere that you are fond of hedgehogs, so we feel sure that you will be only too happy to share your Smokies. Our preference is for the Fleetwood variety!
A word of warning! before leaping on to your sun-lounger one of your fine days make sure he hasn’t beaten you to it ; multiple puncture wounds in that area would not be a pretty sight. Even your best friends would recoil, unless they are Level 3 Wound nurses who have sworn the Hippocratic Oath not to desert you in your hour of need.
And I’m sure you are still young enough to leap off with alacrity before squashing the poor fellow.

Lucca Hope your Sydneysider Son and family suffered no harm in last evening’s storms. The lightning looked fantastic as shown on TV News this morning, although the extensive power cuts caused by falling trees wouldn’t have pleased everyone
We rarely get that sort of excitement down here in Melb.

Megs Welcome “Buddy”! I unearthed that citation promoting you to “Ally” whilst I was moping aound. I’m afraid your remuneration remains unchanged. sad
No doghouse! yet. Might be “hedgehog box”! Jane may be already hammering away..on a super-size house.

That reminds me; TV tomorrow will be showing “Blood of the Clans”; Neil Oliver is involved somehow. He’s good. Now who do I barrack for? Should be plenty of “Hoots Mon” and other indecipherable exclamations, even captions, unless of course, it was made in Scotland! grin

The News
TV News again last evening showed passengers, from about 25 flights being greeted at Brisbane and Sydney airports; lots of hugs and kisses! More regular daily flights to come.
Again; not chickens, but our wings are still clipped regarding overseas flights.

If one good thing has resulted from this pandemic it is that there is a much stronger feeling of community responsibility. in that the attitude ” I’m alright Jack, I’m fireproof” cannot be sustained. There is more awareness that other citizens can also be affected by one’s decisions, especially the frail and elderly.
Long may it continue!

PS Joke warning! Read no further if you are prone to get prickly!
“Oh dear! We can all make mistakes” muttered the short-sighted hedgehog as he clambered off the hairbrush!

Good Health wine wine wine

CC90 Wed 02-Dec-20 16:32:46

I too was an ex lax child Rufus ( along with a daily teaspoon of cod liver oil to ward off everything) and those tiny squares put me off plain chocolate for life !

BlueSky Wed 02-Dec-20 17:44:06

Glad to see you back Rufus believe you and Michael are the only males/men/guys/chaps/blokes/boys left on GN?

Marydoll Wed 02-Dec-20 19:34:20

Bluesky, have you forgotten about grummpa and Infoman, who I believe are male?

BlueSky Wed 02-Dec-20 20:29:16

Thanks Marydoll! blush

Rufus2 Thu 03-Dec-20 03:59:52

BlueSky Now there's a "Revelation"!
You've helped to re-discover the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. grin

Being a Lancastrian I bags the Red Horse War!

I'm sure Maw will approve! hmm